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Good Morning,  !
Today is Monday, October 10

An old friend finally got fed up with Yahoo mail, and being
called a silly yahoo because of his unreliable mail, and got
Gmail. Bill has probably used Yahoo mail for almost as long,
as I have used Eudora, so the switch over was not painless.
"What do you mean, the gas pedal is on the right?"

After I finished writing to him tonight, I realized that a lot 
of you out there will need this info sooner or later. 

Here is part of what I wrote to Bill:

The browser view of your mail is just a very limited 
courtesy viewer, intended to be used, when you are away 
from your own machine, and just quickly checking your mail 
while STANDING at the contractor's counter at Home Depot 
or while visiting a friend. 

That is why we call it a Stand-Up viewer.
It does not download the mail into the borrowed courtesy 

A stand-up viewer is NOT a full featured email program!
If I would get a dollar for every time I mentioned that to 
somebody, I would be eating meat!

Full featured email programs are, for example Eudora, Pegasus, 
Outlook, Alpine, Balsa, Blitz, etc.
Have a look at the long list at
and take your pick.

The classic ones like Eudora and Pegasus have had 
address groups for over 20 years. Outlook has them for almost 10 years. 
And so on. Most full featured email programs have groups or lists 
nowadays. I remember using the groups in Eudora to send out the 
Humor Letter in the early 90's, until I needed an automatic subscription 
form in the mid 90's.

All you do is select a full featured email program. 
If you already paid for Microsoft Office, then you already have 
Outlook installed on your computer. 

Use it with any ISP based POP email address for a day or two 
to get familiar with it.

Set your Gmail to POP in the settings, and tell your email 
program to also check your gmail address.

That's all there is to it. 
Then you have full featured email, not just the limited stand-up 
browser view.

A limited version of categories IS available in the stand-up 
browser-view for Gmail:
It is called Groups.

Creating contact groups 

To create a contact group: 
Click Contacts along the side of any page. 
Click the New Group link on the left side of the Contact Manager, 
or select Create new from the Groups drop-down menu. 
Enter the name of the group. 
Click OK. 

To add contacts to a contact group: 
Select the contacts in the Contacts list. 
Open the Groups drop-down menu. 
Select the group you'd like to add the contact to, 
or select Create new to create a new group. 
If you have multiple addresses saved for a contact, 
you can choose which address should belong to 
the contact group by opening the contact and 
clicking the small arrow next to the group you'd 
like to modify.

Sending to a contact group 

It's easy to send to contact groups. There are two 
ways to address a message to a contact group 
you've created:

From the Contact Manager: 
Log in to Gmail. 
Click Contacts. 
Select the group you'd like to send to. 
Click All at the top of the contact list or select the 
individuals you'd like to send to. 
Click Email in the group details pane. 

From the Compose window: 
Log in to Gmail. 
Click Compose. 
In the To: field, enter the first few letters of the name 
of the contact group to which you'd like to send the 
Select your contact group from the list of addresses 
the auto-complete feature suggests. 
Compose your mail. 

Have FUN!

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