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Today is Friday, November 29.
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

Thaks, Dr Bill!

Today's Internationsl Bonehead Award goes to a
Henry Earl for his 1500th jail time.
Details at International Bonehead Awards

Town names:
>From Norm
Climax, Sask.

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Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both. --- John Andrew Holmes
Tech support people like me spend our days on the phone with customers. Many like to chat while waiting for their computers to reboot. One man told me he'd been a long-haul truck driver. I'd love to drive a big rig," I said, "but I'd worry about falling asleep at the wheel." "Here's a tip to stay awake," he offered. "Put a $100 bill in your left hand and hold it out the window."

Deep in the woods of Tennessee on a country road, a speeder hit and killed a dog. The dog's owner stood nearby, a gun in his hand. The speeder looks at the owner sheepishly and says, "Looks as if I killed your dog." "Sure does." "I'm sorry. Was it a valuable dog?" "I wouldn't say that." "Well, suppose I gave you a hundred dollars. Would that be enough?" "Well, I don't know." "Two hundred dollars. That should do it." "Sounds good." The speeder reached into his pocket and came up with the money. Pressing it into the man's hand, he said, "I'm sorry I spoiled your plans to go hunting." "I wasn't going hunting. I was heading out to the woods to put that that mangy mutt out of his misery."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Henry Earl, Fayette County Jail, Kentucky Thanksgiving In Jail For World's Most Busted Man Kentuckian has been arrested more than 1500 times since '70 NOVEMBER 27--The World’s Most Arrested Man, a Kentuckian who has been busted more than 1500 times over the past four decades, will spend another Thanksgiving in jail, records show. Henry Earl, 64, is locked up in the Fayette County Detention Center--which one day should bear his name--following his arrest last month for public intoxication. Earl was collared outside a fast food joint by Lexington cops, according to jail records. Seen above in his most recent mug shot, Earl is due in court for a December 5 pretrial conference and a probation revocation hearing. Earl, whose arrests almost uniformly have involved alcohol, was first nabbed in Fayette County in July 1970, when he was 20, for carrying a concealed weapon. He would rack up 33 more arrests that decade, while adding 230 collars during the 1980s (most of which involved public drunkenness and/or disorderly conduct). Remarkably, Earl’s arrest rate increased in the following decades, in part because he rarely spent more than a couple of days in custody before being released (to offend again). Over the past year, however, Kentucky judges have been less lenient on Earl, who has begun spending two to three month stretches in custody per conviction. For the third time in the past five years, Earl will spend Thanksgiving behind bars (where he celebrated his 64th birthday on October 24). Earl, who has used the alias “James Brown,” has spent a total of nearly 6000 days in custody. ---------- Somebody should tell him that they now have showers outside of jail too, even in Kentucky. Tech Support Pits From: Belinda Re: Transferring files Dear Webby, There IS a bimbo proof alternative that you did not mention: Thumbdrives! They work even for blondes like me! They are like a USB drive without a cable, and plug directly into any USB port. Just plug it in, and the computer sees a new drive. Drag stuff onto it, unpug it, walk it over to the other computer, plug it in, and drag stuff off it. Sneaker-Net works! Belinda Dear Belinda You are absolutely right, and today's thumbdrives are unbelievably cheap. Some computer stores even give them away for free on special sale days. However, even if you have to pay for one, they are cheap. Don't go for a 64GB thumb drive. Just to haul files over to another computer an 8 GB drive will usually be more than enough. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Free "Kettlebell" for Exercise Instead of purchasing a kettlebell, use a large empty plastic laundry bottle filled with water. Tighten the cap before each use to be sure it is on tight. By Denise G. In case you wonder what a "kettlebell" is, it is a currently fashionable substitute for hand held dumbbells. Kettlebells are just dumbbells in the shape of old-fashioned tea kettles. The major difference is that unlike dumbbells, they are not yet available, unused, at garage sales, but have to be purchased at premium prices at fitness paraphenalia stores. THAT makes them fashionable. You can get exactly the same exercise from an ordinary closthes iron. They usually cost a dollar at garage sales, and are usually unused wedding gifts. They even have a handy cord attached, that you can attach to a light fixture or rafter in your exercise room, so that it won't fall on your freshly painted toe nails, when you drop it the moment your cell phone rings. You can of course use the same trick with Denise's laundry bottle. The claimed difference with kettlebells over dumbbells is that they are as unbalanced as a clothes iron or laundry bottle and use some muscles, that a dumbbell does not use. I am going to dig out my iron. I might even try to iron a shirt or two. At the speed of my luck, I will probably get the hang of that faster than finding a lady, who knows how to iron a shirt. I think those are about as extinct as unicorns. Have FUN! DearWebby Check out ThriftyFun's Blog
Father teaching his daughter to drive: "Stop on red, go on green, and take it easy when I turn purple."
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Thanks to Ann for this story: An observant woman died one day, and found herself waiting in the long line for judgment. As she stood there, she noticed that some souls were allowed to march right through the pearly gates into heaven. Others, though, were led over to Satan, who threw them into the burning pit. But every so often, instead of hurling a poor soul into the fire, Satan would toss a soul into a small pile off to one side. After watching Satan do this several times, the woman's curiosity got the best of her. So she strolled over to find out what the devil he was doing. "Excuse me, Prince of Darkness," she said. "I'm waiting my turn for judgment, but I couldn't help wondering, why are you tossing those people aside instead of flinging them into the fires of hell with the others?" Ah, those..." Satan said with a groan. "They're all from Seattle and from Vancouver, they're too wet to burn! I'll have to wring them out first."

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Today, Nov 29, in
1864 The Sand Creek Massacre occurred in Colorado when a 
 militia led by Colonel John Chivington, killed at least 
 400 peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians who had 
 surrendered and had been given permission to camp.
1929 The first airplane flight over the South Pole was made 
 by U.S. Navy Lt. Comdr. Richard E. Byrd.
1939 The USSR broke off diplomatic relations with Finland 
s prior to a Soviet attack.
1945 The monarchy was abolished in Yugoslavia and a republic 
1947 The U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution that called 
 for the division of Palestine between Arabs and Jews.
1961 The Mercury-Atlas 5 spacecraft was launched by the U.S. 
 with Enos the chimp on board. The craft orbited the earth twice 
 before landing off Puerto Rico.
1963 A Trans-Canada Airlines DC-8F with 111 passengers and 
 7 crew members crashed in woods north of Montreal 4 minutes 
 after takeoff from Dorval Airport. All aboard were killed. 
 The crash was the worst in Canada's history.
1974 In Britain, a bill that outlawed the Irish Republican 
 Army became effective.
1975 Bill Gates adopted the name Microsoft for the company 
 he and Paul Allen had formed to write the BASIC computer 
 language for the Altair.
1981 Actress Natalie Wood drowned in a boating accident off 
 Santa Catalina Island, CA, at the age 43.
1982 The U.N. General Assembly voted that the Soviet Union 
 should withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.
1987 A Korean jetliner disappeared off Burma, with 115 
 people aboard.
1987 Cuban detainees released 26 hostages they'd been holding 
 for more than a week at the Federal Detention Center in Oakdale, LA.
1988 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the rights of criminal 
 defendants are not violated when police unintentionally fail to 
 preserve potentially vital evidence.
1989 In Czechoslovakia, the Communist-run parliament ended the 
 party's 40-year monopoly on power.
1990 The U.N. Security Council voted to authorize military action 
 if Iraq did not withdraw its troops from Kuwait and release all 
 foreign hostages by January 15, 1991.
1991 17 people were killed in a 164-vehicle wreck during a dust 
 storm near Coalinga, CA, on Interstate 5.
1994 Fighter jets attacked the capital of Chechnya and its 
 airport only hours after Russian President Boris Yeltsin 
 demanded the breakaway republic end its civil war.
1996 A U.N. court sentenced Bosnian Serb army soldier Drazen 
 Erdemovic to 10 years in prison for his role in the massacre 
 of 1,200 Muslims. 
1998 Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected legalizing heroin 
 and other narcotics.

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