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"It's going to be fun to watch and see how long the meek can keep the earth after they inherit it." --- Kin Hubbard "Has it ever occurred to you that there might be a difference between having an open mind and having holes in one's head?" --- Richard Schultz
A tiny but dignified old lady was among a group looking at an art exhibition in a newly opened gallery. Suddenly one contemporary painting caught her eye. "What on earth," she inquired of the artist standing nearby, "is that?" He smiled condescendingly. "That, my dear lady, is supposed to be a mother and her child." "Well then," snapped the little old lady, "why isn't it?"
H Miracle: Nature's Method to CURE Hemorrhoids. Yes, CURE, not just suppress the symptoms, but cure them for good. Use the H Miracle and end that nuisance.

The cowboy walked into the tack shop. "How much for a pair of spurs?" he asked the sales clerk. "Forty dollars." The cowboy looked in his wallet, thought for a moment, then pulled out a twenty. "I'll take one spur." "What'll you do with just one?" the clerk asked. The cowboy replied, "I figger if I can get one side of the horse movin', the other side'll go too."
Thanks to Ralph for this picture: Click through for the large version. We were with an Airstream group that camped on site for 3 days. Being the wind drove the schedule more than the clock we often saw various events before & after the park was open to the general public. It was a wonderful display, I have hundreds of pictures, it is hard to pick favourites. "The bees" balloons are a set of three and they try to launch simultaneously. The Cow balloon took a team of about 10 to get it inflated and airborne. Just amazing. Ralph
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to Ryan McKenzie, 45, in Broward, FL on stretcher police "boat" in the background Man jumps into New River in failed bid to flee authorities The New River once again Wednesday proved a near-deadly draw for a desperate defendant. Ryan McKenzie, 45, who was in a crowded courtroom for a hearing on previous drug charges, overheard a Border Patrol agent asking about him. Not in custody, the Hollywood man slipped from the room, dashed out of the courthouse and jumped into the New River in an attempt to escape. The move nearly cost him his life. He "appeared in distress and possibly was going to drown," Fort Lauderdale police spokesman Detective Travis Mandell said. "He was able to swim across the river, but then couldn't get out and was showing signs of distress," Mandell said. Police boats and Broward sheriff's deputies arrived. Police officer Rick Rhodes jumped in the water and attached ropes on McKenzie, to winch him onto one of the boats and to safety. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation and is expected to be released into the custody of the Border Patrol. "He's lucky it ended up the way it did," BSO spokeswoman Dani Moschella said. It wasn't the first time the New River, which flows behind the downtown courthouse, has beckoned criminal defendants with the promise of an easy escape. Most of them drowned.
Tech Support Pits: From Rosa Re: Search engine Optimizing Dear Webby My dad's consultant told me that all these Search Engine Optimizers are just con artists who can't make a living with their own web sites, so they are spamming and trying to con money out of people who make money on the web. However, some of those SEOs sound very convincing. I notice that your has been at the top of Google for many years and you don't buy ad words and you don't even use meta tags. What's the real scoop? Rosa Dear Rosa Your dad's consultant is very wise. You have to understand that the search engines are not in business to please a bunch of tricksters, but to deliver the content that people are looking for. When you are looking for flower seeds, you want to be shown companies that sell flower seeds, not a bunch of flakey casinos or dating sites. Becaue the search engines are trying hard to deliver the searched for content, they work very hard to defeat the tricksters and keep changing the rules to stay ahead of cheaters. People who spend big money on ad words will often temporarily rise to the top, but usually just very briefly. Don't worry about them. Just focus on having the content that you promise, and you'll stick around near the top. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Two ladies were on their daily exercise stroll. They were talking about how hard it is to lose weight as one gets older.One of the woman complained that she remained in a 'pear-shape' no matter what she did, and the other said that no matter how much she exercised, there was too much poundage on her backside and thighs. It almost seemed like it was there to stay. Her buddy agreed, saying, "It's true. It eve says so i the bible! The lard works in mysterious ways."
Daily tip from Preventing Wax Residue in Candle Holders I used to have the kindest neighbor who I would visit often. She always had everything decorated so nicely, and she always had candles burning. She told me that she put a little bit of water in the bottom of the glass votive before putting her candle in to prevent the wax from sticking to glass votive and she was right! Source: My older kind neighbor By Beth from Fairfield, PA Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:
A father from Europe is visiting his son in America for the very first time. They are at the local supermarket going up and down the aisles. Dad: "Vas diss, powdered orange juice?" Son: "Yeah, Dad. You just add water, and you have fresh orange juice!" A few minutes later, in a different aisle the father says: "Und vas dis, powdered milk?" Son: "Yeah, Dad. You just add water, and you have fresh milk!" A few minutes later, in a different aisle the father says: "Und give look here. Baby Powder! Vat a country! Dey take da fun outta everyting!"
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How come when you mix water and flour together, you get glue... and then you add eggs and sugar... and you get cake? Where did the glue go? NEED AN ANSWER? You know darned well where it went! The glue is what makes the cake... stick to your hips!

A murderation of starlings

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