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Good Morning,  !
Today is Monday, June 4

Today I have to drive to Calgary for an MRI. They had been
quite concerned, that there might be some iron in my head
from the two aneurism operations in the late 80s and early
90's. I was quite sure that the hospital in Vancouver, that 
did the operations, used stainless steel, which is not affected
by magnets, and they finally confirmed that. 

As far as I know, an MRI is just an hour of filling out red tape
promising not to sue them, if I die during the procedure,
and then five to ten minutes resting in some culvert.

On the way to Foothills Hospital I'll stop by Dianne, the lady
who sends the Bonus links every day, and drop off some 
rhubarb for her.

Have FUN!

Today in 
780 -BC- 1st total solar eclipse reliably recorded by Chinese 
1070 Roquefort cheese created in a cave near Roquefort, France
1783 Montgolfier brothers launch 1st hot-air balloon (unmanned) 
1784 Mme Thible becomes 1st woman to fly (in a balloon) 
1792 Capt George Vancouver claims Puget Sound for Britain 
1805 Tripoli forced to conclude peace with US after war over ransom
1912 Massachusetts passes 1st US minimum wage law
1919 US marines invade Costa Rica
1940 British complete miracle of Dunkirk by evacuating 300,000 troops
1940 German forces enter Paris
1942 Battle of Midway begins; Japan's 1st major defeat in WW II 
1944 5th Army enters & liberates Rome from Mussolini
1946 Largest solar prominence (300,000 mi/500,000 km) observed 
1956 Speech by Khrushchev blasting Stalin made public
1982 Israel attacks targets in south Lebanon
1985 Supreme Court strikes down Alabama "moment of silence" law 
1990 Greyhound Bus files bankruptcy 
2012  smiled

Have FUN!

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I never vote for anyone; I always vote against. --- W. C. Fields Bore, n.: A person who talks when you wish him to listen. --- Ambrose Bierce You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public. --- Scott Adams There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity. --- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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came home from the bar one night quite inebreated and wanted to sneak in so the spouse wouldn't know. Unfortunately the mickey in 's back pocket broke as tried to sneak up the stairs and fell backwards. Some of the glass cut 's rear end. grabbed the box of bandaids and attempted to cover the cuts. The next morning 's spouse Remarked: "You were pretty drunk when you came home last night." How did you know ?" replied. "Your shoes were sitting on the porch and there was broken glass at the bottom of the stairs and a smelly booze stain on the carpet, but the clincher was the 15 bandaids stuck on the hall mirror."
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The World's Thinnest Books FRENCH WAR HEROES by Jacques Chirac HOW I SERVED MY COUNTRY by Jane Fonda MY BEAUTY SECRETS by Janet Reno THINGS I LOVE ABOUT BILL by Hillary Clinton THINGS I CANNOT AFFORD by Bill Gates THINGS I WOULD NOT DO FOR MONEY by Dennis Rodman MY WILD YEARS by Al Gore DETROIT: a Travel Guide ALL THE MEN I HAVE LOVED BEFORE by Ellen de Generes GUIDE TO DATING ETIQUETTE by Mike Tyson And the world's Number One Thinnest Book MY BOOK OF MORALS by Bill Clinton with introduction by The Rev. Jessie Jackson
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Thanks to Judy for reporting this one: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to Catalina Clouser, 19, in Phoenix, Arizona Stoned Mom Puts Baby on Car Roof, Drives Off Catalina Clouser had her 5-week-old baby strapped in a car seat when she drove home just after midnight yesterday. Unfortunately, the mom, who unsurprisingly admits she was smoking pot beforehand, left both baby and car seat on the roof of her car, reports the Arizona Republic. When Clouser got home, she realized her baby was missing and called friends to get them to look for the baby. Luckily, Phoenix officials had already gotten a report about a baby in the middle of an intersection and taken him to a local hospital. The baby was OK, according to a police spokesman, and the child is now in the custody of Arizona Child Protective Services. Police said Clouser and her boyfriend had been smoking marijuana in a park and left with the toddler to buy beer late on Friday night. Officers stopped the car and the boyfriend was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence while driving with the baby INSIDE the 2000 Ford Focus. Clouser then drove to a friend's home and "admittedly smoked one or two additional bowls of marijuana," Holmes said. When she left from there after midnight, she put the baby onto the roof of the car and left it there, while she drove home. Clouser has been arrested for child abuse and DUI charges and is in Joe Arpaio's tent city, most likely wearing a pink jail uniform.
Tech Support Pits: From: Joan Re: Proper way to change the address Dear Webby, I will be changing my e-mail address at the end of the month, How do I change it on my Dear Webby newsletter. Cheers Joan Dear Joan The prim and proper way would be to subscribe at That tests the new address and sends you a confirmation request. If you don't get the confirmation request, then the new address is still too flakey. So you get your new ISP to fix the problem, and try subscribing again. (The old request ages off in 72 hours) If the email works now, you get the confirmation request, hit OK on that, and your new subscription is in. The next morning you will have the Humor Letter at the new address, AND at the old address. Then you go to the one at the old address, scoot all the way down, and click on the UNsubscribe line there. That is the prim and proper way. You can also just tell me which address to add. Assuming that the new address works, then you just have to UNsubscribe the old one, once you have the first Humor Letter at the new address. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Recently a large seminar was held for ministers in training. Among the guests were many well-known motivational speakers. One such boldly approached the pulpit and, gathering the entire crowd's attention, said, "The best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman, - who wasn't my wife!" The crowd was shocked! He followed up by saying, "And that woman was my mother!" The crowd burst into laughter and he gave his speech, which went over well. About a week later one of the ministers who had attended the seminar decided to use that joke in his sermon. As he shyly approached the pulpit one sunny Sunday, he tried to rehearse the joke in his head. It seemed a bit foggy to him this morning. Getting to the microphone he said loudly, "The greatest years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman that was not my wife!" His congregation sat shocked. After standing there for almost 10 seconds trying to recall the second half of the joke, the pastor finally blurted out, "...and I can't remember who she was!"
Daily tip from Keep After School Snacks in the Car Keep snacks in the car. Fill a sandwich bag with pretzels, crackers, cheerios, etc. Keep bottled water also. If you pick up your kids, as I do, they are hungry when they get in the car. This snack gets them to dinner and makes for a more pleasant ride home. By Wanda from Climax, NC Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:
Each Friday night I drove my wife to the train station so she could go visit her sister who was ill. Ten minutes later, MY sister arrived by train so that she could manage our house over the weekend while my wife was gone. On Sundays this procedure worked in reverse with my sister departing by train ten minutes before my wife arrived. One evening after my sister left and while I awaited my wife's arrival, a porter sauntered over. "Mister," he said, "you sure have some system going! But one of these days a train is going to be leaving late and you're goin' to get caught!"
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>From Myrna I took my daughter to the doctor for her 2-year-old check. They had her do coordination tests, like stacking blocks, and they watch and see if they walk properly. And then the doctor said, "Allison, can you stand on one foot for me?" So she walked over and stood on his foot.
Transit of Venus

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