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Today is Monday, April 15.

Do you remember my April Fools spoof about space sinach
because I could not find spinach in any stor?
It seems somebody at Walmart heard about that, and they
now have spinach. The can are dented and apparently from
a discount supplier specializing on dents and transport
damage. I don't care, as long as the cans are not bloated
or leaking. The contents were great, and tightly packed, 
not just mostly water. If you like spinach, go have a look!

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Have FUN!

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The trouble with normal is it always gets worse. --- Bruce Cockburn
TEACHER: Winnie, name one important thing we have today that we didn't have ten years ago. WINNIE: Me!
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Thanks to Bob for this: Long, unproductive meetings are often the bane of corporate life. My very funny boss at the software company where I work has come up with what just might be the perfect way to cut business conferences short before they start rambling out of control. There comes a time when he announces, "All those opposed to my plan say, 'I resign.'" End of meeting.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Rickesha Burns, 21, Phoenix, AZ Jailed for Shoving Sex Toy So Far Into Toddler Son's Anus, Surgery Was Required To Have It Removed Reported by The Weekly Vice Rickesha Burns, a 21-year-old Phoenix woman, was jailed late last month after she allegedly shoved a vibrator so far up her 2-year-old son's anus, surgery was required to get it back out. According to Phoenix Police, officers were dispatched to Burns' residence after receiving a report of 'unknown trouble' at her home. When officers arrived on the scene, they found Burns' son "crying hysterically" and bleeding from his anus. The child was immediately rushed to Phoenix Children's Hospital for examination. At the hospital, doctors advised detectives that a foreign object resembling a vibrator or similar sex toy was lodged deep inside the boy's rectum. Doctors also alerted investigators to sharp object injuries around the boy's anus - and advised that it appeared someone had used a hanger to get the object out of the boy's rectum. When detectives interviewed Burns, she told them that she had been at a park with her son earlier in the day when an unknown 12-year-old boy walked up to her son and made him cry. She said she had been checking her phone for text messages "for about ten seconds" when "something happened" and her son began to cry. Burns went on to say that she "worked hard to get her son back and would not do anything like this to hurt her son," according to the arrest affidavit. Burns may have been referring to a previous case in 2011 in which she was investigated for child abuse. Officers determined that no evidence could be found to indicate that Burns had been to a park that day or that any child could have inserted a vibrator into her son's rectum in the span of 10 seconds as Burns claimed. She was booked into jail and charged with sexual conduct with a minor and child abuse. The child has been scheduled to have the object removed from his anus, however no reports indicate how the surgery went. Tech Support Pits FROM: Audrey RE: How important is a mugshot on FaceBook? Dear Webby, I see that most people have a mug shot or cut of a family picture, some have a total make-over glamor shot, but some have a picture of a pet or flowers. How important is it to have a personal picture at the mug shot location? Audrey Dear Audrey Cougars, who are on the prowl, use total make-over glamor shots or old pictures,like their graduation picture. Those, of course, are cruising for heartbreak, when somebody finds out they are not who they pretend to be. You yourself will feel more comfortable too with a simple every day picture, than having to try to live up to an impossible dream. If you don't have a camera, get a friend to take a picture. No fancy glamor shots, just an every day picture, that you have no problem living up to. Some people hide behind pictures of pets or flowers scanned from seed catalogs. Whatever their reason is for hiding, they obviously don't want to increase their circle of friends or reconnect with old friends. Take your pick, but don't go to a lot of effort and hassle to get a fancy and pretentious picture. Remember, your neighbors and relatives know you without the wig and the big DD interview foamies, and would tease you to no end, if your FaceBook picture is too different from reality. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Milk Jug Electric Cord Reel I use the electric leaf blower frequently to blow off the porch and carport. I've just been looping the cord and laying it across the blower for storage and having to untangle it every time I use it. I told my husband that we needed to purchase a reel to keep the cord on. A reel makes it easier to store the cord and keeps it from getting tangled up. The idea popped into my head to use a milk jug so I gave it a try and it works. I cut out a section opposite the handle to make some sides to hold the cord. Holding the jug by the handle, I wrapped the cord around the jug. This works, however, I think a heavier jug will work even better. I may not have to spend money on a reel after all. By Betty from NC Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at
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Thanks to Irene for this one: While watching a movie recently, I couldn't hear the dialogue over the chatter of the two women sitting in front of me. Unable to bear it any longer, I tapped one of them on the shoulder. "Excuse me," I said, "I can't hear." "I should hope not," she replied sharply. "This is a private conversation." Luckily violence was averted by the young woman sitting next to me. She said, just as loudly: "I can hear it loud and clear, and I am writing it down word for word for my gossip column in the paper." They got up and left in a huff. I gave my good gold colored pen to the young woman, AND my chocolate bar.
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In my sociology class, we were instructed to write down answers to some questions the teacher was asking. "Next question," announced the instructor. "How would you like to be seen by the opposite sex?" I was thinking about my answer when the young woman next to me turned and asked, "How do you spell 'intellekshual?'"
Loopy Ribbons

Today, April 15, in
0069 Battle at Bedriacum, North-Italy 
1205 Battle at Adrianople Bulgaria beats Emperor Boudouin 
 of Constantinople
1450 French defeat English at Battle of Formigny in 100 Years' War
1493 Columbus meets with King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella
1621 Hugo the Great arrives in France
1632 Swedish & Saxon army beat Earl Tilly
1715 Uprising of Yamasse-Indians in South Carolina
1716 Russian & Prussian troops occupy Wismar 
1738 Bottle opener invented 
1784 The first balloon was flown in Ireland.
1776 Duchess of Kingston found guilty of bigamy 
1813 U.S. troops under James Wilkinson attacked the Spanish 
 held city of Mobile that would be in the future state of 
1858 At the Battle of Azimghur, the Mexicans defeated 
 Spanish loyalists.
1861 U.S. President Lincoln mobilized the Federal army.
1865 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln died from injuries 
 inflicted by John Wilkes Booth.
1871 "Wild Bill" Hickok became the marshal of Abilene, Kansas.
1892 The General Electric Company was organized.
1899 Thomas Edison organized the Edison Portland Cement 
1912 The ocean liner Titanic sank in the North Atlantic 
after hitting an iceberg the evening before. 1,517 people 
died and more than 700 people survived.
1917 The British defeated the Germans at the battle of Arras.
1919 British troops killed 400 more Indians at Amritsar, India.
1923 Insulin became generally available for people suffering 
 with diabetes.
1940 French and British troops landed at Narvik, Norway.
1945 During World War II, British and Canadian troops liberated 
 the Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.
1948 The Arabs were defeated in the first Jewish-Arab battle.
1952 U.S. President Harry Truman signed the official Japanese 
 peace treaty.
1952 The first B-52 prototype was tested in the air.
1953 Charlie Chaplin surrendered his U.S. re-entry permit 
 rather than face proceedings by the U.S. Justice Department. 
 Chaplin was accused of sympathizing with Communist groups.
1956 General Motors announced that the first free piston 
 automobile had been developed.
1959 Cuban leader Fidel Castro began a U.S. goodwill tour.
1967 Richard Speck was found guilty of murdering eight 
 student nurses.
1986 U.S. F-111 warplanes attacked Libya in response to the 
 bombing of a discotheque in Berlin on April 5, 1986.
1989 Students in Beijing launched a series of pro democracy 
 protests upon the death of former Communist Party leader Hu Yaobang. 
 The protests led to the Tienanmen Square massacre.
1989 In Sheffield, England, 96 people were killed and hundreds 
 were injured at a soccer game at Hillsborough Stadium when a 
 crowd surged into an overcrowded standing area. Ninety-four 
 died on the day of the incident and two more later died from 
 their injuries.
1999 In Rawalpindi, Pakistan, a panel of two Lahore High Court 
 judges convicted former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and her 
 husband, Asif Ali Zardari, of corruption.
2000 600 anti-IMF (International Monetary Fund) protesters were 
 arrested in Washington, DC, for demonstrating without a permit. 
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