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Good Morning,  !

Here, in blue, is what I had written for Saturday, June 22.
I got as far as telling Natalie on Skype, that I had my and
Ophelia's newsletters ready to sent to her via Skype.
That was around 4 am. Then they turned off dial-up.
@#$%^&*@#$%!!!! So, here is what I had written in the preface:
Today is Saturday, June 22.

DSL is still down, dial-up is almost down.
Not impressed!

And now the power is down.
Typo-ing by flashlight now, but not for long.
Power failures seem to be an invitation to catch up
on sleep.

I turned the big light on in the bedroom and the radio 
on full volume, and as soon as I was horizontal, I was of
course sound asleep. Woke up about 4 hours later to bright
light and noise and the blanket partially pulled over my

OK, back to work.
DSL Internet is STILL down! And from what I hear from friends
who can afford a Smartphone, the net is not accessible for 
them either. No point going into debt for one of those, if
they don't work.

To get yesterday's newsltters out, I had to send the text
and pictures via Skype to Natalie, my server tech director 
in Kharkiv, Ukraine, along with instructions on how to
send the newsletters. She uploaded them and sent them out.
It looks like I will have to do it that way again!

I hope you have a LOT MORE fun than I am having!

Dial-up is still turned off.
I can understand DSL being down, because they strung the
fiber-optic cable under the bridge. DUH! 
Yes, under the bridge, where it gets hit every year by stumps 
and logs and pieces of other bridges. They were not smart 
enough to hang it off the TV cable, that is strung up high
enough, that a sailboat could pass under it, not just the
skinnier inner-tubers. 
I have no idea why it takes them so long to patch in some 
new fiber-optic cable. Maybe the guy with the crimpers 
is on vacation? They still don't allow anybody near the 

I also have no idea, why they deliberately turned off dial-up.
Dial-up was still working via the old route, not across the
river, and the damage to THIS bridge is not related to it.
Without the net, we get no news, of course, and on TV they
apparently just have vague and general excuses.

People with smart-phones from other companies get occasional
service now and then. I guess they are handicapped by the
problems at Telus too. I asked Barb to try to send an email
to my dad and watched her painfully type it into the tiny
phone during one of the times, when she had connectivity.
Definitely not good enough for work. 
I would need something like an air-card that lets me connect
the computer and get some work done.
Nothing like that seems to be availabale here.

Well, before we get to the Humor Letter, that I had prepared 
for you, a warning from Dianne:

"HP's customer registration bank was hacked.
Sunday a.m. I woke up to find my printer had printed all the 
stats due to this machine. No, I did not ask it to.
Then Monday afternoon, an HP logo with update appeared on 
my desktop. I clicked on it....
What a mess... full of ma la ware and junk. Took two hours 
to clean out my computer.

Your wheels: Thanks to Cookie for this picture: On the way to mountains today to my son's home, passed this on I-5. It is on a very hot looking auto frame with a chrome decorated motor. Steering wheel is on the top of basket Cookie
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"I hope I don't sound like an old-fashioned stick-in-the-mud, but when I hear about people making vast fortunes without doing any productive work or contributing anything to society, my reaction is: 'How can I get in on that?'" --- Dave Barry
After telling the customs agent he had nothing in his bags but clothing, Mark was alarmed when the official decided to open them up and check. In the very first one she opened, cushioned between his socks was a bottle of cognac. "Nothing to declare but clothing, huh?" "Right," Mark extemporized. "That, madam, is my nightcap."
A new manager spends a week at his new office with the manager he is replacing. On the last day the departing manager tells him, "I have left three numbered envelopes in the desk drawer. Open an envelope if you encounter a crisis you can't solve." Three months down the track there is a major drama, everything goes wrong - the usual stuff - and the manager feels very threatened by it all. He remembers the parting words of his predecessor and opens the first envelope. The message inside says "Blame your predecessor!" He does this and gets off the hook. About half a year later, the company is experiencing a dip in sales, combined with serious product problems. The manager quickly opens the second envelope. The message read, "Reorganize!" This he does, and the company quickly rebounds. Three months later, at his next crisis, he opens the third envelope. The message inside says "Prepare three envelopes".
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A man goes into a pet shop to buy a parrot. The shop owner points to three identical looking parrots on a perch and says, "the parrot on the left costs 500 dollars". "Why does the parrot cost so much," asks the man. The shop owner says, "well, the parrot knows how to use a computer". The man then asks about the next parrot to be told that this one costs 1,000 dollars because it can do everything the other parrot can do plus it knows how to use the UNIX operating system. Naturally, the increasingly startled man asks about the third parrot to be told that it costs 2,000 dollars. Needless to say this begs the question, "What can it do?" To which the shop owner replies, "to be honest I have never seen it do a thing, but the other two refer to him as 'boss'!"
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Dylan Aufdengarten, 27 and Jennifer Harmon, 29 in North Platte, NE Jail Escape Cut Short After Annoying Girlfriend Getaway Driver Reported by The Weekly Vice Dylan Aufdengarten, a 27-year-old escapee from the Lincoln County Detention Center, was promptly returned to jail after his girlfriend getaway driver kicked him out of her car following an argument. According to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Aufdengarten was working at the North Platte Animal Shelter as part of a work program when he slipped away and got into a vehicle that was driven by his girlfriend, 29-year-old Jennifer Harmon. Investigators say the shelter staff was left short handed when someone called in a bogus report that a vicious dog was on the loose. Staff notified the Sheriff's Office of Aufdengarten's escape a short time after he fled the premises. A manhunt was launched which involved the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, North Platte Police and the Nebraska State Patrol. During the search investigators spoke with Harmon, who admitted to being the getaway driver during Aufdengarten's escape. She also stated that she booted Aufdengarten out of her car five minutes after picking him up because he wouldn't stop arguing with her. Harmon directed authorities to the location where she dropped Aufdengarten off. Aufdengarted was located and returned to custody a short time later. Aufdengarted was booked into jail on a new felony charge of Escape From Custody. He was just 30 days from the completion of his sentence when he was booked into jail on the fresh charge. Jennifer Harmon was booked into jail on a felony charge of Aiding and Abetting Escape. Tech Support Pits From: Walter Re: Mystery voice ads Hi Dear Webby, I guess as an introduction it is superfluous to say how great your letter is.WE ALL KNOW IT IS! My question is about intermittent vocal ads that I hear on my lap-top. There is no video to be seen. The only way I know how to stop is , is to select mute on the audio icon. Have you a better suggestion? Be well, live long, and prosper. Walter Dear Walter "prosper" ? I would love to try that some day! Your voice ads are probably an enslavement. Somebody clicked AGREE without reading the small print and got the machine enslaved and willing to pester you with those voice ads. Try Spybot-Search&Destroy from my tools page at It MIGHT point out the culprit, but since somebody hit AGREE, it can't really do much. Have a look in the Browser TOOLS, ADD-ONS and see if there is something new or unknown. If there is, dump it. Also have a look in Control Panel, Programs and look for weird stuff. Keep in mind, it might be using a name, that is close to something legitimate. I can't search the net right now, because the Internet is down in this region. However, if your net is up, try searching for VOICE ADS, SOUND ADS etc. Quite likely other people got enslaved too. Keep in mind that the name of the ad delivery program is usually not related to whatever program you "bought" with the enslavement. Also look for new tool bars and links to weather or stock services. Have FUN! DearWebby
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An applicant was being interviewed for admission to a pro- minent medical school. "Tell me," inquired the interviewer, "where do you expect to be five years from now?" "Well, let's see," replied the student. "It's Wednesday afternoon. I guess I'll be on the golf course by now."
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"I bet you think twice before you leave your wife alone at night," chided one man to the other. "I'll say." replied the second. "First, I have to think up a reason for going out. Second, I have to think up why she can't go with me."
Atomospheric Composition

Today, June 22, in
1611 English explorer Henry Hudson, his son and several 
 other people were set adrift in present-day Hudson Bay 
 by mutineers.
1772 Slavery was outlawed in England.
1807 British seamen board the USS Chesapeake, a provocation 
 leading to the War of 1812.
1815 Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated a second time.
1832 J.I. Howe patented the pin machine.
1909 The first transcontinental auto race ended in 
 Seattle, WA.
1911 King George V of England was crowned.
1915 Austro-German forces occupied Lemberg on the 
 Eastern Front as the Russians retreat.
1925 France and Spain agreed to join forces against 
 Abd el Krim in Morocco.
1933 Germany became a one political party country when 
 Hitler banned parties other than the Nazis.
1940 France and Germany signed an armistice at Compiegne, 
 on terms dictated by the Nazis.
1941 Under the codename Barbarossa, Germany invaded the 
 Soviet Union.
1942 A Japanese submarine shelled Fort Stevens at the 
 mouth of the Columbia River.
1944 U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the 
 "GI Bill of Rights" to provide broad benefits for 
 veterans of the war.
1945 During World War II, the battle for Okinawa 
 officially ended after 81 days.
1946 Jet airplanes were used to transport mail for 
 the first time.
1956 The battle for Algiers began as three buildings 
 in Casbah were blown up.
1970 U.S. President Richard Nixon signed 26th amendment, 
 lowering the voting age to 18.
1973 Skylab astronauts splashed down safely in the 
 Pacific after a record 28 days in space.
1980 The Soviet Union announced a partial withdrawal of 
 its forces from Afghanistan.
1992 The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that 
 hate-crime laws that ban cross-burning and similar 
 expressions of racial bias violated free-speech rights.
1998 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that evidence illegally 
 obtained by authorities could be used at revocation 
 hearings for a convicted criminal's parole.
1999 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that persons with 
 remediable handicaps cannot claim discrimination in 
 employment under the Americans with Disability Act.
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