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Today is Tuesday, December 3.

Thank you, Lou! is for sale. The sale of this domain name includes a quarter year hosting, and a basic site design. You have to gather the pictures yourself, though, and put some text together. The text can be in email or word processor or text file, or HTML, if you are already familiar with it. Once you have your own site, you can, of course edit and expand at any time. I will just make a headstart desgn for you, if you want that.
Today's Internationsl Bonehead Award goes to a bonehead, who erroneously believed he could get away from a herd of armed cops. Details at International Bonehead Awards
>From Lillemor Please note warning recently issued by the FBI:
WARNING: After a recent wave of identify thefts, the FBI estimates there are over 500 fake Obamacare websites set up for the sole purpose of stealing your personal information. Protect yourself and remember: the real one is the only one that does not work.

The blizzard is still howling, second night in a row. Visibility is excellent, above the clouds, but only about a hundred feet down here. There is just enough snow, so that you can't tell the difference between road and sidewalk and lawn, unless you try to do a donut. Sure makes it easy to turn around if you slide too far! There is very little traffic and everybody is driving nice and slow, except for doing a donut now and then, when we figure nobody can see us. Typical with blizzards from the North, my front stoop has a foot high drift of snow, the steps are clear and so is the concrete going to the garage door. Five feet out from the garage door, there is the familiar big drift, pretending to be a dune. Wind is supposed to slow down on Wednesday, but they say it is going to get colder than -25. Have FUN! DearWebby
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The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has. --- Will Rogers (1879 - 1935) Every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down. --- Hector Berlioz yeah, happens to writers too.
At the candy store Judi had about 20 bags of candy. A smart-alek behind her in line told her: "You should push the air out of them. The candies might cost less if they don't have the weight of the air in them." So for a few minutes she let the air out of the bags. After she did that he told her it didn't really matter. It would have weighed the same. Judi was more confused than ever and said, "If having air in the bag doesn't weigh any more, then why does it make the bags look so fat?"

It was young Anthony's first ride in a railway train, and the succession of wonders reduced him to a state of hysterical astonishment. The train rounded a slight bend and, with a shriek of its whistle, plunged into a tunnel. There were gasps of surprise from the corner where Anthony was kneeling on his seat. Suddenly the train rushed into broad daylight again, and a small voice lifted in wonder. "Wow! It's tomorrow!" exclaimed the small boy.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Ronald Carr Murray Jr., 52, in Titusville, Floriduh Crook flees for extra jail time A Brevard County Sheriff’s Office deputy opened fire on a fleeing suspect Saturday night in the parking lot of one of Titusville’s best-known restaurants. The gunfire occurred about 9 p.m. at Dixie Crossroads on Garden Street. That’s when 52-year-old Titusville resident Ronald Carr Murray Jr. — who was wanted on a warrant for criminal mischief — resisted arrest and jumped into a vehicle, said Deputy Maria Fernez, BCSO spokeswoman. Murray’s vehicle dragged a deputy several feet across the parking lot, Fernez said. The deputy opened fire at the vehicle. The bullets did not hit anybody, but did hit the vehicle, she said. A vehicle chase ensued, with Titusville police joining in the fun. Murray was arrested when he returned to his home on Talmadge Drive, a short residential street west of Whispering Hills Golf Estates. Murray was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, fleeing and eluding, and resisting arrest with violence. His bond was set at $200,000 Sunday. His warrant stemmed from a September arrest, when Titusville police charged him with criminal mischief valued at $200 or less, clerk of courts records show. The warrant was issued in October after he failed to attend a court arraignment. Fernez did not identify the deputy who opened fire, nor did she disclose how many shots were fired. Tech Support Pits From: Chris Re: Fancy email link Dear Webby, I have a question about email and html. I know how to make a link in html for people to click on to bring up an email to send to you, but is there a way to also automatically add the subject? So in my webpage I would have the link so when they click on it it opens their email program and automatically puts in my email address in the To field, but I would like to know if there is a way to make the subject field fill in automatically as well. I checked around in the html tutorial that you have a link to (which proved to be very useful in building the rest of my webpage) but I did not see anything about adding the subject to emails. So if that is even possible, how would I do it? Thanks, Chris Dear Chris That is no problem at all! &subject=Report%20For%20This%20week &body=Been%20 good%20again.%0D%0AReally! Paste those 3 lines together into one, unbroken line, without any empty spaces in it. That fills out the main addresses and a BCC address and the subject and the body. That's all there is to it. Since the desktop is basically just an HTML page, you can even make a shortcut and paste that into the run line. If you put a group address into the BCC, that makes it really easy to send a letter to a team or entire address book category. For real fun, prepare a shortcut like that, on your secretary's or your spouse's machine, with her confiding her undying love and wicked lust for the fax machine (or somebody), and change the icon of the shortcut to the same as the one used for the word processor. Every time they hit that icon, an email opens, already written and ready to hit send. Get ready for some very loud noise when she or he catches on! You can make the body text as long as you want, just don't leave any empty spaces. Instead of spaces use %20. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Shopping for Christmas For my Christmas shopping this year, I make sure I wear comfortable walking shoes, and put on my iPod with peppy music. Shopping malls know you will take your time if you hear Christmas music, and will walk slowly, visiting more stores. I put on rock music or dance music. This way I walk faster, do my cardio (almost), and complete my shopping in record time. Happy holidays to all! By Bob from Montreal, Canada Check out ThriftyFun's Blog
This is a Classic, that I featured about seven years ago. Time to run it again: I got a letter from Grandma the other day. She writes: The other day I went up to a local Christian bookstore and saw a "honk if you love Jesus" bumper sticker. I was feeling particularly sassy that day because I had just come from a thrilling choir performance, followed by a thunderous prayer meeting, so I bought the sticker and put it on my bumper. I was stopped at a red light at a busy intersection, just lost in thought about the Lord and how good He is and I didn't notice that the light had changed. It is a good thing someone else loves Jesus because if he hadn't honked, I'd never have noticed! I found that LOTS of people love Jesus! Why, while I was sitting there, the guy behind started honking like crazy, and then he leaned out of his window and screamed, "For the love of GOD! GO! GO! Jesus Christ, GO!" What an exuberant cheerleader he was for Jesus! Everyone started honking! I just leaned out of my window and started waving and smiling at all these loving people. I even honked my horn a few times to share in the love! There must have been a man from Florida back there because I heard him yelling something about a "sunny beach". I saw another guy waving in a funny way with only his middle finger stuck up i! n the air. Then I asked my teenage grandson in the back seat ! what that meant, he said that it was probably a Hawaiian good luck sign or something. Well, I've never met anyone from Hawaii, so I leaned out the window and gave him the good luck sign back. My grandson burst out laughing. Even he was enjoying this religious experience! A couple of the people were so caught up in the joy of the moment that they got out of their cars and started walking towards me. I bet they wanted to pray or ask what church I attended, but this is when I noticed the light had changed. So, I waved to all my sisters and brothers grinning, and drove on through the intersection. In! oticed I was the only car that got through the intersection before the light changed again and I felt kind of sad that I had to leave them after all the love we had shared, so I slowed the car down, leaned out of the window and gave them all the Hawaiian good luck sign one last time as I drove away. Praise the Lord for such wonderful folks!
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A out-of-towner in New York at the height of the tourist season decided to revisit an uptown restaurant he'd enjoyed on a previous trip to the city. Finally catching the eye of an overworked waiter, he said, "You know, it's been over five years since I first came in here." "I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait your turn, sir," replied the waiter with typical New York charm. "I can only serve one damn table at a time."
A poor vagabond, traveling a country road in England, tired and hungry, came to a roadside Inn with a sign reading: "George and the Dragon." He knocked. The Innkeeper's wife stuck her head out a window. "Could ye spare some victuals?" he asked. The woman glanced at his shabby clothes and obviously poor condition. "No!" she said rather sternly. "Could I have a pint of ale?" "No!" she said again. "Could I at least sleep in your stable?" "No!" by this time she was fairly shouting. The vagabond said, "Might I please...?" "What now?" the woman interrupted impatiently. "D'ye suppose," he asked, "I might have a word with George?"

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Today, December 3, in
1910 The neon lamp was displayed for the first time at 
 the Paris Motor Show. The lamp was developed by French 
 physicist Georges Claude.
1917 The Quebec Bridge opened for traffic after almost 20 
 years of planning and construction. The bridge suffered 
 partial collapses in 1907 and 1916.
1931 Alka Seltzer was sold for the first time.
1947 The Tennessee Williams play "A Streetcar Named Desire" 
 opened at Broadway's Ethel Barrymore Theater.
1967 In Cape Town, South Africa, a team of surgeons headed 
 by Dr. Christian Barnard, performed the first human heart 
 transplant on Louis Washkansky. Washkansky lived 18 days.
1973 Pioneer 10 sent back the first close-up images of Jupiter. 
 The first outer-planetary probe had been launched from 
 Cape Canaveral, FL, on March 2, 1972.
1982 Doctors at the University of Utah Medical Center removed 
 the respirator of Barney Clark. The retired dentist had become 
 the world's first recipient of a  permanent artificial heart 
 only one day before.
1983 3-foot-high concrete barriers were installed at two 
 White House entrances.
1984 In Bhopal, India, more than 2,000 people were killed 
 after a cloud of poisonous gas escaped from a pesticide 
 plant. The plant was operated by an Indian Union Carbide 
1992 The UN Security Council unanimously approved a U.S.-led 
 military mission to help starving Somalians.
1992 The Greek tanker "Aegean Sea" ran aground at La Coruna, 
 Spain and spilled 21.5 million gallons of crude oil.
1993 Britain's Princess Diana announced she would be limiting 
 her public appearances because she was tired of the media's 
 intrusions into her life.
1993 Angola's government and its rebel enemies agreed to a 
 cease-fire in their 18-year war.
1994 Rebel Serbs in Bosnia failed to keep a pledge to release 
 hundreds of UN peacekeepers.
1997 In Ottawa, Canada, more than 120 countries signed a 
 treaty prohibiting the use and production of anti-personnel 
 land mines. The United States, China and Russia did not 
 sign the treaty.
1997 South Korea received $55 billion from the International 
 Monetary Fund to bailout its economy.
1999 Tori Murden became the first woman to row across the 
 Atlantic Ocean alone. It took her 81 days to reach the 
 French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe from the Canary Islands.
1999 The World Trade Organization (WTO) concluded a four-day 
 meeting in Seattle, WA, without setting an agenda for a new 
 round of trade talks. The meeting was met with fierce protests 
 by various groups, who didn't really know, what they were 
 protesting against, but they caused $2 Billion in damage.
1999 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 
 lost radio contact with the Mars Polar Lander as it entered 
 Mars' atmosphere. The spacecraft was unmanned. 

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