What does Color Depth mean? 

Good Morning,  !
Today is Monday, November 19

Today I am going to hike up to the hospital again, for the
"twelve hour fast" type blood test. Forecast is a 25 km/h 
headwind for the hike up there, and a nice tail wind coming 

Have FUN!

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The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. --- Dante (1265 -1321) A large, clumsy umbrella is the best protection against the rain: there will be no rain as long as you're lugging it around. --- Peter Wasthol
>From madge When we put our house up for sale, I stressed emphatically that my sons make their beds each morning. I left for work before they left for school, and I wanted to be sure that the house looked presentable when the agent showed it to prospective buyers. I was surprised and impressed that my 15-year-old son's bed was perfectly made each day. One night when I went into his room, I discovered his secret. He was fast asleep on the floor in his sleeping bag.
"It;s HIS fault! He should not have accepted my cell phone call and distracted me!"
That reminds me,.... A Darwin Award and a Bonehead Award went to these two guys 7 years ago: John Pernicky and Sal Hawkins. The late, John Pernicky and his friend, the late Sal Hawkins, of the great state of Washington, decided to attend a local Metallica concert at the George Washington amphitheater. Having no tickets (but having had 18 beers between them), they thought it would be easy to "hop" over the nine foot fence and sneak into the show. They pulled their pickup truck over to the fence and the plan was for Mr. Pernicky, who was 100 pounds heavier than Mr. Hawkins, to hop the fence and then assist his friend over. Unfortunately for the late Mr. Pernicky, there was a 30foot drop on the other side of the fence. Having heaved himself over, he found himself crashing through a tree. His fall was abruptly halted (and broken, along with his arm) by a large branch that snagged him by his shorts. Dangling from the tree with a broken arm, he looked down and saw some bushes below him. Possibly figuring the bushes would break his fall; he removed his pocket knife and proceeded to cut away his shorts to free himself from the tree. Finally free, Mr. Pernicky crashed into holly bushes. The sharp leaves scratched his ENTIRE body and now, without the protection of his shorts, a holly branch penetrated his rectum. To make matters worse, upon landing his pocket knife penetrated his thigh. Hawkins, seeing his friend in considerable pain and agony, threw him a rope and tried to pull him to safety by tying the rope to the pickup truck and slowly driving away. However, in his drunken haste, he put the truck into reverse and crashed through the fence, dropping 20 feet, landing on his friend and killing him. Police arrived to find the crashed pickup with its driver thrown 100 feet from the truck and dead at the scene from massive internal injuries. Upon moving the truck, they found John under it half naked, scratches on his body, a holly stick in his rectum, a knife in his thigh, and his shorts dangling from a tree branch 25 feet in the air. Congratulations gentlemen! You win!
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to Jennifer Tyree, 36, in Jacksonville, Florida Jailed After Her Husband Catches Her Having Affair With Her Student Reported by the Weekly Vice Jennifer Tyree, a 36-year-old teacher at Lanphier High School was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly had sex with a student. According to police, an investigation was launched after Tyree's husband reported that his wife was engaged in an affair with a 17-year-old student. Investigators say Tyree's husband initially told the boy's mother about the affair. When questioned, the boy reportedly admitted to having sex with his teacher. The boy's mother told police that Jennifer Tyree contacted her about a month ago and stated that she was a teacher and was interested in mentoring her son to improve his grades. Tyree then visited the student's home on several occasions to help with class assignments. She then allegedly took the boy to movies and kickboxing classes. Tyree's husband told the student's mother that he witnessed his wife and the boy having inappropriate contact with each other. He also told her that his wife and her son rented a hotel room on September 21. During the subsequent investigation, it has also been revealed that Tyree was not certified to teach a high school class. Officials say Tyree holds an elementary teaching certificate which allows her to teach grades kindergarten through ninth grade. Jennifer Tyree was booked into jail and charged with criminal sexual assault. Bond in her case has been set at $100,000.
Tech Support Pits From: Allen Re: What does "Color Depth" really mean? Dear Webby, I get so many answers to that questions, and the more elaborate they are, the phonier they seem. So, What does "Color Depth" really mean, and how does it affect file size? Allen Dear Allen It is simply the number of bits used to describe or specify a pixel or dot of color. Without getting technical, GIF pictures have one of 256 colors JPG pictures have over 16 Million colors, and PNG about the same. Aside from the gamut of possible colors, there are also levels of saturation or transparency. However, all you need to know is that JPG and PNG have lots of colors for nice, smooth graduations. File size depends on compression. GIF files can not be compressed easily, but JPG files can. If you want a file to retain it's original sharpness, use PNG or GIF. PNG can be fairly large file size, so if it is a simple logo or something that needs to get loaded frequently, use GIF format. It will not change or degrade, and is small in file size. If you have a picture that has fine graduations and needs to look really good, use PNG. Second best r esults are with JPG, with the compression ratio set to 1 (no compression) It still compresses it a little bit, which is usually not a problem, if you save it only once. However, keep in mind, it does that EVERY time you save it and close the file! If you need to do a lot of fine editing, keep it in PNG format until a few seconds, before you upload the final results to the net. Most browsers can handle PNG now, and if you want a picture to look really good, regardless of loading time, keep it in PNG format. If file size and loading time is a concern, then use the compression available in the JPG format. You can usually get away with 10 - 15% compression. The new York Times seems to be using a 35% compression for most pictures, and gets away with it. You only really notice it, when they occasionally show an uncompressed "pretty" picture. Keepin mind, the JPG compression is "lossy". If you set the compression to 15%, it looses 15% of the pixels. For good. You can never get them back. Then if you open that picture again some day to do a bit more editing, and save it again, it AGAIN loses 15%. Each time it looks a bit more washed out. For that reason it is a good idea to keep an original in PNG format, uncompressed. Have FUN! DearWebby
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A man goes into a drug store and asks the pharmacist if he can give him something to cure the hiccups. The pharmacist promptly reaches out and slaps the man's face. (Whack) "What did you do that for?" the man asks. "Well, you don't have the hiccups anymore, do you?" The man says, "No, I don't. And I didn't have a hiccups. Now please go out and apply your cure to my wife out there in the car."
Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Organizing Plugs We have so many electronics and plugs, that I had to devise a way to remember which plug goes with what item. So each time I get a new device (phone, computer, mp3, etc.), I get a large label and write on it what the plug is for. I fold it in half over the cord. That way I just pick up the cord, read the label, and know what it belongs to. I then keep the plugs all in one zipper bag of active items I own. By vitaloo from Delavan, WI Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at http://www.myfrugallife.com
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Maxine took her car to her mechanic. She told him "Every time I take any of my friends out in my car, after a while there is this terrible smell !! . It never happens when I am on my own." This quite intrigued the mechanic so he said, "OK, lets go for a spin and see what the problem is". Off they went. She drove down a one-way street in the wrong direction at 60 MPH, swerving, hitting the curb on both sides of the street, narrowly missed three pedestrians in pedestrian crossings, ran several red lights, and just missed a policeman on street traffic duty. They returned to the shop and she said, There it is now; there's that terrible; smell. Can you smell it?" "Smell it? Hell lady, I'm sitting in it".
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At Sea World, our grandson absolutely refused to see the show featuring Shamu the killer whale, but he wouldn't tell us why. No amount of discussion could get him to change his mind. Later, when we got home, we discovered the reason for his reluctance. An aunt had told him how exciting the show would be because, "They choose children from the audience to feed Shamu."
Turned Wood

Today in 
1493 Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico, on his 2nd voyage 
1874 William Marcy "Boss" Tweed, of Tammany Hall (NYC) convicted 
   of defrauding the city of $6M, sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment 
1919 US Senate rejects (55-39) Treaty of Versailles & League of Nations 
1942 Russia launches winter offensive against Germans 
   along the Don front 
1959 Ford cancels the Edsel 
1969 Apollo 12's Conrad & Bean become 3rd & 4th humans on the Moon 
1980 CBS TV bans Calvin Klein's jeans ad featuring Brooke Shields
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