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Your wheels: Here is my car, a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron.
If you don't send me pictures of your dream wheels or actual vehicles, this may be the end of the "Your Wheels" column. Send me pictures of YOUR wheels, or dream wheels! Have FUN! DearWebby
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If I only had a little humility, I'd be perfect. --- Ted Turner The big thieves hang the little ones. --- Czech Proverb We cannot control the evil tongues of others; but a good life enables us to disregard them. --- Cato the Elder (234 BC - 149 BC)
While I was attending a Law course, the 'Audi alteram parten' rule was explained to us. Translated it means "To hear the other party" After discussing the subject at great length, the lecturer asked if anyone didn't understand the rule. Responded one man "My Wife"
Most Yuppette's have no use for men who try to mess up the country's economy by living within their income. I've noticed the oddest behavior of Yuppettes. The only time they won't look into a mirror is when they're pulling out of a parking space.
Grow Your Greatest Garden Ever in Do-It-Yourself Built Waist High Raised Beds! It's really easy, when you got detailled instructions. You even get videos to show how easy it is! With the GardenRack style there is no more bending down. No more kneeling! Everything is at the height, that is the most comfortable for YOU! No special skills or tools required. Give the lumber list to Home Depot, and they will cut and deliver it. Half an afternoon of screwing around with a drill used as a power screwdriver, and it is done. The second one will take less than half an hour. Get the GardenRack now!

"Oh, No!" he gasped as he surveyed the disaster before him. Never in his 40 years of life had he seen anything like it. How anyone could have survived he did not know. He could only hope that somewhere amid the overwhelming destruction he would find his 16-year-old son. Only the slim hope of finding Danny kept him from turning and fleeing the scene. He took a deep breath and proceeded. Walking was virtually impossible with so many things strewn across his path. He moved ahead slowly. "Danny! Danny!" he whispered to himself. He tripped and almost fell several times. He heard someone, or something, move. At least he thought he did. Perhaps, he was just hoping he did. He shook his head and felt his gut tighten. He couldn't understand how this could have happened. There was some light but not enough to see very much. Something cold and wet brushed against his hand. He jerked it away. In desperation, he took another step then cried out, "Danny!" From a nearby pile of unidentified material, he heard his son. "Yes, Dad," he said, in a voice so weak it could hardly be heard. "It's time to get up," the man sighed, "and, for heaven's sake, clean up your room!"
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Taylor Chapman, Bitch extraordinaire, 27, Broward County, Floriduh Woman Browbeats Polite Dunkin Donuts Cashier With 8 Minute Tirade, Now Hiding From Pissed Off Internet Reported by The Weekly Vice Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old Florida woman is the proud owner of a video that has gone viral on the Internet. There can be little doubt, however, that the attention she's been receiving for that video isn't quite what she expected. When a Broward County Dunkin Donuts allegedly failed to give Chapman her receipt, which probably sailed to the floor of her vehicle, she decided to arm herself with a video camera and cuss and swear at them for 8 minutes. Taylor Chapman entered the store and warned the employee that he is "under video surveillance" before unleashing a barrage of foul language, insults, racial remarks and arrogant blather onto him. Be careful, if you watch the video, the foul-mouthed b**** spews vulgarities non-stop, for example “complete cunt sand nigger whore” The employee kept cool and collected as she unloaded an 8 minute long rant. He worked toward politely replacing her order when most people would have grabbed a broom and beaten her out the door. Throughout the video, Taylor Chapman threatens that her video will be posted on Facebook. Obviously that decision didn't work out well for her since her Facebook and Instagram accounts have now been deleted and the entire Internet is ready to burn her at the stake for her dehumanizing and racial remarks. Oh, and we might also mention that Taylor Chapman is a spokesmodel for Internet ad agency UPDATE: They have now taken her picture down due to a tsunami of unfavorable comments. By the time the youTube video got to about 1200 views, Taylor Chapman got fired. "She does not work here any more." It also looks like she has been kicked off FaceBook, but the video on youTube will be there for some time yet. She won't be able to live THAT down anytime soon. One thing is pretty much for certain, though. These employees deserve an accolade for putting up with this foulmouthed b****. Abid Adar Carl (from Austin/San Antonio Tx). started an Education Fund for Abid Adar, and it is at this time close to $10,000 ... -and-nithi Tech Support Pits From: Ana Re: Online Calendar Dear Webby I found out the hard way, that even though initially convenient, using a Smartphone as a calendar is very stupid. When the phone gets stolen or lost, your calendar is vapor, like the farts of yesteryear. You mentioned an on-line calendar at one time, or probably more than one time, but at the time I still relied on my stupid phone, and was too snooty to take your advice serilously enough to bookmark it. Can you please tell me again? Ana Dear Ana I use Even if your computer gets stolen or breaks down, your calendar is up on the cloud, and you can access it with any computer from anywhere, as long as you can get onto the net. You just have to remember your email address and a password. You can set events to email you and/or text your phone a month before, and/or a week before, and/or a couple of days before, and/or a day before, and/or the same day. You set the time of day for it to remind you. It has colors and icons for fast at a glance overviews, and you can even print a month. I have used MyMemorizer for many years, and never had any problem whatsoever. If you just use the email notifications, it is free. For phone text messages, of course, you have to pay, but since they are very short, they are no big deal. Usually, though, email messages are plenty. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Keeping Track of Water Intake Finding time to always write down my water intake for the day was not easy for me. Now I use a row counter that's used for yarn projects. I just give it a quick click and don't even have to look as I go about my day. By Lorraine S. Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at

Two women were walking through the woods when a frog called out to them and said: "Help me, ladies! I am a stockbroker who, through an evil witch's curse, has been transformed into a frog. If one of you will kiss me, I'll be returned to my former state!" One woman took out her purse, grabbed the frog, and stuffed it inside her handbag. The other woman, aghast, screamed, "Didn't you hear him? If you kiss him, he'll turn into a stockbroker!" The second woman replied, "Sure, but these days a talking frog is worth a lot more than a stockbroker!"
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"Is this a bad idea? The folks at Sprint announced it is developing a TV cell phone. It will let you watch TV on your cell phone. They have the perfect name for it: 'Nine Dead in Interstate Pileup.'" ---Jay Leno
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"I see you were last employed by a psychiatrist," said the employer to the applicant. "Why did you leave?" "Well," she replied, "I just couldn't win. If I was late to work, I was hostile. If I was early, I had an anxiety complex. If I was on time, I was compulsive."
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Today, June 15, in
1215 King John of England put his seal on the Magna Carta.
1381 The English peasant revolt was crushed in London.
1389 Ottoman Turks crushed Serbia in the Battle of Kosovo.
1607 Colonists in North America completed James Fort in 
 Jamestown, VA.
1667 Jean-Baptiste Denys administered the first fully
 documented human blood transfusion. He successfully 
 transfused the blood of a sheep to a 15-year old boy.
1752 Benjamin Franklin experimented by flying a kite 
 during a thunderstorm. The result was a little spark 
 that showed the relationship between lightning and 
1775 George Washington was appointed head of the 
 Continental Army by the Second Continental Congress.
1844 Charles Goodyear was granted a patent for 
 the process that strengthens rubber.
1866 Prussia attacked Austria.
1898 The U.S. House of representatives approved the 
 annexation of Hawaii.
1909 Benjamin Shibe patented the cork center baseball.
1917 Great Britain pledged the release of all the 
 Irish captured during the Easter Rebellion of 1916.
1940 The French fortress of Verdun was captured by Germans.
1947 The All-Indian Congress accepted a British plan 
 for the partition of India.
1958 Greece severed military ties to Turkey because 
 of the Cypress issue.
1964 The last French troops got chased out of Algeria.
1978 King Hussein of Jordan married 26-year-old American 
 Lisa Halaby, who became Queen Noor.
1992 It was ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court that the 
 government could kidnap criminal suspects from foreign 
 countries for prosecution.
1999 South Korean naval forces sank a North Korean 
 torpedo boat during an exchange in the disputed Yellow Sea. 
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