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A cult is a religion with no political power. --- Tom Wolfe (1931 - )
Thanks to Irma for this story: One day, while driving with my 5 year old daughter Melanie, I beeped the horn by mistake. She turned and looked at me as if she was demanding an explanation. I said, "I did that by accident..." She replied, "I know that....'cause you didn't yell '@#$%&!' after beeping!"
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A woman was getting swamped with calls from strangers. The reason? A billing service had launched an 800 number that was identical to hers. When she called to complain, she was told to get a new number. "I've had mine for twenty years," she pleaded. "Couldn't you change yours?" The company refused, so she said, "Fine. From now on, I'm going to tell everyone who calls that their billing service had screwed up and not to worry about their bill." The company got a new number the next day.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Brian O'Neill, 25, St. Charles, Mo. Jailed After Repeatedly Zapping Wife With Stun Gun Because He Couldn't Find His Wallet Reported by The Weekly Vice Brian O'Neill, a 25-year-old Missouri man, was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly assaulted his wife with a stun gun because he couldn't his wallet. According to police, O'Neill and his wife were at a relatives home earlier this month when O'Neill suddenly realized that his wallet was missing. In retaliation, O'Neill allegedly grabbed a 3.8 million volt stun gun and applied a shock to his wife's neck. When the wife recovered and attempted to get away from O'Neill, he reportedly pinned her down and applied additional jolts to her legs and abdomen. When the woman finally recovered from the second attack, she attempted to flee to her car. That's when O'Neill chased her down and zapped her again with the stun gun before fleeing the scene. Police who arrived at the scene found O'Neill's wallet, which contained a metal pipe with burned marijuana residue inside. They also discovered that O'Neill was already on parole for a recent drug violation. He was booked into jail and charged with felony domestic assault, armed criminal action, property damage and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. The wife later told police that she does not sleep in the same bedroom as O'Neill because she is afraid that he will kill her while she is asleep. Tech Support Pits From: Allan Re: SMTP filtering Dear Webby, My ISP, Telus, is dumping too much of my outgoing mail with their mis-configured SMTP filters. How do I get around that? Writing to their support is useless, they apparently filter and dump their own responses too. Thanks Allan Dear Allan Telus DSL is OK for areas where you can't get cable, but I agree that their mail is definitely not reliable enough for business purposes. Luckily it's easy enough to get around them, or any ISP, by using a remote SMTP server. A very popular and easy to use remote SMTP is at Softstack It's easy to set up and it's free. Then there is If you want something fancier with more options, there is PostCastServer for $49. A fringe benefit of using a remote SMTP is that you never have to change it when you travel or move or change ISPs. Considering that only very few hotels nowadays allow you to use their SMTP, you are never stuck when you use a remote one like one of those. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Keep Frozen Water In Your Fridge Now the weather is turning cold, I leave clean plastic gallon jugs of drinking water outside overnight to freeze. One bottle gives me refreshing iced water in the morning, the others go in the fridge and freezer to fill space and keep cooling costs down. This is especially useful now the furnace is running more often. By Laura P. from Iowa Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at
Thanks to Dave for this story: As the manager of our hospital's softball team, I was responsible for returning equipment to the proper owners at the end of the season. When I walked into the surgery department carrying a bat that belonged to one of the surgeons, I passed several patients and their families in a waiting area. I heard one man say to his wife, "Look, honey, here comes your anesthesiologist."
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The pastor shocked the congregation when he announced that he was resigning from the church and moving to a drier climate. After the service, a very distraught lady came to the pastor with tears in her eyes, "Oh, Pastor Bob, we are going to miss you so much. We don't want you to leave!" The kindhearted pastor patted her hand and said "Now, now, Carolyn, don't carry on. The pastor who takes my place might be even better than me". "Yeah", she said, with a tone of disappointment in her voice, "That's what they said the last time too."

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Today, July 30, in
1502 Christopher Columbus landed at Guanaja in the Bay 
 Islands off the coast of Honduras during his fourth voyage.
1729 The city of Baltimore was founded in Maryland.
1733 The first Freemasons lodge opened in what would later 
 become the United States.
1898 "Scientific America" carried the first magazine 
 automobile ad. The ad was for the Winton Motor Car 
 Company of Cleveland, OH.
1945 The USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese 
 submarine. The ship had just delivered key components 
 of the Hiroshima atomic bomb to the Pacific island of 
 Tinian. Only 316 out of 1,196 men aboard survived the 
1956 The phrase "In God We Trust" was adopted as the 
 U.S. national motto.
1965 U.S. President Johnson signed into law Social 
 Security Act that established Medicare and Medicaid. 
 It went into effect the following year.
1987 Indian troops arrived in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, to 
 disarm the Tamil Tigers and enforce a peace pact.
1990 In Spring Hill, TN, the first Saturn automobile 
 rolled off the assembly line.
2000 Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married.
2001 Lance Armstrong became the first American to 
 win three consecutive Tours de France.
2003 In Mexico, the last 'old style' Volkswagon Beetle 
 rolled off an assembly line.
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