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Tammy called up the airline ticket counter and asked, "How long are your flights from Los Angeles to Phoenix?" The counterman answered, "Just a minute." Tammy replied: "Wow, that's pretty fast!", thanked him and hung up.
>From Paul: My wife and I are inseparable. In fact, last week it took four Mounties and a police dog to pull us apart.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Jonathan Savas, 24, Deland, Floriduh Charged With Sitting On Baby's Head When Baby Refused To Go To Sleep Reported by The Weekly Vice Jonathan Savas, a 24-year-old Florida bonehead, has been jailed after he allegedly sat on his baby's head because the child wouldn't fall asleep. According to Deland Police, Savas showed up at a female friend's mobile home Thursday night with his 10-month-old child while looking for a place to stay. The baby, according to the arrest report, didn't have any clothing on when Savas arrived. Investigators say Savas then became angry when the baby refused to stop crying and fall asleep. In retaliation, Savas allegedly placed the baby on a couch and sat on his head while the child screamed out in pain. The female friend tried to intervene, however, Savas told her "It's my baby, I can do what I want." The female friend reportedly waited until Savas left her residence to report the abuse because she was afraid he would harm her. When officers caught up with Savas a couple of days later, he reportedly admitted to placing the child faced down on the couch and then placing his leg on top of the baby to force him to go to sleep. Officers also recovered a hypodermic needle, baggies and a pill container from Savas' backpack. He was booked into jail and charged with child abuse. His bond has been set at $50,000. Tech Support Pits From: - Re: - No Question No answer Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Natural Ant Deterrent My parents lived in Africa and had an infestation of army ants. A local boy gave my mother some brilliant advice; put ash in a ring around the house. The ants will be tricked into thinking there is a forest fire. My mother did this in a great panick to stop the ants swarming over me as a new baby and, like magic, the ants disappeared! I have an infestation in my kitchen at the moment so plan to put ash across the threshold where they are coming in and post a note if it does the trick on English black ants. By Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at
I just came across this old tech support story. Totally obsolete, but too good to just let it die. Keep in mind that this is from a very long time ago, when Windows came on a stack of floppy disks and when a Mac's standard way of dealing with a PC floppy was to destroy all data on it and format it. An unfailingly polite lady called to ask for help with a Windows installation that had gone terribly wrong. Customer: "I brought my Windows disks from work to install them on my home computer." Training stresses that we are "not the Software Police," so I let the little act of piracy slide. Tech Support: "Umm-hmm. What happened?" Customer: "As I put each disk in it turns out they weren't initialized." Tech Support: "Oh Oh! Do you remember the message exactly, ma'am?" Customer: (proudly) "I wrote it down. 'This is not a Macintosh disk. Would you like to initialize it?'" Tech Support: "Er, what happened next?" Customer: "After they were initialized, all the disks appeared to be blank. And now I brought them back to work, and I can't read them in the A: drive; the PC wants to format them. And this is our only set of Windows disks for the whole office. Did I do something wrong?"
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After buying her kids a pet hamster, after they PROMISED they would take care of it, Mom, as usual, ended up with the responsibility. One evening, exasperated, she asked them, "How many times do you think that hamster would have died if I hadn't looked after it?" After a moment, her 5-year-old son replied quizzically, "Er.... Once?"
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Today, July 24, in
1847 Mormon leader Brigham Young and his followers arrived 
in the valley of the Great Salt Lake in present-day Utah.

1847 Richard M. Hoe patented the rotary-type printing press.

1923 The Treaty of Lausanne, which settled the boundaries of 
 modern Turkey, was concluded in Switzerland.

1929 U.S. President Hoover proclaimed the Kellogg-Briand Pact, 
 which renounced war as an instrument of foreign policy.

1948 Soviet occupation forces in Germany blockaded West 
 Berlin. The U.S.-British airlift began the following day.

1969 The Apollo 11 astronauts splashed down safely in the 
 Pacific Ocean.

1974 The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President 
 Nixon had to turn over subpoenaed White House tape recordings 
 to the Watergate special prosecutor.

1985 Walt Disney released their 25th full-length cartoon. 
 The work was "The Black Cauldron."

1987 Hulda Crooks, at 91 years of age, climbed Mt. Fuji. Hulda 
 became the oldest person to climb Japanís highest peak. 

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