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I'm worried that the universe will soon need replacing. It's not holding a charge. --- Edward Chilton All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. --- James Thurber
There was a university in New England where the students operated a "bank" of term papers and other homework assignments. There were papers to suit all needs. Since it would look odd if an undistinguished student suddenly handed in a brilliant essay, there were papers for an A grade, B grade, and C grade. One student, who had spent the weekend on more "extra-curricular pursuits," went to the bank, and as his course was a standard one he took out a paper for a inconspicuous C. He then retyped it and handed the work in. In due course he received it back with the professor's comments. "I wrote this paper myself twenty years ago. I always thought it was worth an A, and now I'm pleased to give it one!"
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It was the first camping experience for Jed. As soon as he had pitched his tent, he went for a hike in the woods. In about fifteen minutes he rushed back into camp, bleeding and disheveled. "What happened?" asked a fellow camper. "I was chased by a black snake!" cried the frightened Jed. The other campers laughed and retorted, "Those black snakes aren't deadly." "Listen," groaned Jed, "If he can make you jump off a hundred-fifty-foot cliff, he is!!!!"
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Andre Bowman, 30, from Kansas City Missouri Dopey accident victim attempts to kidnap baby of couple that stopped to help him Reported by Sailor Andre Bowman, 30, from Kansas City Missouri was high on PCP when he fell out of a moving car. He then got run over by the vehicle behind him who did not realize that the man just fallen to the ground. Apparently the driver of the vehicle, that ran over Bowman, was under the influence of something strong, and did not notice he had driven over a body. The accident happened around 2 p.m. on Saturday near I-70 & Blue Ridge Cutoff. Some other passing drivers stopped to help Bowman, since his intoxication made it appear as if he was seriously hurt. One couple, Sarah Morris and Matthew Nicotra, who stopped to Bowman help him, had their two babies in the backseat of their car. All of a sudden the "injured" man jumped up and ran to the couple’s car and he tried to kidnap their 2-month-old-baby girl who was inside her car seat. “He was trying to grab her out of the back seat, I got out, grabbed him, told him to let go of my daughter and he wouldn’t let go,” said the baby’s father Matthew Nicotra. “The parents kept yelling at him and pulling the car seat so he couldn’t take the baby, that’s when other drivers stepped in to help.” said one onlooker. Friends of Bowman however say that he is a victim himself. The man was left heartbroken after his 18-month-old daughter Ada, was killed last month by her mother’s boyfriend. The boyfriend, 24-year -old Bryant L. Sykes Jr., admitted to throwing the girl up against the wall. The mother and her boyfriend are facing charges in the death of the young girl. His friend believes that he was not trying to hurt the baby. She believes that the little white girl in the car reminded him of his daughter and he snapped. Bowman is trying to get custody of his other two children Angelicia, 2, and Amileo, 3, but this incident might end his chances of getting custody of his kids. Being so stoned, that he fell out of a car, is not a sign of a good father. As of now, Bowman is in the hospital pending charges of attempted child abduction. Tech Support Pits From: Erika Re: Laptop and air travel Dear Webby, Considering the new restrictions, what do you recommend re laptops, especially if they have to go into the checked luggage? Erika Dear Erika In most places they allow laptops onto the planes again. However, if they don't, take out the hard drive and put it into your purse or wallet. You can even get padded drive wallets made for USB drives. Laptop drives are small enough that you can easily jam them into even a very tight camera case. All you need to take it out and put it back in is a small Phillips screwdriver. The type that looks like a short pencil and goes on a key ring is ideal, but a key, with the edges at the tip sharpened a bit, works fine too. However, if it looks like a screwdriver, put it into the checked luggage. TSA agents seem to be fascinated by screwdrivers and anything, that looks essential, and will confiscate it for sure. The rest of the laptop is replaceable. Don't get one of thoe fancy show-off Zero-Halliburton padded metal cases! Their locks are not TSA approved and your laptop may stay behind while you travel. A fancy case will just tempt somebody to rip it off. When you pack, keep in mind that when the baggage handlers slam the luggage onto the conveyor, they do it with the top down and wheels UP. Put the laptop somewhere in the middle, cushioned by clothes,not near the top of the case. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Use Flat Sheets Over Comforter With a king sized bed, washing bedding is a major task - and washing blankets and comforters sometimes necessitates a trip to a laundromat to use the high capacity machines. Having two cats sleeping (and shedding) on the bed does not make this any easier. I have a duvet cover for my comforter, but even that takes up an entire load on its own, and in the summer we don't use the comforter at all. I simplified my life, and reduced my laundry expenses, by buying a few flat sheets that coordinate with my bedding and decor. When I make the bed, I spread the flat sheet across the top of the bed (I usually turn it sideways so it hangs nicely - but each sheet varies a bit in dimensions). When I change my sheets, I just grab this sheet also - throw them all in the wash together - and then I have a hair free bed topper and less bulk in my laundry. By Regina from Rochester, NY Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at
A guy takes his greenhorn wife hunting on a ranch. When they reach their deer blinds, the guy says, "If you shoot a deer, be sure not to let somebody else say he's the one who shot it. Otherwise, he'll take the deer from you. The deer belongs to whoever shoots it." The guy goes to his own blind. Ten minutes later, he hears his wife shooting from her blind nearby. He rushes over and finds her pointing her rifle at a cowboy who's hollering, "Awright, lady, awright - you can have your freaking deer! Just lemme get my saddle off it!"
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A guy is walking down the street with his friend. He says to his friend, "I'm a walking economy." His friend replies, "How's that?" "It's like this -- my hair line is in recession, my stomach is a victim of inflation, and the combination of these factors is putting me into a depression."
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Today, July 9, in
0118 Hadrian, Rome's new emperor, made his entry into the city.
0455 Avitus, the Roman military commander in Gaul, became 
 Emperor of the West.
1540 England's King Henry VIII had his 6-month-old marriage 
 to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, annulled.
1609 In a letter to the crown, the emperor Rudolf II granted 
 Bohemia freedom of worship.
1790 The Swedish navy captured one third of the Russian fleet 
 at the naval battle of Svensksund in the Baltic Sea.
1808 The leather-splitting machine was patented by Samuel Parker.
1816 Argentina declared independence from Spain.
1872 The doughnut cutter was patented by John F. Blondel.
1877 Alexander Graham Bell, Gardiner Greene Hubbard, Thomas 
 Sanders and Thomas Watson formed the Bell Telephone Company.
1878 The corncob pipe was patented by Henry Tibbe.
1943 American and British forces made an amphibious landing on Sicily.
1947 The engagement of Britain's Princess Elizabeth to 
 Lt. Philip Mountbatten was announced.
1951 U.S. President Truman asked Congress to formally end 
 the state of war between the United States and Germany.
1971 The United States turned over complete responsibility of the 
 Demilitarized Zone to South Vietnamese units.
1997 Mike Tyson was banned from the boxing ring and fined 
 $3 million for biting the ear of opponent Evander Holyfield.
2005 Danny Way, a daredevil skateboarder, rolled down a 
 large ramp and jumped across the Great Wall of China.
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