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Good Morning,  !
Today is Sunday, October 9

Hopefully you saw some of the falling stars last night!
It wasn't warm out, but the wind stopped, so it was 
actually quite pleasant.

Have FUN!

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When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators. --- P. J. O'Rourke Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. --- H. L. Mencken Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. --- Plato, 2300 years ago.
Kyle and Justin were sitting down to eat their supper with the baby sitter when 6 year old Kyle saw the baby sitter sit down in his daddy's seat. "You can't sit in Daddy's seat!" Kyle exclaimed. "Daddy's not home," the baby sitter replied, matter-of-factly. "Since I'm responsible for you while he's gone, I can sit here. Today I'm the boss." Justin, the 4 year old, quickly piped up, "If you're the boss, you have to sit over there in Mommy's chair!"
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The new Librarian decided that instead of checking out children's books by writing the names of borrowers on the book cards herself, she would have the youngsters sign their own names. She would then tell them they were signing a "Contract" for returning the books on time. Her first customer was a second grader, who looked surprised to see a new Librarian. He brought four books to the desk and shoved them across to the Librarian, with his library card on top. The Librarian pushed the books back and told him to sign them out. The boy laboriously printed his name and card numberon each book card and then handed them to her with a look of utter disgust. Before the Librarian could even start her speech he said, scornfully, "Grampa is right. Education is not what it used to be. The last librarian we had, she knew how to write."
Thanks to dad for this picture: Click through for the big picture. Silvretta Lake is an artificial hydro lake. The construction of it in the 40's opened the area for hiking and climbing.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Donald Gartner, 48 Pasco County man jailed twice in 1 night LAND O'LAKES, Florida (AP) - Pasco County Sheriff's deputies say a man released from jail after causing a drunken disturbance, was arrested again after he tried to break into two cars in the jail's parking lot. Authorities say 48-year-old Donald Gartner was arrested Sunday afternoon after deputies found him crawling out from under bushes at his neighbor's house. They say Gartner, who was intoxicated, was charged with criminal mischief. The St. Petersburg Times reports Gartner was released from jail about 10 p.m. Sunday. Deputies say while he was outside waiting for a ride home, he tried to get into two cars in the parking lot. He was arrested again, less than two hours after his release, and charged with two counts of attempted car theft. Gartner remained in the Pasco County Jail Tuesday morning.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: John Re: Red Xes in Email Help!! many time I receive Email with attachments. In the body of the Email are little RED X's which I assume indicated that 1 photo from the attachment should go there. It is a pain in the dupa to open each attachment to view the photo. Any way to do this easier? John Dear John That happens, when the sender has a sub-standard email program and messes up. Attachments listed at the bottom may or may not fit into the red X spots. There is nothing you, as the recipient, can do about that, except to tell the sender to sober up and try again. I would not worry about it. Usually the stuff coming from that type of sender isn't really worth keeping anyway. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Another library joke: Little Johnny asked and received help from a librarian on how to use the card catalog. In a little while, he approached the librarian again, wanting to know how to spell "tequila." "T-e-q-u-i-l-a," spelled the librarian. Little Johnny thanked her and went back to his search. A short time later he came to the desk, looking quite distraught. "I just can't find it." he said. "Which book are you looking for?" the librarian asked. Replied Little Johnny, "Tequila Mockingbird."
Daily tip from Oatmeal Bags for Itchy Skin When your kids have itchy insect bites, give them little bags made from pieces of pantyhose stuffed with handfuls of dry oatmeal. These soothing "scratchy bags" relieve the itch without the risk of broken skin or infection. They are great for adults too. My son has severe psoriasis and I give these to him to help stop the scratching. Source: Canadian Living Magazine, August 2002 By Cinnamon from Williams Lake, B.C. Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:
A customer in a bakery was observed carefully examining all the rich looking pastries displayed on trays in the glass cases. A clerk approached him and asked, "What would you like?" He said, "I'd like that chocolate-covered, cream-filled doughnut, that jelly-filled doughnut and that cheese Danish." Then with a sigh he added, "But I'll take an oat bran muffin."
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While a friend and I were visiting Annapolis, we noticed several students on their hands and knees assessing the courtyard with pencils and clipboards in hand. "What are they doing?" I asked our tour guide. "Each year," he replied with a grin, "The upperclassmen ask the freshmen how many bricks it took to finish paving this courtyard." When we were out of earshot of the freshmen, my friend asked our guide: "So what's the answer?" The guide replied: "One."

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