What to do when camera monitor goes dark? 

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My husband gave me a necklace. It's fake. I requested fake. Maybe I'm paranoid, but in this day and age, I don't want something around my neck that's worth more than my head. --- Rita Rudner Where all think alike, no one thinks very much. --- Walter Lippmann The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it. --- John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
Some time back, my cousin, Steve moved to a new apartment. Steve had a business commitment out of town that weekend and so I and my three brothers all chipped in to help his wife move the furniture. The new apartment was on the third floor. We hauled everything up the three flights of stairs and around the tight corner through the kitchen put them where they belonged. Finally, we came to the large couch. After hauling it up three flights to the top of the stairs, we discovered it would not go around the corner through the kitchen. We took it back out into the hall and turned it and tried again. It still wouldn't fit. Finally all of us boosted the couch from the back of the truck up the side of the building. From the third floor, we passed the couch up and over the railing of the tiny balcony and in through the sliding doors into the living room. We all col- lapsed on the couch to catch our breath and made a pact that we would not tell Steve how we got the couch into the apart- ment. "The next time he moves," we conspired, "he will have to figure out how to get the couch out of there on his own. It will be our little secret. He will have to take a saw to it!" As luck would have it, Steve found a place he liked better about three months later. It really was a busy weekend at work, and none of us were available to help move. We waited eagerly to hear from Steve but there was nothing. Finally, after several days of waiting, I asked Steve, "So, did you get everything moved OK?" "Sure," he replied. "Did you run into any problems?" "No." "Now, wait a minute, we had to drag the couch up the outside of the building and haul it over the railing! How did you get it out of the living room? It didn't fit through the kitchen!" Steve looked at me with total disbelief and said, "Geez, you idiots! The legs unscrew!"
In one of the restrooms at City hall I saw this neatly printed sign posted over one of those hot air hand dryers. It read, "Please push button and listen to a short message from the President."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD to Tina Rucker, 42, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Jailed After Strangling Boyfriend Because He Hogged Too Much Blanket Reported by The Weekly Vice Tina Berryhill Rucker, a 42-year-old Myrtle Beach woman, was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly tried to strangle her live-in boyfriend because he was "hogging too much of the blanket". According to Myrtle Beach Police, officers were dispatched to the couple's residence around 11 p.m. after 911 operators received a complaint alleging domestic violence. When officers arrived on the scene, a man living at the residence told them that Rucker attacked and tried to choke him while they were in bed together. He explained that she became enraged when he unintentionally pulled too much of the blanket over to his side of the bed. Officers observed red marks, scratches and bleeding on the victim's neck, according to the arrest report. Investigators also noted that Rucker was intoxicated and became belligerent with officers when they placed her into custody. Rucker was booked into jail and charged with criminal domestic violence. She is currently being held without bond. Tech Support Pits From: Nancy Re: Camera Screen Goes Dark Dear Webby My digital camera screen goes dark or does not work in daylight outside, but works fine inside the house. Is there a setting for outside, to make it brighter? Nancy Dear Nancy Some of the better cameras have a monitor brihtness setting, but by default, that is always set to the brightest possible setting. It's not the camera, it's your eyes that adjust to the bright light outside. Compared to that, the screen appears black. You can get cheap glare shield funnels, or make one, but they are very klutzy and bulky. Professional fotographers have used a black cape to flip over the head and the camera for 200 years. They are still the best solution if your camera does not have a true through the lens optical viewfinder in addition to the screen. You don't need a lined velvet cape like the old time photographers needed to change plates. The thinnest silk you can find is best, so that you can fold it up small and stick it into one of those film containers that clip onto the camera strap. Your "cape" does not have to be as large as traditional ones. It just has to cover your head and the camera. I have seen photographers with small shoulder capes, just slightly larger than the soulder piece, that you would see on a sailor's uniform, that they could fip over their head by bending over and pointing their back to the wind. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Use Rubber Band To Keep Cut Apples Fresh Recycle the Heat From Your Oven If we have been using the oven during the winter or cooler months, we leave the oven door open after baking. The heat is turned off of course but my goodness, all the heat you can "recycle" by simply leaving the oven door open for a few minutes. I refer to it as "recycled heat" because we've just paid for it to cook/bake with and now we can use it for additional warmth to the kitchen area. You don't want to do this during the summer or hotter months because it will make your kitchen even hotter. However, during the cold winter months, it sure feels good to feel it rolling out of the oven. By Marsha from Greenville, NC The stove has small vents at the top and back to let the heat out. It does not stay in there until you bake again a week later, if you keep the door closed. Normally it is better to let the oven and the elements cool off slowly. They will last longer. You still get the same amount of heating for your kitchen, just slower. Have FUN! DearWebby Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at http://www.myfrugallife.com
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A fire fighter is working on the engine outside the fire station when he notices a little girl next door in a little red wagon with little ladders hung off the sides and a garden hose tightly coiled in the middle. The girl is wearing a fire fighter's helmet. The wagon is being pulled by her dog and her cat. The fire fighter walked over to take a closer look. "That sure is a nice fire truck" he said with admiration. "Thanks" the little girl said. The fire fighter looks a little closer and notices the girl has tied the wagon to her dog's collar and to the cat's testicles. "Little Partner", the fire fighter says, "I don't want to tell you how to run your rig, but if you were to tie that rope around the cat's collar too, I think you could go faster." The little girl replies thoughtfully, "You're probably right, but then I wouldn't have a siren"
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A man wakes up one morning to find a gorilla on his roof. So he googles and sure enough, there's a site for "Gorilla Removers" in his area. He calls the number, and the gorilla remover says he'll be over in 30 minutes. The gorilla remover arrives, and gets out of his van. He's got a ladder, a baseball bat, a shotgun and a mean old pit bull. "What are you going to do", the homeowner asks? "I'm going to put this ladder up against the roof, then I'm going to go up there and knock the gorilla off the roof with this baseball bat. When the gorilla falls off, the pit bull is trained to grab his testicles and not let go. The gorilla will then be subdued enough for me to put him in the cage in the back of the van." So the guy puts the ladder up, gets the bat and the shotgun and walks towards the ladder. As he gets to the base of the ladder, he hands the shotgun to the homeowner. "What's the shotgun for?" asks the homeowner. "If the gorilla knocks me off the roof, shoot the dog!"
Sky Dogs

Today, Jan 28, in 
1349 Jews of Freilsburg Germany are massacred
1487 Bell chimes invented
1647 Scots agree to sell King Charles I to English Parliament 
  for 400,
1774 Captain Cook reaches 71 10' S, 1820 km from S pole
1790 Lifeboat 1st tested at sea, by Mr Greathead, the inventor
1800 US population 5,308,483; Black population 1,002,037 (18.9%)
1835 Richard Lawrence misfires at President Andrew Jackson
1847 Yerba Buena renamed San Francisco
1862 US Navy's 1st ironclad warship (Monitor) launched
1889 John Herschel uses camera obscura to photograph 48" 
   (120cm) telescope
1894 Pneumatic hammer patented by Charles King of Detroit
1894 US flag fired on in Rio; prompt satisfaction exacted 
   by Admiral Benham
1895 SS Elbe sinks after collision in North Sea, 332 killed
1911 1st rescue of an air passenger by a ship, near Havana, Cuba
1913 House of Lords rejects Irish Home Rule Bill
1915 German submarine attack on Le Havre
1917 1st jazz record recorded (Dark Town Strutters Ball)
1925 Turkish government throws out Constantine VI of Constantinople
1928 1st radio telephone connection between Netherlands & US
1933 "The Lone Ranger" premieres on ABC radio
1933 German President von Hindenburg appoints Hitler chancellor, 
   Hitler forms government with Von Papen
1934 Hitler proclamation on German unified states
1937 2nd of Stalin's purge trials; Pyatakov & 16 others 
  sentenced to death
1941 Australian troops conquer Derna Libya
1942 Japanese troops land on Ambon
1943 6 British Mosquito's daylight bomb Berlin
1943 German assault on French in Tunisia
1943 USS Chicago sinks in Pacific Ocean
1944 US invades Majuro, Marshall Islands
1945 Unarmed German ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" torpedoed off 
  Danzig by Soviet sub-c 7,700 die
1951 Belgium refuses to allow communists to make speeches 
  on radio
1954 Belgium ends trade agreement with USSR
1956 Martin Luther King Jr's home bombed
1956 Elvis Presley records his version of "Blue Suede Shoes"
1958 1st 2-way moving sidewalk in service, Dallas TX
1960 CIA oks Lockheed to produce a new U-2 aircraft (Oxcart)
1962 UN General Assembly censures Portugal (because of Angola)
1964 Ranger 6 launched; makes perfect flight to Moon, but cameras fail
1966 -27F (-33C), New Market AL (state record)
1968 Vietcong launch Tet-offensive on US embassy in Saigon
1969 US/Canada ISIS 1 launched to study ionosphere
1972 Pakistan withdraws from the Commonwealth
1972 Bloody Sunday British soldiers shoot on catholics in 
  Londonderry, 13 die
1976 George Bush becomes 11th director of CIA (until 1977)
1979 Rhodesia agrees to new constitution
1989 Olympian, Bruce Kimball, is sentenced to 17 years in prison for 
  killing 2 teenagers in a drunk driving accident
1989 5 pharoah sculptures from 1470 BC found at temple of Luxor
1995 Car bomb explodes in Algiers, 42 killed/296 injured
1997 Minuteman III launches
1998 Paul Simon's "The Capeman" premieres 
2013  smiled

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