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To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer. --- Farmers' Almanac, 1978
While working in the psychology department at Glen Oaks Community College in Centreville, MI, I was asked to enlarge a chart for a Meeting. I called the copy room and asked, "Can I get something blown up down there?" After a pause the voice on the line replied, "I think you want the chemistry lab."
The case concerned a will and Kelly was a witness. "Was the deceased," asked the attorney, "In the habit of talking to himself when he was alone?" "I don't know," said the Irishman. "Come now man, you don't know and yet you pretend you were intimately acquainted with the deceased?" "Well, Mr. Lawyer," said Kelly, "I never happened to be with him when he was alone. "
Hardware Diagnostics If you are not sure, that the problem is messed up software, get the Microscope V16 Software Hardware Diagnostics With Over 250 Proprietary Functions. That's what the Pro's use to quickly determine what needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Working as a cargo handler for a major package delivery company, I came across an express envelope with shipping instructions that puzzled me, particularly the line describing the contents. I finally realized the parcel contained some kind of manual and was addressed to a church. But at first I thought I was processing one of our company's most momentous pieces of freight. The description read, "Instructions for the Assembly of God."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Gerardo Perez, 50, Chicago, Ill Jailled for screwing dog in the pound Reported by The Weekly Vice Gerardo Perez, a 50-year-old Illinois bonehead, was jailed Saturday after he allegedly had sex with a pit bull while touring the local city pound. According to police, Perez was found inside a cage with a white and grey pit bull after he entered a restricted area of the Chicago Animal Care and Control Facility and proceeded to have sex with the dog. Perez was reportedly touring the facility with others when the incident took place. He was discovered by an employee who works at the facility. Investigators say Perez was found on his hands and knees next to the dog and appeared to have just had sex with the animal. Perez then made statements to employees that supported their suspicions of his activity. Perez was booked into jail and charged with felony sexual conduct with an animal and burglary. Tech Support Pits From: Fran Re: Portable Hard Drive Dear Webby How difficult is it to connect a portable hard drive to an XP computer? And how do you do it? Fran Dear Fran Not difficult at all. You plug it into a USB port, Windows recognizes it as a new device the first time you do it. If necessary Windows offers to install a driver for it. After that, it simply shows as an additional hard drive. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Grass Stain Remover For a cheap grass stain remover that truly works, combine equal portions of white vinegar, liquid dish washing soap, and water. Shake well and work the solution into the spot. Let stand a few minutes and then launder as usual. It also works on fruit or beverage stains. This got all of the grass stains out of my son's light colored pants. I will never buy expensive stain removers again! Source: The Queen of Clean by Linda Cobb By Windchime from Maple Falls, WA Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at
Mr. Goldblatt was known far and wide as a hard-nosed boss who watched his employees like a hawk. He was making one of his regular tours of the factory when he spotted a young man leaning against a pile of boxes just outside the foreman's office. Since George, the foreman, wasn't around, Goldblatt stood off to the side and watched to see just how long the young man would stand around doing nothing. The young man yawned, scratched his head, looked at his watch, and sat on the floor. He took out a nail file and began cleaning his nails. Then he stretched, yawned again, and leaned back on the pile of boxes. Goldblatt stepped from his hiding place and walked up to the young man. "You!" he boomed. "How much do you in a week make?" The young man looked up indifferently. "Four hundred and fifty dollars," he said. Goldblatt swooped into the cashier's office, took $450 from the cash box, and returned. "Take it," he said, "and get out! Don't let me see you around here again!" The young man took the cash, put it in his pocket, and left. Goldblatt snorted at his lack of remorse, embarrassment, or any other emotion. Then he went looking for George. When he found him, Goldblatt was red with anger. "That idler in front of your office," Goldblatt said. "I just gave him a week's pay and fired him. What's the matter with you, letting him stand around as though he had nothing to do?" "You mean the kid in the red shirt?" George asked. "Yes! The kid in the red shirt!" "He was waiting for the two dollars we owe him for lunch," George said. "He works for the coffee shop around the corner."
Have I got a deal for you! Aquaponics is on special for $19 instead of the normal $97! What's Aquaponics? It's top secret technology some pros use to grow medicinal herbs and stuff in half the time and two to ten times the crop per square foot? Yes, it sure is! It is the technology of combining a fish tank, that produces all the nutrients the plants need, with hydroponics, that clean that stuff out of the water and preps it for the fish. Very neat and clean WIN-WIN deal! You don't need a shark tank on your balcony. The book tells you how small a fish tank is enough for your tomatoes and carrots and parsley and mushrooms and herbs. If you have a closet, balcony, or garden space, grab Aquaponics, while it is on sale! AND, they throw in $300 worth of additional books! NO WEEDING with Aquaponics!

Thanks to Bill for this story: Our mom needed a new mattress for her antique bed, so my brother, Josh, and I decided to buy her one as a gift. The problem was we weren't sure what to get, because it was an odd size. Fortunately, my brother happened to be visiting my mother one day when I called home. "Measure the bed frame before you leave," I told him. "I don't have a tape measure." "You can use a dollar bill," I suggested, "each one is six inches long." "Can't," he replied after digging through his wallet, "I only have a ten."
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A college senior took his new girlfriend to a football game. The young couple found seats in the crowded stadium and was watching the action. A substitute was put into the game, and as he was running onto the field to take his position, the boy said to his girlfriend, "Take a good look at the fellow. I expect him to be our best man next year." His girlfriend snuggled closer and said to the surprised young man, "That's the strangest way I ever heard of for a fellow to propose to a girl. Regardless of how you said it, I accept!"
Dubai Miracle Garden

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1595 Henry IV's army defeated the Spanish at the Battle 
 of Fontaine-Francaise.
1752 Benjamin Franklin flew a kite for the first time to 
 demonstrate that lightning was a form of electricity.
1783 A hot-air balloon was demonstrated by Joseph and Jacques 
 Montgolfier. It reached a height of 1,500 feet.
1827 Athens fell to the Ottomans.
1917 American men began registering for the World War I draft.
1924 Ernst F. W. Alexanderson transmitted the first facsimile 
 message across the Atlantic Ocean.
1933 President Roosevelt signed the bill that took the U.S. off 
 of the gold standard.
1940 During World War II, the Battle of France began when Germany 
 began an offensive in Southern France.
1956 Premier Nikita Khrushchev denounced Josef Stalin to the 
 Soviet Communist Party Congress.
1967 The Six Day War between Israel and Egypt, Syria and Jordan began.
1975 Egypt reopened the Suez Canal to international shipping, 
 eight years after it was closed because of the 1967 war 
 with Israel.
1981 In the U.S., the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 
 reported that five men in Los Angeles were suffering from a 
 rare pneumonia found in patients with weakened immune systems. 
 They were the first recognized cases of what came to be 
 known as AIDS.
1986 A federal jury in Baltimore convicted Ronald W. Pelton of 
 selling secrets to the Soviet Union. Pelton was sentenced to 
 three life prison terms plus 10 years.
1998 A strike began at a General Motors Corp. parts factory 
 near Detroit, MI, that closed five assembly plants and idled 
 workers across the U.S. for seven weeks.
1998 Volkswagen AG won approval to buy Rolls-Royce Motor Cars 
 for $700 million, outbidding BMW's $554 million offer.
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