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University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small. --- Henry Kissinger Imagine what it would be like if TV actually were good. It would be the end of everything we know. --- Marvin Minsky
>From Dave I worked in the biology department at Buffalo State College in New York. The Great Lakes Laboratory, also stationed at the college, employed a licensed boat captain to man its research vessel. It was common knowledge that the captain couldn't swim. When newcomers learned of this, they would approach him about it. "Is it true?" one of them asked incredulously. "You, a boat captain, can't swim?" "No, I can't," he replied. "Can pilots fly?"
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A young banker decided to get his first tailor made suit. So he went to the finest tailor in town and got measured for a suit. A week later he went in for his first fitting. He put on the suit and he looked stunning, he felt that in this suit he can do business. As he was preening himself in front of the mirror he reached down to put his hands in the pockets and to his surprise he noticed that there were no pockets. He mentioned this to the tailor who asked him, "Didn't you tell me you were a banker?" The young man answered, "Yes, I did." To this the tailor said, "Who ever heard of a banker with his hands in his own pockets?"
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Amanda Brennan, 24, Henderson, Nevada Jailed for Luring Student Into Inappropriate Relationship Reported by The Weekly vice Amanda Brennan, a 24-year-old English teacher at Foothill High School, was jailed Friday after she allegedly engaged in an inappropriate relationship with an underage student. According to police, an investigation was launched after the parents of a 15-year-old student contacted a school resource officer and reported that Brennan was pursuing an inappropriate relationship with their son. The boy's parents were further aggravated when Brennan picked the student up from their home and took him to the movies against their wishes. She also reportedly brought the boy back home AFTER his scheduled curfew. When investigators interviewed the student, he told them that he and Brennan loved each other and had kissed and cuddled in the backseat of her car. Detectives also discovered that Brennan and the boy had exchanged more than 1,000 text messages over a 9 day period. Brennan reportedly admitted to taking the student out and communicating with him outside of school. She went on to say that she knew the relationship was wrong, but loved the student and did it anyway. She was immediately placed under arrest. She was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and charged with two counts of luring a child and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her bail has been set at $20,000. Is punishment too casual, or are teachers getting dumber? Tech Support Pits From: Bill Re: How do you get pictures into email? Dear Webby Since almost everybody does it, it must be fairly simple. How do I get pictures from FaceBook into email? Bill Dear Bill First you have to harvest the picture and store it on your computer. Click the picture you want. Chances are good, that it will open in a fresh page with less distraction. RIGHT-click te picture and select Copy Image. Now you have the picture in the Clipboard memory, and you can paste it from there into an email, or into any graphics program. Click into an already started email at the spot, where you want that picture, and hit CTRL V to paste it. If you want to save the picture, so that you can look at your grand kids without going online and searching for that picture on FaceBook, open any graphics program, and hit CTRL V to paste it as a new picture. Now you can save it by hitting ALT F A, or clicking on FILE Save As typing in a name, and browse to a folder, that you can find easily. You can even make brand new folders at the same time. By default Windows wants to hide your pictures deep down in a wacky labyrith of subdirectories. No, I don't know what they were smoking. Luckily you can browse around in there and go up to the C:\ root directory. Make a New Folder there and call it !PIX The exclamation mark at the front of it will ensure, that in any alphabetical sort, it will be on top and easy to find. If all this sounds intimidating, don't worry. We all had to learn that, and once you have done it a few times, it starts making sense and is actually quite easy. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Dryer Lint For Fire Starting Save the lint from the dryer in a plastic container. In the winter months when the wood for the fire gets a little damp, use the lint under the kindling to get it started. Works great! By korlund Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at
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Bank robbers had tied and gagged the bank cashier after learning the combination to the safe and had herded the other employees into a separate room under guard. After they rifled the safe and were about to leave, the cashier made desperate pleading noises through the gag. Moved by curiosity, one of the burglars loosed the gag. "Please," whispered the cashier, "take the books, too. I'm $7,500 short."
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The father of a teenage daughter was concerned with the amount of time she spent on the telephone; not so much for the time she wasted (he had given up on that long ago), but because nobody else could use the phone. So, as a happy solution, he had a telephone installed for her with her own private number and directory listing. Two or three days after her telephone had been installed, he came home to find her stretched out on the floor with her feet on the living room couch and chatting away on the family telephone. Her own telephone was resting silently on her dresser. "Why are you using our telephone," he yelled. "Why aren't you talking on your own telephone?" "I can't," she said, "I'm expecting an important call on my phone."
33 Facts

Today, May 18, in
1302 The weaver Peter de Coningk led a massacre of the 
 Flemish oligarchs.
1642 Montreal, Canada, was founded.
1643 Queen Anne, the widow of Louis XIII, was granted sole 
 and absolute power as regent by the Paris parliament, 
 overriding the late king's will.
1792 Russian troops invaded Poland.
1802 Great Britain declared war on Napoleon's France.
1804 Napoleon Bonaparte was proclaimed emperor by the French 
1917 The U.S. Congress passed the Selective Service act, 
 which called up soldiers to fight in World War I.
1944 Monte Cassino, Europe's oldest Monastic house, was finally 
 captured by the Allies in Italy.
1974 India became the sixth nation to explode an atomic bomb.
1980 Mt. Saint Helens erupted in Washington state. 57 people 
 were killed and 3 billion in damage was done.
1983 The U.S. Senate revised immigration laws and gave millions 
 of illegal aliens legal status under an amnesty program.
1994 Israel's three decades of occupation in the Gaza Strip 
 ended as Israeli troops completed their withdrawal and 
 Palestinian authorities took over.
1998 The U.S. federal government and 20 states filed a 
 sweeping antitrust case against Microsoft Corp., saying the 
 computer software company had a "choke hold" on competitors 
 which denied consumer choices by controlling 90% of the 
 software market.
1998 U.S. federal officials arrested more than 130 people and 
 seized $35 million. This was the end to an investigation of 
 money laundering being done by a dozen Mexican banks and two 
 drug-smuggling cartels. 
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