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Good Morning,  !
Today is Monday, July 29.

The first few of the Saskatoon berries are ripe.

Due to the end of the Gullible Warming, they are a late,
but they taste exactly the same.

The raspberries are late too, but the first few were delicious!
You see some that are almost ripe.

The enthusiastic plant on the right is Lovage or Maggi, 
a very nice spice. The seeds of it have a quite different 
flavor from the dried leaves. It is time to cut them and
dry them. If you are not familiar witrh that spice, it is
the secret why Gramma's meatloaf tasted better.

The brown pipe holds the hay-wire, that keeps the plants
from leaning out too far.
The galvanized 6" pipe with mosquito netting on top is the 
exhaust from the fridge. In summer I don't want it to heat 
up the kitchen, so I exhaust it to the outside. 
The air intake is down behind the raspberries.

Have FUN!

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Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble. --- Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784) There are three ways to get something done: do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it.
A two-year-old daughter was with her mother while her older sister was being examined by a dentist. The two-year-old kept herself busy playing with toys in the waiting room until she noticed that her mom was resting, with her eyes closed. With about six other patients waiting, the child toddled up to her mother, looked her straight in the face and shook her. "Mommy," she yelled, "wake up! This is not church!"
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If you want to do something special and really crazy, go to the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship! This year it is on Aug 24, so you still have plenty of time to get to Savonlinna, Finland. You can sign up at Here There is a registration fee to minimize frivolous sign-ups by people, who won't attend. Last year a new world record wast thrown by Ere Karjalainen, Finland. New WR is amazing 101,46 m (331.4 feets)! Second was Jeremy Gallop from South Africa, 94,67 m (308.4 f). 2011 Champion Oskari Heinonen came third with 86,94 m (286.2f). Winner in women's category came also from Finland, Jonna Mattero threw 42,47 m (137.8 feet). Even if you don't quite win, just watching competitors from all over the world, should be a hoot!
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Angelina Davis, 18, Oklahoma City, OK Jailed for Strangling Own Father To Death Over Drug Money Reported by The Weekly Vice Angelina Davis, an 18-year-old Oklahoma dope addict and prostitute, was jailed Thursday after she allegedly strangled her father to death when he failed to give her money for drugs. According to police, an investigation was launched back in March after two neighbors found 77-year-old Jay Davis dead inside his tiny, dilapidated house in Oklahoma City. Investigators say the man was found with a cord wrapped around his neck and may have been dead for several days before he was found by concerned neighbors. Officers began a search for the man's daughter, Angelina Davis after obtaining evidence and witness statements that made her the likely suspect in the case. According to the arrest report, Davis reportedly harassed her father for money on a regular basis, beat him, and told friends that she was going to kill her father if he didn't give her money for drugs. Davis also reportedly told a friend the place inside the house where her father died, even though she was not at the scene when police found the body and information about the man's death had not been shared with her. Davis, who is a drug addict and worked as a prostitute, was booked into jail on a charge of murder. Tech Support Pits From: Angie Re: FTP Dear Webby I have always used browser FTP to up and download files, but with my new web host I can't do that any more. I was told to get a proper, grown-up FTP program. Snobs! I looked around and there are hundreds of them availale. Which one would you recommend, preferably one that is not too expensive? Angie Dear Angie Best is FileZilla You can get it free. Yes, totally free! Not even sleazy ads on the download page. FileZilla is just as powerful as the $100 + programs, but in my opinion more user friendly and considerably faster. If your web host insists on SFTP (SECURE FTP), that is absolutely no problem with FileZilla. Filezilla lets you change file permissions on the server, even for whole directory branches at a time. Another nice feature is the ability to transfer a dozen files simultaneously. As you can probably imagine, that really speeds up getting work done! You can even have multiple instances of it open, if you are working on more than one domain. I use FileZilla every day, and like it! Have FUN! DearWebby
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Style and fashion intrude into all walks of our lives. Two fellows who had been rivals all their lives followed different career paths. One eventually became an Admiral in the Navy, the other went into the Catholic Church and became a Bishop. As fate would have it, they happened to meet at the Airport. The Bishop spied the Admiral first and said loudly, "Oh Porter, from what gate is the flight to Dallas leaving?" The Admiral approached, bowed, and said "Gate 7 Madame, but should you be traveling in your condition ?"
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A chief and an admiral were sitting in the barber shop. They were both just getting finished with their shaves--the barbers were reaching for some aftershave to slap on their faces. The admiral shouted, "Hey, don't put that stuff on me! My wife will think I've been in a house of ill repute!" The chief turned to his barber and said, "Go ahead and put it on. MY wife doesn't know what the inside of a house of ill repute smells like."

City of Dragons

Today, July 29, in

1588 The English defeated the Spanish Armada in the Battle
 of Gravelines.
1754 The first international boxing match was held. The 
 25-minute match was won when Jack Slack of Britain knocked 
 out Jean Petit from France.
1874 Major Walter Copton Winfield of England received 
 U.S. patent for the lawn-tennis court.
1914 The first transcontinental telephone service was 
 inaugurated when two people held a conversation between 
 New York, NY and San Francisco, CA.
1940 John Sigmund of St. Louis, MO, completed a 292-mile 
 swim down the Mississippi River. The swim from St. Louis to 
 Caruthersville, MO took him 89 hours and 48 minutes.
1957 The International Atomic Energy Agency was established.
1958 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 
 was authorized by the U.S. Congress.
1968 Pope Paul VI reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's 
 stance against artificial methods of birth control.
1975 OAS (Organization of American States) members voted to 
 lift collective sanctions against Cuba. The U.S. government 
 welcomed the action and announced its intention to open serious
 discussions with Cuba on normalization.
1981 England's Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married.
1985 General Motors announced that Spring Hill, TN, would be 
 the home of the Saturn automobile assembly plant.
1993 The Israeli Supreme Court acquitted retired Ohio 
 autoworker John Demjanjuk of being Nazi death camp guard 
 "Ivan the Terrible." His death sentence was thrown out 
 and he was set free. Then the US deported him to Germany.
1997 Minamata Bay in Japan was declared free of mercury 
 40 years after contaminated food fish were blamed for 
 deaths and birth defects.
1998 The United Auto Workers union ended a 54-day strike 
 against General Motors. The strike caused $2.8 billion 
 in lost revenues.
2005 Astronomers announced that they had discovered 
 a new planet (Xena) larger than Pluto in orbit around 
 the sun.
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