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Good Morning,  !
Today is Thursday, July 5

Re the voting, yes, I know. I have written to them 
on Monday already. Maybe the person, who counts
and totals the votes and resets it at 1 am Pacific Time,
got the long weekend off?

A more cheerful note from Becky: 
I AOL and now, 
I am getting your newsletter in my mailbox....

With AOL it has never been a technical or mechanical problem.
When they were properly motivated, they were always able to
deliver. Some subscribers don't have to bitch and complain
for years. The delivery rate of AOL is actually hundreds of 
times better than Yahoo.

Have FUN!

Today in 
1643 1st recorded tornado in US (Essex County, Massachusetts) 
1687 Isaac Newton's PRINCIPIA published by Royal Society in England
1830 France invades Algeria, begins a 40 year conquest 
1865 William Booth founded Salvation Army in London
1946 Louis Reard's bikini swimsuit design debuts at Paris fashion show 
1950 Law of Return passes, guarantees all Jews right to live in Israel 
1951 Junction transistor invention announced, Murray Hill, NJ
1962 Algeria gains independence after 132 years of French rule 
1966 National Guard mobilizes in Omaha after 3rd night of rioting 
1984 Supreme Court weakens 70-year-old "exclusionary rule"-evidence 
   seized with defective court warrants can now be used in criminal trials 
1985 117ř F (47ř C), St George, Utah (state rec)
1986 Nancy Reagan cuts red, white & blue ribbon; reopens Statue of Liberty 
2012  smiled

Have FUN!

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I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers. --- Mahatma Gandhi The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any. --- Katharine Whitehorn Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. --- Robert Frost
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A man was on a long walk in the country in Scotland. He became thirsty so decided to stop at a little cottage and ask for something to drink. The lady of the house invited him in and served him a bowl of soup by the fire. There was a wee pig running around the kitchen, running up to the visitor and giving him a great deal of attention. The visitor commented that he had never seen a pig this friendly. The housewife replied: "Ah, he's not that friendly. That's his bowl you're using."
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>From Roger Because I couldn't unplug the toilet with a plunger, I had to dismantle the entire fixture, no small feat for a non- plumber. Jammed inside the drain was a purple rubber dinosaur, which belonged to my five-year-old son. I painstakingly got all the toilet parts together again, the tank filled, and I flushed it. However, it didn't work much better than before! As I pondered what to do next, my son walked into the bathroom. I pointed to the purple dinosaur I had just dislodged and told him that the toilet still wasn't working. "Did you get the green one, too?" he asked.
Click on the picture for the large version The sky when I go to bed.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to David Martin, 27, in Indianapolis, Indiana Man Strips Naked, Assaults Pedestrians and Police While High On Spice David Martin, a 27-year-old Indiana man was jailed after he allegedly stripped off his clothing and attacked pedestrians during a "Spice" fueled rage. According to Indianapolis Metro Police, officers were dispatched after receiving a report of a naked man who was walking in the middle of the street yelling at passing vehicles. When officers arrived on the scene, Martin had already begun throwing punches at several people on the sidewalk. Officers tried to restrain Martin, but he was reportedly out of control. An officer deployed a stun gun to stop Martin, but the device seemed to have no affect on him as he performed a series of Ninja-style kicks and broke free of the officers' grasp. A female officer who tried to restrain Martin sustained injuries after she was shoved into the side of a brick building. Another officer was kicked several times in the face by Martin. After he was finally detained, Martin told police that he was high on synthetic marijuana known as "Spice" during t he altercation. He was booked into jail and charged with battery, resisting arrest and public indecency.
Tech Support Pits: From: Ginger Re: PDF Editor Dear Webby, There IS a free pdf program called Nitro Reader 2 that has an option where you can FILL IN the forms you receive in pdf. It has an option called "type text"ť and you can click where you want to insert text and add it to the forms. I found it mentioned in one of my computer newsletters and have used it for a couple of years now. Works much better than the PAID program I bought that wouldn't let me register it – despite multiple correspondence with the creators.... Ginger Dear Ginger After some searching I found a page, thatlets me right-click a download link and specify where I want to save the installation file to, NOT onto drive C, where Winslop always wants to slop downloads to, but onto drive F. Rightclick, save AS, and browse it to wherever you prefer to keep your big installation files: I installed it and tried it. It seems to work OK for reading PDF files, but if a PDF had been created and locked by some snooty overpaid moron on Government pay, it fails like all other PDF readers/editors and you have to resort to using graphics to fill out the form for faxing from the computer. That is not really the fault of Nitro, but of 1) Adobe making it impossible for people, who have not bought THEIR program to edit files created with THEIR program and 2) Snooty morons throwing their fat-ass weight around and locking public forms, as if they were a Billion Dollar contract. The ability to lock a contract or quote is great, and necessary in business. However, a form that people are expected to fill out, should never be locked, unless the form writer has an insane desire to hear profanity. It is quite easy in PDF to lock some parts and have other parts unlocked for form filling, however, that apparently requires reading the instwuckshions. On properly created and not locked PDF files Nitro works very well and shows very crisp and easy readable fonts, both for the original and the filed in text. Reading eBooks with Nitro is a pleasure because of its clean and crisp fonts. And it is free. Thanks Ginger! Have FUN! DearWebby
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On a visit to Boston, I noticed a parking meter with a paper sack over it that said: "Broken." A skeptical parking officer removed the bag, inserted a quarter in the meter and turned the dial. It worked perfectly. As the officer began to write a parking ticket, the car's owner rushed out of a nearby building. "What are you doing?" he yelled after a quick glance at the meter. "There's plenty of time left!"
Daily tip from Reuse Margarine Tub as Sprinkle Container A new use for reusing margarine tubs. Get out your trusty old hole punch for this one. After washing the tub and lid, punch a few holes along the rim of the lid to make a sprinkle container. We use ours for sprinkling cinnamon-sugar on the kids' morning toast. They love to use it, which saves me a bit of time, as well! By AlaskanAurora from Dutch Harbor, AK Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:
Little Johnny wasn't very good at spelling. During an oral spelling exam, the teacher wrote the word "new" on the blackboard. "Now," she asked Johnny, "what word would we have if we placed a "K" in the front?" After a moment's reflection, Johnny smiled and said, "Canoe?"
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Thanks to Lynn for this one: I have the most marvelous recipe for meat loaf! All I have to do is mention it to my husband and he says, "Let's eat out!"
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