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Now Belgium, which is still trying to get organized, after 
it's government collapsed in 2010, announced it will phase 
out nuclear powerplants. Not right away, but like Germany,
after three to five elections, or like Obama promised, that 
the deficit and debt will be reduced by some future government,
who will hopefully figure those things out, and get yelled at
for trying to pay for today's mistakes.

Because Big Oil paid the media to use Fukushima to scare 
the sheep, it is fashionable among politicians to bitch about
nuclear power plants. Sure, the Fukushima plants were Govt
spec plants, and satisfied politicians a lot more than the 
engineers. However, those old Fukushima plants fared actually 
quite well. 

The engineers pointed out, that it was a really dumb idea 
to rely on long over-land power lines to supply emergency 
power, instead of a few big Diesels in the basement.
They also pointed out, that so close to the ocean, it was 
really stupid to put pools on top of the roof to keep the
half used fuel rods wet, and use power from other,
far away plants, to pump water up there. Why not dig a hole,
and let the ocean keep it filled, instread of using expensive 
pumps made in some politician's riding?

Does that sound familiar? Yes, same crap goes on in 
every country.

They could have stoped procrastinating, and sent the half 
used fuel rods to South Korea or China for re-processing! 
Japan has long ago decided that 1 Billion Dollar a piece 
nuclear bombs are not cost effective, and they haven't got 
a breeder reactor anyway, so why keep the stuff?

Nuclear powerplants are actually quite safe, if done right,
and kept as up-to-date as the oil fired plants. And they
don't mess up the air with soot and ash and make photos
less sharp, than they could be.

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"The herd instinct among forecasters makes sheep look like independent thinkers." --- Edgar R. Fiedler Election promises are the opposite of forecasts. --- DW
Q: What's the difference between an English actuary and a Sicilian actuary? A: An English actuary can tell you how many people are going to die next year. A Sicilian actuary can give you their names.
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You probably know that MADD is the group that calls itself Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Now There is also DAM Mothers Against Dylsexia
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to Antonio Santiago, 26 Stolen cellphone rings in thief's pocket A Hoboken man was denying knowledge of a stolen cellphone before it rang in his pocket, police said. At 7 a.m. today, a 55-year-old man said his cellphone and charger were stolen while he was asleep at Hoboken Terminal, reports said. He saw the man he believed stole the phone sitting inside McDonalds, 234 Washington St., and told police who reported to the scene, reports said. Antonio Santiago, 26, of Bloomfield Street, told police he did not take the phone, reports said. When police called the victim's cell phone, it rang in Santiago's right coat pocket, reports said. When Santiago pulled out the phone and its charger from his coat, the victim positively identified the items, reports said. A police pat-down revealed that Santiago also had three small, clear plastic bags of suspected marijuana, reports said. Santiago was charged with theft and possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana, reports said.
From the Tech Support Pits: From Jackie Re: more picture background Dear Webby, I was looking through old Humor Letters searching for something and came across some bad advice you gave. You are wrong about the color of a picture backdrop. As any professional knows, it should be white so as to throw more light and even onto the object. Jackie Dear Jackie Digital cameras have become quite affordable. Why don't you save up for one and try it out yourself ? You will find that a white backdrop reduces contrast and makes pictures appear flat and washed out. With digital cameras, and prettier subjects, you can go for a lot more contrast than what they taught you 70 years ago. Also, with a white backdrop you lose control of the lighting. Even if you have proper lighting from slightly above and to the side of the camera, the picture will be even more "dead" than if you had used an in-camera flash. Very unprofessional! In addition to that, an edge bleed to white is considerably wider than an edge bleed to black. Getting rid of a light halo is a time wasting nuisance, whereas a thin, dark edge bleed helps to make the object stand out almost like a drop- shadow and appear much livelier. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Tony went to the doctor and told him that his hearing had deteriorated so bad that he couldn't even hear himself fart. The doctor gave Tony some pills. Tony asked him, "Will these make me hear better?" Doc replied, "No, but they will make you fart louder."
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"What happened?" asked the hospital visitor to the heavily bandaged man sitting up in bed. "Well, I went down to Busch Gardens on vacation and decided to take a ride on the Loch Ness Monster... As we came up to the top of the highest loop, I noticed a little sign by the side of the track. I tried to read it but it was very small and I couldn't make it out. I was so curious that I decided to go round again, but we went by so quickly that I couldn't see what the sign said. By now, I was determined to read that sign so I went round a third time. As we reached the top, I stood up in the car to get a better view." "And did you manage to see what the sign said this time?" asked the visitor. "Yes," he said sheepishly, "Remain seated at all times!"
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Thanks to Vinnie for this: My husband and I decided to take our two children, then ages seven and three, to our favorite "adult" restaurant for the first time. The younger child refused to stay in her seat and danced around our table. Her sister, tears rolling down her face, laughed loudly at the three-year-old's antics and pounded the table, making cutlery and dishes jump. Beet-red with embarrassment, my husband warned them through clenched teeth, "If you don't start behaving, you'll NEVER eat out with us again!" The man at the next table leaned over to his wife. "Look dear," he said. "Quality time!"

Making an avalanche

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