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3761 -BC- Origin of Jewish Mundane Era
1571 Turkish fleet defeated by Spanish & Italians in Battle of Lepanto
1737 40 foot waves sink 20,000 small craft & kill 300,000 (Bengal, India) 
1816 1st double decked steamboat arrived in New Orleans 
1886 Spain abolishes slavery in Cuba 
1908 Crete revolts against Turkey & aligns with Greece
1924 160 consecutive days of 100 at Marble Bar, Australia begins
1931 1st infra-red photograph, Rochester, NY 
1950 US forces invade North Korea by crossing the 38th parallel 
1963 Hurricane Flora hits Haiti & Dominican Republic, kills 7,190
1990 Israel begins handing out gas masks to its citizens
1991 Child star Adam Rich arrested for stealing hypodermics
2012  smiled

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Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater. --- Gail Godwin Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. --- Napoleon Bonaparte
Because an increasing number of people are having heart attacks while gambling, the big, high-class casinos are now equipped with sophisticated defibrillators. They are computer-controlled to deliver the exact electric shock needed to revive a heart attack victim. That is, if you're at a big, high-class casino. At the cheaper casinos downtown, they just drag you across the carpet and touch your belly button to a doorknob.
The basketball coach stormed into the university president's office and demanded a raise right then and there. "Please," protested the college President, "you already make more than the entire History department." "Yeah, maybe so, but you don't know what I have to put up with," the coach blustered. "Look, I'll Give you an example." The coach went out into the hall and grabbed a jock who was jogging down the hallway. "Run over to my office and see if I'm there," he ordered. Twenty minutes later the jock returned, sweaty and out of breath. "You're not there, sir," he reported. "Oh, I see what you mean," conceded the President, scratching his head. "I would have phoned first."
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Thanks to Dad for these pictures. That is what he did yesterday. Half an hour train ride, half an hour bus ride, then with the cable car up to the Luener See, an artificial hydro dam lake. Click on the picture for the large version Click on the picture for the large version A coffee and a bite to eat at the top station Click on the picture for the large version Hiking along the lake on the now beautifuly groomed path Click on the picture for the large version That building, the Totalp, is the turn-around place. In summer there is cattle there, and the cow-pokes live in that building. You CAN continue from there to hike the back side of the lake or hike up to a peak, but like most of the people on the trail yesterday, he turned around there and hiked back to the dam. Click on the picture for the large version Looks different coming back! Click on the picture for the large version Getting close to the dam Click on the picture for the large version Some apple-strudel and a coffee in the sunshine before taking the cable car back down into the valley. I wish I could be hikihng with him, but sizing an sharing the pictures with you is second best.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to Heather Lacey, 25, DeWitt, NY Jailed After Forcing 3 yr old Son To Live In Feces Covered Bedroom Heather Lacey, a 25-year-old New York woman was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly locked her toddler son in a small bedroom for up to 22 hours a day without supervision or access to a bathroom. According to DeWitt Police, an investigation was launched on Monday after detectives received a tip that alleged a woman was keeping her son locked inside a small bedroom unattended for long periods of time. Police arrived at Lacey's residence and discovered a 3-year- old boy locked inside a bedroom that was covered with urine and fecal matter. Investigators say the child's bed, floor and walls were all covered with human waste. Police discovered through the course of the investigation that the boy was locked inside the room for up to 22 hours per day without supervision. Lacey was booked into jail and charged with unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child. Bail in her cause has been set at $5,000.
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Tech Support Pits: From: Sheila Re: Computer clock is late Dear Webby, My clock in my task bar has just recently started being wrong. I have almost been late on several occasions because the clock was several minutes slow. What could be causing this? Sheila Dear Sheila If you have your clock set to synchronize with the rest of the world at midnight, but turn your computer off at 11:55 PM, then your computer's clock will go a bit more out of sync every day. Just like wall clocks and wrist watches need to be set occasionally, the same applies to the computer's clock. That does not mean your computer's clock is not accurate, it's that the year is not 365 days, but 365 1/4 days, minus a few hours. Some atomic clocks are set for that, and some eggheads fudge and correct even that occasionally. The Synchronize function calls that atomic clock, or actually a server, that is updated daily, and uses that to update your computer clock. Just double-click the clock and change the time for the synchronizing to a time, during which your normally are online. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Use Egg Cartons For Craft Organization: I save egg cartons of both kinds cardboard and Styrofoam. I use the bottom of all sizes in the Styrofoam to use when I do watercolor painting. They can be used for any painting medium and also for crafting. I use them and then toss them out after my day of painting for mixing colors. You can also either the Styrofoam or cardboard cartons for all sorts of crafting or sewing, for storing beads for Jewelry making, for any kind of small items to keep you organized. By handbaglady from Manahawkin, NJ Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at http://www.myfrugallife.com
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The Manhattan Commuter train was packed. Suddenly there was a jingle on the floor. Most necks were craned. One elderly gentleman, however, bent down and picked something up. He then asked, "Did anyone drop a half dollar?" "I did," answered three women at once. "Well," said the elderly gent with a smile, "here's a dime of it."
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>From Nana I took my five-year-old grandson to a relative's wedding. As the four bridesmaids walked down the aisle toward the front of the church, he turned to me and asked, "Is this where the groom decides which one he should have married?"

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