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Today in 
1806 Lewis & Clark return to St Louis from the 
   Pacific Northwest 
1879 Baldwin steam motors tram 1st tried in Sydney Australia
1908 University of Alberta opens
1978 100,000 cheering Egyptians welcome Sadat home 
    from Camp David summit 
1979 200,000 attend anti-nuke rally in Battery Park, NYC
1990 Saddam says he will destroy Israel 
2012  smiled

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It is good to be without vices, but it is not good to be without temptations. --- Walter Bagehot, "Biographical Studies", 1863 When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it. --- Bernard Bailey
>From Faye One of my husband's duties as a novice drill instructor at Fort Jackson, S.C., was to escort new recruits to the mess hall. After everyone had made it through the chow line, he sat them down and told them, "There are three rules in this mess hall: Shut up! Eat up! Get up!" Checking to see that he had everyone's attention, he asked, "What is the first rule?" Much to the amusement of the other instructors, 60 privates yelled in unison, "Shut up, Sergeant!"
Kathleen gets out of bed, throws on her robe and slippers, uncovers the parrot, pulls up the shades, opens the window, puts on the coffee, and sits down to read the paper. The phone rings. A man's voice says with anticipation. "Sweetie, I just flew in from London I'll be right over." She puts down the paper, turns off the coffee, closes the windows, pulls down the shades, covers the parrot, takes off her robe and slippers, and gets back into bed. The parrot says, "Dang! That was a short day."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to Tanner Vicory, 31, in Gilbert, AZ Charged With Having Sex With Boyfriend's 15-Year-Old Brother While Boyfriend Was In Jail Tanner Vicory, a 31-year-old Arizona woman was jailed Firday after she allegedly had sex with her boyfriend's 15-year-old brother while her boyfriend was in prison. According to Gilbert police, an investigation was launched after the boy's mother examined a pre-paid cell phone that Vicory had purchased for him, and found text messages from Vicory expressing her love for the teen. The mother then found numerous messages on her son's Yahoo Instant Messenger account in which Vicory and the boy arranged to have sex together. After the mother and son moved to another state, the boy reportedly told police that he and Vicory and consensual sex on at least 10 occasions between November 2011 and April 2012. The alleged sexual relationship took place when Vicory's boyfriend (the 15-year-old boy's older brother) was in jail. Vicory was booked into jail and charged with 10 counts of sexual conduct with a minor.
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>From Joyce How Smart is Your Right Foot ? This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And if you are anywhere near as stubborn as I am, you will keep trying at least a few more times to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't. 1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. 2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction. I told you so. And, there's nothing you can do about it! Go ahead KEEP TRYING ALL YOU WANT ! Have a great day! Now get back to work!!
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On a military training exercise, the British divisional command radio operators were getting very bored one quiet night, when breaking the silence a voice asked over the air, "Are there any friendly bears listening?" After a moment, another voice replied, "Yes, I'm a friendly bear," and then another voice, "I'm a friendly bear too!" At this point, the Officer at Headquarters grabbed his microphone and let loose a blistering tirade at the operators for fooling around on an radio link. When he had finished, there was silence for about ten seconds. Then a small voice said, "He's not a friendly bear, let's go to our secret channel." They all muted their mikes and went to sleep, while the officer went nuts trying to find what secret channel they were using.
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