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I have ripe white figs here on the Gulf of Mexico

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Every journalist has a novel in him, which is an excellent place for it. --- Russel Lynes
A man goes to the doctor and tells him that he hasn't been feeling well. The doctor examines him, leaves the room and comes back with three different bottles of pills. The doctor says, "Take the green pill with a big glass of water when you get up. Take the blue pill with a big glass of water after lunch. Then just before going to bed, take the red pill with another big glass of water." Startled to be put on so much medicine the man stammers, "My goodness, doc, exactly what's my problem?" Doctor says, "You're not drinking enough water."
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It's forty below zero one August night in Southern Australia. Pat is drinking at his local saloon and the bartender says to him, "You owe me quite a bit on your tab." "Sorry," says Pat, "I'm flat broke this week." "That's okay," says the bartender. "I'll just write your name and the amount you owe me right here on the wall." And Pat pleads, "I don't want any of my friends to see that." "They won't," says the bartender. "I'll just hang your parka over it until it's paid."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Shana Suggs, McAlester, OK Jailed After Setting 5-Year-Old Girl On Fire During Lice Treatment Reported by The Weekly Vice Shana Suggs, a 25-year-old Oklahoma woman, has been jailed after she allegedly poured gasoline on her daughter's head to treat a head lice problem - and ended up setting the little girl on fire instead. According to police, Suggs was attempting to treat her 5-year-old daughter's head lice problem when she brought the little girl into a bathroom and began pouring gasoline over her head. Investigators say a nearby water heater ignited on the gasoline fumes, which set both Suggs and the little girl on fire. Sugg's boyfriend reportedly heard screams coming from the bathroom and used a jacket to smother out the flames - but not before the little girl was severely burned. Prosecutors say the child suffered second and third-degree burns to more than 60 percent of her body. Although the incident occurred in January, the girl continues to receive burn treatments at a Tulsa burn center and a Texas Shriner Hospital. After a long investigation, Suggs was booked into the Pittsburg County Jail and charged with child abuse by injury. Her case is expected to go to trial in January. She remains held in lieu of $25,000 bond. ------- Shana Suggs has a Facebook page, and could have easily looked up safe and effective lice remedies. Tech Support Pits From: Shirley Re: Copying from the net to a doc Dear Webby, My husband had a program on our computer that would let me copy and paste to it and then copy and paste to a word doc and then I could make any changes I wanted to and when my puter broke and went to the shop it came back without it and I don't remember the name and my husband has passed so I can't ask him. HELP I used it mainly to copy recipes and re-arrange and delete garbage from them. Shirley Dear Shirley Open a WORD doc and what you want to copy from side by side. Simply smear (select) what you want with your mouse hit CTRL C to copy ALT TAB back to the WORD doc CTRL V to paste ALT TAB back to the page, where you are copying from Smear (select ) the next batch hit CTRL C to copy ALT TAB back to the WORD doc CTRL V to paste ALT TAB back to the page, where you are copying from Smear (select ) the next batch and so on. Pictures you usually have to copy separately by right-clicking them, and selecting Copy Image Then you can paste it with CTRL V into a graphics program for resizing, and from there you can copy it for pasting into your WORD doc. Have FUN! DearWebby
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A farmer was driving along the road with a load of fertilizer. A little boy, playing in front of his house, saw him and called, "What've you got in your wagon?" "Manure," the farmer replied. "What are you going to do with it?" asked the little boy. "Put it on strawberries," answered the farmer. "You ought to live here," the little boy advised him. "We put sugar on ours."
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While working in the psychology department at Glen Oaks Community College in Centreville, MI, I was asked to enlarge a chart for a meeting. I called the copy room and asked, "Can I get something blown up down there?" After a pause the voice on the line replied, "I think you want the chemistry lab."

3D Lightening

Today, Aug 5, in
1833 The village of Chicago was incorporated. The population 
 was approximately 250.
1861 The U.S. federal government levied its first income tax. 
 The tax was 3% of all incomes over $800. The wartime measure 
 was rescinded in 1872.
1884 On Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor, the cornerstone 
 for the Statue of Liberty was laid.
1914 Electric traffic lights were installed in Cleveland, 
1944 Polish insurgents liberated a German labor camp in Warsaw. 
 348 Jewish prisoners were freed.
1953 During the Korean conflict prisoners were exchanged at 
 Panmunjom. The exchange was labeled Operation Big Switch.
1964 U.S. aircraft bombed North Vietnam after North Vietnamese 
 boats attacked U.S. destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.
1969 The Mariner 7, a U.S. space probe, passed by Mars. 
 Photographs and scientific data were sent back to Earth.
1981 The U.S. federal government started firing striking 
 air traffic controllers.
1986 It was revealed that artist Andrew Wyeth had secretly 
 created 240 drawings and paintings of his neighbor. The 
 works of Helga Testorf had been created over a 15-year period.
1989 In Honduras, five Central American presidents began 
 meeting to discuss the timetable for the dismantling of 
 the Nicaraguan Contra bases.
1990 U.S. President George H.W. Bush angrily denounced the 
 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
1991 Iraq admitted to misleading U.N. inspectors about 
 secret biological weapons.
1998 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein began not cooperating 
 with U.N. weapons inspectors.
1998 Marie Noe of Philadelphia, PA was arrested and charged 
 with first-degree murder, accused of smothering eight of 
 her children to death between 1949 and 1968. Noe later 
 received 20 years' probation.
2002 The U.S. closed its consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. 
 The consulate was closed after local authorities removed 
 large concrete blocks and reopened the road in front of 
 the building to normal traffic.
2011 NASA announced that its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 
 had captured photographic evidence of possible liquid 
 water on Mars during warm seasons.
2011 Juno was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force 
 Station on a mission to Jupiter. It was the first 
 solar-powered spacecraft to go to Jupiter. 
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