What to do when your computer is slowing down 

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Concerns about computers slowing down seem to be the most
frequent requests for help. 

Aside from using basic tools like Registry Booster and
CrapCleaner, the biggest difference is keeping the C: drive,
and especially the root directory on the C: drive as lean as

Right, do EXACTLY the opposite of what Microsoft tries to do
in their attempt, to make your computer slow and senile.
Do NOT install programs onto the C: drive!
Partition the hard drive and if possible, add a second hard drive.

I always partition the hard drive and make the C: drive 
really small. 10 GB is plenty. The smaller it is, the faster 
Windows can find it's marbles.

Any program, that you install, runs just as well on the E: drive.
( D: is usually reserved for the CD/DVD drive )
The third partition, F: I use for the data, that I produce
with the programs on the E: drive.

If you have a small C: drive reserved for JUST the 
Operating System, you get maximum speed and maximum 

Have FUN!

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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Bev Re: Computer is slow Dear Webby My computer is running slow. I've run disk defrag,disk cleanup and vacuumed out the computer. I have XP and am on a dish. What else can I do to get back to normal? I enjoy the newsletter with my coffee every morning. Thank you. bev Dear Bev Have you tried Registry Booster ? I have used it for a few years and find it makes a nice difference. Moving files away from the C: drive onto a removable USB drive also helps. Windows needs lots of elbow room and seems to work best when the C: drive has at least 40% free. Check and see if you have any log files accumulating, for example Open Tabs on browsers logged every 5 minutes. Those are just very tiny text files, taking only a tiny bit of space. However, Windows needs a file handle for each one of them! Weed those out to just one per month. Getting rid of a few thousand little files like that will make a huge difference, especially if they are in the root directory. There may be other files, that you can move out of the root directory. The leaner you make the root directory, the faster yourmachine will run. Have FUN! DearWebby
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