How to unlock PPS files? 

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>From Frank
Hi Webby
Re: Winzip eats drive space
Or just use 7zip ( which is free!!

I have used 7zip. 
It does work, but it definitely requires changing habits
and reading instructions. Probably to avoid copyright suits,
they use a different user interface. 
If you are willing to read the instructions, the 7zip will
work well for you.

Have FUN!

Today in 
1780 Great Hurricane of 1780 kills 25,000 in Caribbean 
1846 Neptune's moon Triton discovered by William Lassell 
1868 Cuba revolts for independence against Spain
1874 Fiji becomes a British possession 
1911 Sun Yat-sen's revolutionaries overthrow Manchus 
   (Taiwan Nat'l Day) 
1913 Gamboa Dam in Panama blown up; Atlantic & Pacific waters mix 
1914 German forces route Belgians in Antwerp Belgium (WW I) 
1933 1st synthetic detergent for home use marketed 
1938 Germany completed annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland 
1963 Treaty banning atmospheric nuclear tests signed by US, UK, USSR
1970 Fiji gains independence from Britain (National Day) 
1975 Liz Taylor's 6th marriage (re-marries Richard Burton) 
1979 Panama assumes sovereignty over Canal Area (ie Canal Zone) 
1987 Bruce Springsteen releases his 9th album "Tunnel of Love" 
1991 Ex-postal worker Joseph Harris kills 4 postal workers
1991 Greyhound Bus ends bankruptcy 
2012  smiled

Have FUN!

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Camping is nature's way of promoting the motel business. --- Dave Barry The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern. --- Lord Acton, 1881 An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. --- Friedrich Engels "A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." --- Robert Frost
A man was burglaring a house in the middle of the night. All of a sudden, he heard a parrot cry out. "Jesus is gonna get you." The robber ignored it, and takes the TV. Again, the parrot cries out. "Jesus is gonna get you." The robber started to get a little worried. "What's your name, birdie?" "Moses." "What dummy named you Moses?" "The same dummy who called his Rottweiler Jesus."
A man was sued by the mayor for defamation of character. She charged that he had called her a pig. The man was found guilty and fined. After sentencing he asked the judge, "This means that I cannot call Mrs. Allmond a pig?" The judge said that was true. "Does this mean I cannot call a pig Mrs. Allmond?" the man asked. The judge replied that he could indeed call a pig Mrs. Allmond with no fear of legal action. The man looked directly at Mrs. Allmond and said, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Allmond."
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Click on the picture for the large version Solar Sneeze. Note the size of the earth! Earth is not really at that location, just shown for size comparison. The mass of the sneeze is tens of thousands of times the mass of earth. Movie of the sneeze You may have to visit the on-line version of the Humor Letter to see it.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to Cesar Alcivar, 40, in Clearwater, FL Jailed for Impregnating 12-Year-Old Girl after Sexually Molesting Her For More Than A year Reported in The Weekly Vice Cesar Alcivar, a 40-year-old Florida man has been jailed after he allegedly impregnated a 12-year-old girl after repeatedly molesting her for more than a year. According to Clearwater police, an investigation was launched after a 12-year-old girl was brought to the emergency room complaining of stomach pain, but was found to be pregnant instead. Investigators say the girl's mother brought he girl to a Clearwater area hospital after she complained of chronic stomach pain. Doctors performed tests, however, that revealed she was pregnant. The investigation that followed revealed that the girl had endured more than a year of sexual abuse beginning when she was just 11 years old. The victim identified the suspect as 39-year-old Cesar Alcivar. Alcivar was booked into the Pinellas County Jail and charged with capital sexual battery. Bond has not yet been set in the case.
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Tech Support Pits: From: Nora Re: PPS files that won't open Dear Webby, People send me PPS files all the time, often with really beautiful pictures. Sometimes, however, I get an error about Open Office not loading password encrypted Microslop Powerpoint presentations. I guess somebody is trying to rub it in, that they had the money to buy the full Microslop Office. I don't have that kind of money and use Open Office. Usually, it seems, people password stuff after they slobber religious or dogooder quotes onto good pictures. Is there a way around that childish passwording of PPS files? Nora Dear Nora You can go to my tool box at and grab the Microsft Powerpoint READER. That one is free. Depending on the type of passwording, you can only view the PPS, but can't take the slobbery comments off. To make it editable, you have to send it to somebody, who has the full version of Microsoft Office. They can save it in editable mode. Have FUN! DearWebby
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A nun was sitting at a window in her convent one day when she was handed a letter from home. Upon opening it a $50 bill dropped out. She was most pleased at receiving the gift from her home folks, but as she read the letter her attention was distracted by the actions of a shabbily dressed stranger who was leaning against a post in front of the convent. She couldn't get him off her mind and thinking that he might be in financial difficulties. She took the $50 bill and wrapped it in a piece of paper, on which she had written, "Don't despair, Sister Eulalia." She threw it out of the window to him. He picked it up, read it, looked at her with a puzzled expression, tipped his hat and went off down the street. The next day she was in her room saying her prayers when she was told that a man was at her door who insisted on seeing her. She went down and found the shabbily dressed stranger waiting for her. Without saying a word he handed her a roll of bills. When she asked what the bills were for he replied, "That's the four-hundred bucks you have coming. Don't Despair paid 7-1."
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My sister, went to the department store to check out the bridal registry of our niece whose wedding was coming up soon. When my sister returned from the store, she tossed the gift list on a table and declared, "I think she's too young to get married." "Why do you say that?" I asked. "Because," she said, "they registered for Nintendo games."
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