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All movements go too far. --- Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970) Humor is always based on a modicum of truth. Have you ever heard a joke about a father-in-law? --- Dick Clark
A girl says to the salesman, "I'm not sure if I should buy a sweatshirt or a windbreaker." He says, "Well, that depends. Are you going sweat, or are you going to break wind?"
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A teenaged boy with spiked hair, nose ring, and baggy clothes was overheard saying to his friend, "I don't really like to dress like this, but it's the only thing that gets me out of having to go shopping with Mom."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Jennifer Hutto, 42, Winter Haven, Florida Slow Learner - Repeatedly Jailed After Refusing To Stop Using Counterfeit Money Reported by The Weekly Vice Jennifer Hutto, a 42-year-old Lakeland woman was jailed and then jailed again after she was repeatedly found to be in possession of counterfeit bills. According to Winter Haven Police, Officers were dispatched to a local Dairy Queen after Hutto paid for her purchase with counterfeit bills and then drove away. Officers stopped her vehicle a short distance away from the restaurant and discovered $660 worth of fake $20 bills in her possession. She was charged with possessing counterfeit notes, passing counterfeit notes and driving on a suspended driver's license. Officers had her vehicle removed from the scene and impounded while she was booked into jail. After Hutto bonded out of jail, detectives learned that she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Polk County where she allegedly passed counterfeit bills on numerous occasions. Knowing that she would likely come to the police impound lot to get her car back, investigators kept the welcome mat out for her and planned to arrest her at the scene. As expected, Hutto arrived at the impound lot and attempted to retrieve her car. As officers took her into custody, she reportedly tried to hide her purse. A subsequent search of her purse revealed a fresh batch of counterfeit bills. This time officers recovered $360 worth of counterfeit bills in $5 and $20 denominations. Hutto was booked into the Polk County Jail and charged with possession of counterfeit notes, passing counterfeit bank notes and smuggling contraband (bringing counterfeit bills into a government agency). Tech Support Pits FROM: Hank RE: Laser Printer Dear Webby, Thanks for all your helpful advice! I am tired of the ink-jet printer.....the cartridges are just too costly (ever the reconditioned ones.) What brand of laser desktop printer do you recommend? I prefer color. Our local wall-mart has an HP but it is just black. I went on E-bay and was overwhelmed by the different brands. Thanks Again!! hank Dear Hank You won't find a decent laser printer at eBay, or at Walmart. Nobody sells a used laser printer. People hang on to them until they are totally worn out, even if they have to read the instructions. HP I can't recommend either. Theirs don't seem to last, and their support is atrocious. Have a look at DELL. Their color lasers have come down in price quite nicely. I use their 1320c, which I bought about 5 years ago. With toner from Atlantic Inkjet .com it just keeps on printing. No hassle ever. Just drop another ream of paper in and it is happy. Nowadays they have cheaper ones than that, but considering what it saved me on consumables and by never breaking down, it was well worth the $199 I paid. Keep in mind that even though DELL's sales and support people are a class more professional than those of HP, they will still BS you to make a sale. They won't necessarily outright lie to you, but they tend to conveniently forget to mention inconvenient "features", or lack thereof. For example their newer computers don't have the standard dial-up modem for sending and recieving faxes, or to dial up, when the DSL is down. If you don't specifically ask, they won't tell you. The same goes for printers. Make a list of EVERY feature you can think of, before you start searching their online catalog or talking to a sales person. ANY salesperson's quote about per page cost is usually totally ridiculous and assumes just a short, double-spaced paragraph and no logo. However, printing the same amount of text and pictures, the cost per page with a laser printer is usually 1/10 of what it would cost to print the same with ink. Plus, infrequent printing does not dry or plug anything up on a laser printer. Re the toner, don't worry about it. They will try to sell you THEIR expensive toner. Just get the basic included toner, no extra. Usually the included toner is just half full samples. Once you have the printer, order full cartridges from Atlantic Inkjet .com. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Freezing Cookie Dough in Ice Cube Trays Mix up your favorite cookie dough. Make extra and freeze in ice cube trays. When you want to bake several cookies or more pull out you ice cube tray and pop out as many cookies as you want to bake. I always have cookie dough in the freezer ready to bake. When you mix up your own dough, you know what is in it, and it saves you money over the store bought cookie dough. Source: A friend shared this info with me a long time ago. By Bobbie from Rockwall, TX Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at http://www.myfrugallife.com
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While I'm not sure of the procedure now, when I was in the Navy, every so often, you got umpteen shots, whether you needed them or not. The carrier pilot in front of me as we passed thru the line asked for a drink of water after receiving what seemed to be at least a dozen different needles. The Corpsman asked if he was dizzy. "No, not at all." he replied. "I just wanna see if I'm still water-tight."
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>From Rick When I go to a local discount store to get oil and filters for my car, I buy my wife a bouquet of flowers on display near the checkout counter. During one trip, some women in line behind me were oohing and aahing about a husband getting flowers for his wife. "How often do you do that?" one asked. Before I could answer, the cashier, more than familiar with my routine, said, "Every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first."
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Today, April 11, in
1512 The forces of the Holy League were heavily defeated by 
  the French at the Battle of Ravenna.
1689 William III and Mary II were crowned as joint sovereigns 
  of Britain.
1783 After receiving a copy of the provisional treaty on 
  March 13, the U.S. Congress proclaimed a formal end to 
  hostilities with Great Britain.
1803 A twin-screw propeller steamboat was patented by 
  John Stevens.
1814 Napoleon was forced to abdicate his throne. The allied 
  European nations had marched into Paris on March 30, 1814. 
  He was banished to the island of Elba.
1876 The stenotype was patented by John C. Zachos.
1895 Anaheim, CA, completed its new electric light system.
1898 U.S. President William McKinley asked Congress for a 
  declaration of war with Spain.
1899 The treaty ending the Spanish-American War was declared 
  in effect.
1921 Iowa became the first state to impose a cigarette tax.
1941 German bombers blitzed Conventry, England.
1945 U.S. troops reached the Elbe River in Germany.
1945 During World War II, American soldiers liberated the 
  Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald in Germany.
1951 U.S. President Truman fired General Douglas MacArthur 
  as head of United Nations forces in Korea.
1970 Apollo 13 blasted off on a mission to the moon that 
  was disrupted when an explosion crippled the spacecraft. 
  The astronauts did return safely.
1979 Idi Amin was deposed as president of Uganda as rebels 
  and exiles backed by Tanzanian forces seized control.
1980 The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued 
  regulations specifically prohibiting sexual harassment 
  of workers by supervisors.
1981 U.S. President Ronald Reagan returned to the White House 
  from the hospital after recovering from an assassination 
  attempt on March 30.
1981 In the Brixton area of London, a race riot erupted 
  that resulted in the injury of more than 300 people.
1984 China invaded Vietnam.
1985 Scientists in Hawaii measured the distance between the 
  earth and moon within one inch.
1986 Dodge Morgan sailed solo nonstop around the world in 
  150 days.
2001 China agreed to release 24 crewmembers of a U.S. 
  surveillance plane. The EP-3E Navy crew had been held 
  since April 1 on Hainon, where the plane had made an 
  emergency landing after an in-flight collision with a 
  Chinese fighter jet. The Chinese pilot was missing and 
  presumed dead.
2007 Apple announced that the iTunes Store had sold more 
  than two million movies. 
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