How to enable Auto-Play on Windows 7 ? 

Good Morning,  !

Today is Sunday, April 21.
Large snow flakes slowly falling and a fairly thick fog
are causing a Christmassy feeling. and a feeling, that a
snow blower would be much handier than my lawn mower.

I am wondering, though, if I put chains on it, if I could
use it as a snow blower. The drive wheels are so worn, that
they need some help like that anyway. Hmmmmm ....

Thank you, Carol!

Have FUN!

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Beware of the young doctor and the old barber. --- Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)
A widow recently married to a widower was accosted by a friend who laughingly remarked, "I suppose, like all men who have been married before, your husband sometimes talks about his first wife?" "Oh, not any more, he doesn't," the other replied. "What stopped him?" "I started talking about my next husband."
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Little Johnny farts in the classroom and his teacher gets really upset and throws him out. He goes and sits outside the school and can't stop laughing. The principal walks by and sees him sitting outside laughing. He says, "Little Johnny what are you doing sitting here laughing?" Little Johnny says, "I farted in class and the teacher threw me out." The principle says, "Well then, why are you laughing?" Little Johnny says, "Cause the teacher is sitting in the classroom, smelling my fart, while I'm having a smoke here in the sunshine in this beautiful, clean air."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Corey Starks, 38, Port orford, Oregon Jailed for Burying Father Under Motor Home So He Could Collect Father's Social Security Checks Reported by The Weekly Vice Corey Theodore Starks, a 38-year-old Port Orford man, was jailed after he allegedly buried his father under a trailer, then continued to collect his social security checks. According to police, an investigation was launched after authorities found the bones of an elderly man who became deceased three years ago and was then buried under his own motor home. The victim's son, Corey Starks, later admitted to burying his father under the trailer because he was unemployed and wanted to collect his father's social security checks. Starks reportedly collected more than $50,000 in benefits checks before the scam was finally uncovered. Investigators say 74-year-old Charles Starks' remains were found at the Anchor Inn RV park in Port Orford where he lived from 2009 to 2010. The body was discovered when the lot owner thought the trailer had been abandoned and was in the process of having it removed. Corey Starks claims his father died of natural causes, however at least one witness in the case told detectives that she believes Corey Starks killed his father. Charles starks remains were sent to Eugene, Oregon for autopsy and reconstruction. The official cause has not yet been determined. Starks was booked into jail and charged with second-degree abuse of a corpse. The case is still under investigation and further charges may be pending, including the fraud charges. Tech Support Pits From: Gary Re: No CD AutoPlay Dear Webby, Thank you first of all for your extremely informative letter. it's been a great help to me and my friends and family However I do have a question for you hope you can help. when I put a pre-recorded CD in my pc cd player it don't automaticly bring up the player..what ever it may be..I have to bring it up never done that before...with my other pc ..which has windows XP it works the way on this one it has windows 7. Please Help... Thank you in advance. Gary Dear Gary START Control Panel Auto Play In there you can turn Auto-Play on for just about anything except maybe your spouse. Have FUN! DearWebby
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As Alicia was getting to know Michael and his family, she was very impressed by how much his parents loved each other. "They're so thoughtful," Alicia said. "Why, your dad even brings your mom a cup of hot coffee in bed every morning." After a time, Alicia and Michael were engaged, and then married. On the way from the wedding to the reception, Alicia again remarked on Michael's loving parents, and even the coffee in bed. "Tell me," she said, "does it run in the family?" "It sure does," replied Michael. "And I take after my mom."
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At a family get together, a young boy of about 8 years of age asked his father, "What does fornication mean?" His father was a little upset by the question and demanded to know, "Where did you hear a word like that?" "From Uncle Charlie," the little boy said. The father charged off to confront his brother. Charlie held his hands up and said, "Now, wait a minute! I don't know what that boy told you, but all I said was, 'For-an-occasion like this, you think they would chill the beer'."
Dear Webby, I'm sure glad you nagged me into getting Mailwasher. I was away from work for three weeks and really dreaded facing the mail that accumulated in the meantime. But guess what! I turned my computer on, Mailwasher dit it's thing and deleted 2500 mails, and all I had was about 30 mails that I had to read and answer. Keep that button! I am getting my boss to buy it too. Thanks much! Mariana
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Today, April 21, in
753 BC Rome was founded
43 BC Marcus Antonius was defeated by Octavian near Modena
1526 Mongol Emperor Babur annihilated the Indian Army of 
 Ibrahim Lodi.
1649 The Maryland Toleration Act was passed, allowing all 
 freedom of worship.
1689 William III and Mary II were crowned joint king and 
queen of England, Scotland and Ireland.
1789 John Adams was sworn in as the first U.S. Vice President.
1836 General Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna at the Battle of 
 San Jacinto. This battle decided the independence of Texas.
1856 The Mississippi River was crossed by a rail train for 
the first time (between Davenport, IA, and Rock Island, IL).
1892 The first Buffalo was born in Golden Gate Park.
1898 The Spanish-American War began.
1914 U.S. Marines occupied Vera Cruz, Mexico. The troops 
 stayed for six months.
1918 German fighter ace Manfred von Richthofen, 
 "The Red Baron," was shot down and killed during World War I.
1943 U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt announced that several 
 Doolittle pilots had been executed by the Japanese.
1960 Brasilia became the capital of Brazil.
1961 The French army revolted in Algeria.
1967 In Athens, Army colonels took over the government and 
 installed Constantine Kollias as premier.
1972 Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charles Duke 
 explored the surface of the moon.
1975 South Vietnam president, Nguyen Van Thieu, resigned, 
 condemning the United States.
1984 In France, it was announced that doctors had found 
 virus believed to cause AIDS.
1985 Manuel Ortega proposed a cease-fire for Nicaragua.
1994 Jackie Parker became the first woman to qualify to 
 fly an F-16 combat plane.
2000 North Carolina researchers announced that the heart of a 
 66 million-year-old dinosaur was more like a mammal 
 than that of a reptile.
2002 In the city of General Santos, 14 people were killed and 69 
 were injured in a bomb attack on a department store. The attack 
 was blamed on Muslim extremists.
2009 UNESCO launched The World Digital Library.
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