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Today is Monday, August 26.

The starting point for the "9-11 Ride to DC" has been set:
Harley-Davidson of Washington, DC

Harley-Davidson of Washington, DC is located in 
Fort Washington, Maryland -just outside of Washington, DC.
9407 Livingston Rd, 
Fort Washington, MD 20744

Easy enough to find on MapQuest.

The exact route from there will probably not be released
by the police until closer to Sept 11.

Due to the number of riders, to complete the run before 
nightfall, the parade run will be at highway speed, and 
will probably go past various points of interest.

The police, of course, is reluctant to nail down an exact 
route, until they have a firm number of patriots 

Have FUN!

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Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. --- Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001)
Panicking when her toddler swallowed a magnet; my sister, Betty, rushed him to the emergency room. "He'll be fine," the doctor promised her. "The magnet should pass through his system in a day or two." "How will I be sure?" she pressed. "Well," the doctor suggested, "you could stick him on the refrigerator. When he falls off, you'll know."
During the jury-selection process, the judge asked a prospective juror some questions. "Have you formed any opinion about the guilt or innocence of the man on trial, Mr. Ferguson?" "None whatsoever," Ferguson answered. "Are you opposed to capital punishment?" the judge asked. "Certainly not in this case."
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Delighted by the gift she had received, the lady spoke warmly to the boy, "At church tomorrow, I'll thank your mother for this lovely pie." "If you don't mind, Ma'am," the boy suggested nervously, "could you thank her for two pies?"
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Jessica Price, 29, Louisville, KY Jailed After Delivering Baby At Department Store, Tossing Child In Trash Bin Reported by the Weekly Vice Jessica Price, a 29-year-old Kentucky woman, was jailed last Wednesday after she allegedly delivered a healthy newborn baby inside a Kohl's Department store - then threw the child into a bathroom trash can before fleeing the scene. According to Louisville Metro Police, Price delivered a healthy full-term baby inside the women's restroom at the store before tossing the child into the trash bin. Store employees discovered the deceased child and called police. Investigators say the child was pronounced dead when emergency responders arrived at the scene. Evidence at the scene showed that the child's death was a deliberate act, according to the arrest affidavit. During a police interview, Price reportedly admitted to concealing her pregnancy before delivering the infant at the store and disposing of the child's body in a trash bin. She was booked into jail and charged with murder. Tech Support Pits From: Sarah Re: FTP Dear Webby, What do you use fro uploading files to he net? Is it really necessary, to buy an expensive file transfer program? Considering how sloppy Blogs are, it seems weird that uploading pages would require a $100 program. Sarah Dear Sarah You can use FileZilla. It handles regular and secure (SFTP) modes of file transfer, and is the most widely used FTP program. It is free, and updates are free too. You get it at You can have profiles set up for hundreds of different sites, and it remembers all the settings for each of them. Filezilla up and downloads multiple files at the same time and uses 100% of your connection. When uploading a big batch of pictures, that makes a huge difference! I have used FileZilla for a number of years, and i don't even remember the names of the expensive programs, that I used before FileZilla. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Microfiber to Clean Up Dog Hair Brooms don't do a very good job at picking up dog hair from the floor. I put a microfiber cloth around my broom bristles and secure it with a rubberband. TADA! It picks up the dog hair! By Ramona from Granby, MA Check out ThriftyFun's Blog
Each evening birdlover Tom stood in his backyard, hooting like an owl - and one night, an owl called back to him. For a year, the man and his feathered friend hooted back and forth. He even kept a log of the "conversation." Just as he thought he was on the verge of a breakthrough in interspecies communication, his wife had a chat with her next door neighbor. "My husband spends his nights ... calling out to owls," she said. "That's odd," the neighbor replied. "So does my husband." Then it dawned on them. They decided not to tell their husbands just yet.
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A golfer's drive lands on an anthill. Rather than move the ball, he decides to hit it where it lies. He gives a mighty swing. A cloud of dirt and sand and ants explodes from the end of his club, but the golf ball remains in the same spot. So he lines up and tries another shot. A cloud of dirt and sand and ants goes flying again. The golf ball doesn't even wiggle. Two ants survive. One dazed ant says to the other, "Whoa. What are we going to do?" Says the other ant: "I don't know about you, but I'm going to get on the ball."

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Today, Aug 25, in
55 B.C. Britain was invaded by Roman forces under Julius 
1498 Michelangelo was commissioned to make the "Pieta."
1847 Liberia was proclaimed as an independent republic.
1873 The school board of St. Louis, MO, authorized the 
 first U.S. public kindergarten.
1896 In the Philippines an insurrection began against 
 the Spanish government.
1934 Adolf Hitler demanded that France return the Saar 
 region to Germany.
1937 All Chinese shipping was blockaded by Japan.
1939 The first televised major league baseball games were 
 shown. The event was a double-header between the Cincinnati 
 Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers.
1945 The Japanese were given surrender instructions on the 
 U.S. battleship Missouri at the end of World War II.
1957 It was announced that an intercontinental ballistic 
 missile was successfully tested by the Soviet Union.
1957 The first Edsel made by the Ford Motor Company
1978 Sigmund Jahn blasted off aboard the Russian Soyuz 
 31 and became the first German in space.
1981 The U.S. claimed that North Korea fired an antiaircraft 
 missile at a U.S. Surveillance plane while it was over 
 South Korea.
1990 The 55 Americans at the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait left 
 Baghdad by car and headed for the Turkish border.
1991 Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev promised that 
 national elections would be held.
1992 A "no-fly zone" was imposed on the southern 1/3 of 
 Iraq. The move by the U.S., France and Britain was 
 aimed at protecting Iraqi Shiite Muslims.
1998 The U.S. government announced that they were 
 investigating Microsoft in an attempt to discover if 
 they "bullied" Intel into delaying new technology. 
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