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Today is Good Friday, March 29.
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

In Britain and Europe any talk about Gullible Warming seems
to cause a lot of unprintable comments, except from kids,
who seem to enjoy all the unusual snow:

Urban skiiing in Kiev

The newest theory is that all the talk about Gullible
Warming annoyed Mother Nature, who promptly cranked the 
thermostat down. Also, they say, all the BS about rising 
ocean levels annoyed Poseidon, who farted under the arctic 
ice, which decreased the volme of his belly and is the cause 
for the measurable lowering of the ocean levels.

Whatever the cause, Florida and Alaska enjoy the extra real 
estate, except for the people, who paid big money for ocean
front properties, who now see developments between them and 
the ocean. Well, some day the ocean levels will come up again
to 2010 levels. 

The extra snow in Europe is of course much appreciated by 
all the ski resorts, even though they are defintiely not 
short on snow. They took advantage of cold nights and have
been making record size piles of artificial snow since November,
and are all negotiating season extension contracts with 
their staff. Instead of releasing the staff March 15, they
hope to stay operating until April 15, or even longer.

That affects not just the few guys at the cable cars and 
chair lifts, who make sure nobody gets gonged or trips,
but the tens of thousands of chambermaids and waitresses
and busboys, most from far away countries, who are itching
to go home and spend the piles of money they made.
They have only a short time for that, before they fly to
New Zealand or Australia to work their ski season.

Some of them are voicing concerns that with the cooling caused
by the Gullible Warming talk, pretty soon there won't be
any "home" time in between Alpine and Down-Under work, 
or even overlap, which could cause problems getting their 
old jobs back. Must be rough to be a ski-bum!

They are not really bums, they just call themselves that.
They work 8 - 12 hours, 7 days a week, making beds or cooking
or waitressing or bussing or similar jobs all season.
No days off. But after or before work, they ski for 8 - 12
hours, and afterwards, they flirt the tourists into paying
for their booze. 
It's a rough life, but they come back every year, until 
some tourist marries them and nails them down.

Have FUN!

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Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm. --- John F. Kennedy (1917 - 1963) A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them. --- P. J. O'Rourke (1947 - ) Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats. --- Howard Aiken No kidding!
An elderly man was standing in front of the ticket office in Grand Central Station. A picture of utter helplessness, it was clear something was horribly wrong with him. He stood with his elbows pressed closely at his side. His forearms were rigidly extended before him and his palms were turned towards each other about ten inches apart. Apparently, the man was paralyzed. A young woman approached him. "Can I do anything to help you?" she asked. "Oh, thank you. Please put your hand in my coat pocket and take out money to buy me a ticket to Philadelphia." The woman complied. She bought the ticket and accompanied the crippled man on the train, to make sure he was settled before leaving him. "I hope you have a complete recovery. Are you visiting an out of town specialist?" "A specialist," replied the cripple. "Why should I go to a specialist?" "To treat you for the trouble with your hands." "But, I have no trouble with my hands." "Of course you have trouble with your hands. Why, you couldn't even reach into your pocket to get the money to buy your ticket." "Oh, you're wondering why my hands are like this. My wife asked me that when I go to Philadelphia to buy her a pairs of shoes. This is her size."
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A woman was at home with her children when the telephone rang. In going to answer it, she tripped on a rug, grabbed for something to hold on to and seized the telephone table. It fell over with a crash, jarring the receiver off the hook. As it fell, it hit the family dog, which leaped up, howling and barking. The woman's three-year-old son, startled by this noise, broke into loud screams. The woman mumbled some colorful words. She finally managed to pick up the receiver and lift it to her ear, just in time to hear her husband's voice on the other end say, "Nobody's said hello yet, but it certainly sounds as if I have the right number."
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2An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Edwin Esmurria, 30, Largo, Florida Dr. James Aune, 59, chair of the communications department at Texas A&M University Registered Sex Offender Extorts Pervert Pervert chickens out and commits suicide, rather than face exposure and prosecution Reported by The Smoking Gun A Louisiana man has been charged with extortion in an online sex-with-a-minor scheme that resulted in the suicide of a Texas A&M University professor. Daniel Duplaisir, 37, was scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Houston today to be arraigned for using the Internet and a cellular telephone to blackmail 59-year-old Dr. James Aune, who jumped off the roof of a campus building January 8, shortly after texting his alleged extorter: “Killing myself now And u will be prosecuted for black mail.” The plot, which was uncovered during the investigation of Aune’s suicide, is detailed in a chilling affidavit sworn out by FBI Special Agent Nikki Allen. The day after the death of Aune--who was chair of the communications department at Texas A&M--his wife told investigators she became aware that her husband “had become involved in sexually explicit chat with someone he met online, who was a minor, and now he was being extorted by the minor’s father.” The chat appears to have included naked pictures of the professor, who is pictured above. Prosecutors allege that the “minor” Aune met on the Internet was actually Duplaisir, a Metairie man with a history of luring men online for blackmail. According to his daughter --who was a victim in a 2011 sexual battery at the hands of her father-- Duplaisir used her pictures and videos “to scam men.” The daughter said they created a site on MocoSpace where they would reel in victims and “then Daniel would call them and say how she was his daughter and how she would need counseling and they had to pay for it.” The plot appears to have paid off for Duplaisir until the tragic unraveling of the “relationship” between Aune and “Karen Mccall,” the fictitious girl with whom the professor had connected. Investigators were able to confirm several payments sent from Aune to Duplaisir, but the blackmailer-- playing the role of the incensed father of "Karen"-- appears to have upped the ante, asking for a $5000 payment earlier this year. A series of e-mails and texts record Aune's desperate attempts to negotiate a deal with Duplaisir in the hours leading up to the professor's leap from the campus rooftop. About two hours before the suicide, Duplaisir wrote to Aune, “If I do not hear from you I swear to God Almighty that the police, your place of employment, students, ALL OVER THE INTERNET …ALL OF THEM will be able to see your conversations, texts, pictures you sent.” Two hours later, Aune responded with “Killing myself now And u will be prosecuted for black mail.” It took a few months for the second part of the professor’s message to come true. They probably tried to set up a sting for one more extortion case, but apparently Duplaisir was too cagey to fall for that. Tech Support Pits From: Jordan Re: Back-Up program Dar Webby, I need a practical system for backup. The files that I add or change are mostly jokes, recipes, music (written not recorded), and CAD drawings. Currently there aren't a lot of these, but I would hate to lose any. And there are financial records that, at best, I have to re-enter. A thumb drive holds all I need, but when I try to copy to it... I have to okay the override of each unchanged file. I'm sure you can give me a simple way to be sure I have info saved and won't have to start from scratch if my hard drive gets contaminated. Thank you Jordan Dear Jordan Use DOS ! START cmd then type xcopy /? to learn all the different "switches", that you can use with xcopy. Be prepared to have your socks blown off! The xcopy command has been in use by some of us since the mid 1980's. Open a plain text file, NOT word processor! Just plain text, and save it as backup.bat If you use Notepad, be careful with the saving. Some @#$%& at Microsoft has decided that it would be a good idea to stab you in the back and secretly rename the file during saving and add .txt to the end. Make a list of all the switches, that you want to use, for example the one that overwrites only if the source is newer than the destination. Then make a list of all the sources, and their backup destinations Now you are ready to write your own back-up program. Yes, Mr Programmer! At the top write ECHO /B /D /E /C /H /R /K /Y /Z (or whatever YOUR favorite list of switches is) Then xcopy, your list of sitches, a source and it's destination on the same line like this: xcopy /D /E /C /H /R /K /Y /Z e:\alpha\eudora\*.* H:\alpha\eudora That copies ALL the files, that are newer at the source e:\alpha\eudora\*.* including all the subdirectories to H:\alpha\eudora It does not waste time with files, that are the same on both sides. With huge folders, that can make a BIG difference! Then do the next line the same way: xcopy switches source destination If you want to back up just a file, not an entire folder and all it's sub-directories inside it, then just type that file name for the source. *.* is just a convenient wildcard meaning ANYTHING.ANYTHING Put the entire wish list there in the same manner, one command per line. Then you can add some comments to be echoed to the screen, yeah we used weird terms in the stone age, for example: ECHO Eudora backed up Then at the end of the messages, type PAUSE That will pause the program and ask you to hit ANY key. Yes, that is where all the old Any Key jokes come from, from that PAUSE line. If you write a back-up program for your spouse, you can be funny and after the PAUSE line type ECHO Not THAT one! PAUSE Go ahead, try it! That is all there is to it. You can also back up to an external USB hard drive or to another machine, if you are on a network. Nothing to buy. Xcopy has been at the core, available free since the mid 1980's Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Product Review: Water Armour I found this product online. It is called Water Armour and makes the water just run off your shower doors and tiles too. Soap scum doesn't stick either so clean up is fast and easy and it seems to last forever! They say you can use it on counter tops and even car windshields. It is amazing! By Sassie321 Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at
If you are paying for your own hot water, this is for you! Solar Water Heat This is not some wacky scam, that claims to make all of your hot water all of the time, but a simple pre-heater, like I have been recommending since the 70's. When there is sunshine, you pre-heat the cold water with the sun, and use the electrical or gas heater to just top it off a bit to get the precise temperature, that you are used to. The bulk of the heating is done by the sun. I used that system even in the Yukon. It works. You don't need any fancy space age or hard to find components. For the glazing you can even use clear corrugated acrylic, plexi-glass, or old windiows. The glazing is never touched by the water, it just holds off the wind and acts like a flat mini-hot-house for the pipe and outer tank. Very fast payback for Solar Water Heat!

A marine biologist was telling his friends about some of his most recent research findings. "Some whales can communicate at a distance of 300 miles," he said. "What the heck would one whale say to another 300 miles away?" asked his sarcastic friend. "I can't be sure," he expert said, "but it sounds something like 'Can you hear me now?'"
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*"The license fee for altered dogs with a certificate will be $3 and for pets owned by senior citizens who have not been altered the fee will be $1.50." *"Dr. Benjamin Porter visited the school yesterday and lectured on 'Destructive Pests.' A large number were present." *"The ladies of the county medical society auxiliary plan to publish a cookbook. Part of the money will go to the Samaritan Hospital to purchase a stomach pump."
» Warm & Cold Blooded

Today, March 29, in
1461 - Edward IV secured his claim to the English throne by
  defeating Henry VI’s Lancastrians at the battle of Towdon.
1638 First permanent European settlement in Delaware
1847 U.S. troops under General Winfield Scott took possession 
  of the Mexican stronghold at Vera Cruz.
1848 Niagara Falls stopped flowing for one day due to an ice jam.
1867 The British Parliament passed the North America Act to 
  create the Dominion of Canada.
1901 The first federal elections were held in Australia.
1903 A regular news service began between New York and London 
  on Marconi's wireless.
1906 In the U.S., 500,000 coal miners walked off the job 
  seeking higher wages.
1916 The Italians call off the fifth attack on Isonzo.
1936 Italy firebombed the Ethiopian city of Harar.
1941 The British sank five Italian warships off the 
  Peloponnesus coast in the Mediterranean.
1943 In the U.S. rationing of meat, butter and cheese began 
  during World War II.
1951 The Chinese reject MacArthur's offer for truce in Korea.
1951 In the United States, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were 
  convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage. They were 
  executed in June 19, 1953.
1962 Cuba opened the trial of the Bay of Pigs invaders.
1967 France launched its first nuclear submarine.
1971 Lt. William Calley Jr., of the U.S. Army, was found guilty 
  of the premeditated murder of at least 22 Vietnamese civilians. 
  He was sentenced to life imprisonment. The trial was the result 
  of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam on March 16, 1968.
1971 A jury in Los Angeles recommended the death penalty for 
  Charles Manson and three female followers for the 1969 
  Tate-La Bianca murders. The death sentences were later 
  commuted to live in prison.
1973 The last U.S. troops left South Vietnam.
1974 Mariner 10, the U.S. space probe became the first 
  spacecraft to reach the planet Mercury. It had been 
  launched on November 3, 1973.
1975 Egyptian president Anwar Sadat declared that he would 
  reopen the Suez Canal on June 5, 1975.
1979 The Committee on Assassinations Report issued by U.S. 
  House of Representatives stated the assassination of 
  President John F. Kennedy was the result of a conspiracy.
1992 Democratic presidential front-runner Bill Clinton said 
  "I didn't inhale and I didn't try it again" in reference 
  to when he had experimented with marijuana. 
  Nobody believed him.
1993 The South Korean government agreed to pay financial 
  support to women who had been forced to have sex with 
  Japanese troops during World War II.
1995 The U.S. House of Representatives rejected a constitutional 
  amendment that would have limited terms to 12 years in the 
  U.S. House and Senate.
2004 Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia 
  and Slovenia became members of NATO
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