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Today is Sunday, December 15.

Thank you, Jen & John from New Hampshire!

Have you ever seen an eagle's nest with eggs in it?

There are a few in the Cape Coral, Fort Myers area right in 
town. I saw this nest when I helped Sandie prepare for 
Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. There was no camera on 
this particular nest in those days. They had a camera 
on a different nest.

The eagles flew away a day before the hurricane arrived,
probably to shelter in the thick mangrove forest at the 
coast, and came back a day after the hurricane had 
passed, and calmly restored their messy nest. Eagle's
nests don't look pretty or finished at the best of times.
Eagle nest cam in Ft Myers with info, for example
Currently On The Nest:
Harriet arrives at 6:06pm and Ozzie leaves

The nest is visible at night too, though just lit with an 
IR light. At night it looks like a Black & White camera,
but during the day it is in color. And you see the traffic
below the nest. It does not bother the eagles at all.

You see the eggs when the eagles change shifts, or when 
they turn around. When they get too warm, then they turn
with their tail against the wind, so that it ruffles the
feathers. When they get cold, they turn their head into 
the wind, so that it slicks their feathers down. When they
turn around or change shifts, you see the two eggs.

More details at

Have FUN!
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Today's International Bonehead Award goes to Florida Teacher gets 38 years for fixing a 12 year old boy's virginity Details at International Bonehead Awards
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We all have strength enough to endure the misfortunes of others. --- Francois de La Rochefoucauld (1613 - 1680) The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible. --- David M. Ogilvy
>From Donnie A golfer is cupping his hand to scoop water from a burn on the St Andrews course. A grounds keeper shouts: 'Dinnae drink tha waater! Et's foo ae coo's shite an pish!' The golfer replies: 'My Good fellow, I'm from England . Could you repeat that for me, in English!?' The keeper replies: 'I said, use two hands - you'll spill less that way!

>From Clyde I just got off the phone with friend in northern Minnesota. He said that since early this morning the snow has been falling heavily and it is nearly waist high. The temperature is dropping below zero and the north wind is increasing, and his wife has done nothing but look through the kitchen window. He says that if it gets much worse, he may have to let her in! -------- Those northern Minnesotans are suicidal!
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Scott Lamonico, Alaska Jail for downloading 17 magazine pictures Downloading Seventeen magazine photos of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Dakota Fanning could result in jail time for a probationer who spent time in federal prison for possessing child pornography. During a recent search of Scott Lamonico’s computer, probation officer Jennifer Hitchins discovered the photos of the three celebrities, along with other images of young women in “minimal clothing.” Federal investigators contend that the photos violated a probation term barring the 44-year-old Lamonico from possessing “child erotica.” In April 2006, Lamonico was sentenced to 63 months in prison (to be followed by three years probation) following his conviction in U.S. District Court in San Francisco on a felony possession of child pornography count. Now living in Alaska, Lamonico, pictured above, was freed from custody last November. He was arrested last Thursday on a warrant accusing him of violating the conditions of his supervised release. If found guilty of violating his probation, Lamonico could face two additional years in custody, though sentencing guidelines call for a prison term between three and nine months. ---------- Pictures of Miley Cyrus and her 'twerking' have been all over the news for some time. I always wondered what people found so special about the scrawny, underfed screecher. I had not realized, that she was underage. Personally, I would be more interested in pictures of her mother or grandmother in similar attire! Tech Support Pits From: Barb Re: Hot-key for ScreenSaver Dear Webby I want it! The hot-key for starting a screen saver, that you hinted at. Barb Dear Barb Gladly! Oh, too old? OK. Hot key is easy. Look for the location of your screen savers. Just search for *.scr files. Your favorite one should be there too. If Windows is acting snotty and not showing the SCR files, start the making of a desktop shortcut, browse to c:\Windows and select AJScreensaver.scr Right-click it and select Shortcut. Drag the shortcut onto the desktop. No, no, that's not all. Be patient! Now right-click that shortcut. In there you can set a hot-key. Pick a combo, that is easy to use without getting your fingers tangled up, and that is not in use yet. Surprisingly, ALT X is usually still free. After selecting a Hot-Key, OK out of there. Now, when you hit CTRL and ALT X, or whatever you picked, your screen saver will pop and hide what you have been doing. Keep in mind, due to an embarrassing brain fart in Windows, you need THREE keys for a hot-key. Yeah, I know, that is rather stooopid, and Bill Gates has publicly apologized for that, but so far there is no way around it. Until somebody writes a third party fix for that, you just have to use three keys to make hot-keys for shortcuts. Just type X into that slot, and Windows will add the CTRL + ALT part. Hit APPLY and OK, and your hotkey is done. Hit CTRL ALT X, and your clocks are up. If you use dual monitors, you can select a different screensaver for the second monitor. I use the Roman clock on the left monitor and the numeric ribbon clock on the right monitor. If you set it so that returning from the screen saver requires a password, then your kids can't snoop while you are off flirting at the postman. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Use Dresser Drawers as a Bookshelf I have purchased quite a few books over the years. I spent so much money on the books themselves that I didn't have enough leftover to buy shelving, and that's where I got the idea for this helpful little tip. I had stacks of books all over the house, and I finally decided that something had to be done, so I went on a hunt. I found a damaged dresser that had been left in the basement by the previous owner of the house, so I pulled it out and started brainstorming a way to turn it into a bookshelf. I came up with the idea of taking all the hardware off the drawers and stacking the drawers on top of each other. The bottoms of the drawers now became the back of my new modular shelving unit. Each shelf measures 36 inches wide, 15 inches high, and 8 inches deep. With a little bit of staining, the new shelves make a beautiful addition to the living room, turning my unsightly stacks of books into a source of numerous complements. By Jessica from Marion, NC Narrow concrete blocks for uprights and 1x8's or 1x4's work very well too. 1x8's SEEM more expensive, but twice as many 1x4's work out to exactly the same. Boards are usually sold by the board-foot, which is the volume of a square foot, 1 inch thick. You can easily stain them mahogany or walnut and make them look quite fancy, To hide the concrete blocks print a book spine of some fantasy book, for example your thesis, glue it onto some cardboard, curve it anround the front end of the block and glue it onto the concrete block with hotmelt glue. If you don't have a saw to cut the boards, come on over. You can also ask the good people at Home Depot to cut them for you. They will give you a big speech about no refunds on cut stuff, and that you better be VERY sure about the length of the boards. Once you are sure about the length, "Yeah, it is twice the length of my bra plus two fingers." they will gladly cut the wood for you. Have FUN! DearWebby Check out ThriftyFun's Blog
Six year old Angie and her four year old brother Joel were sitting together in church. Joel giggled, sang, and talked out loud. Finally, his big sister had had enough. "You're not supposed to talk out loud in church," she hissed at Joel. "Why? Who's going to stop me?" Joel shot back. Angie pointed to the back of the church and said, "See those two big mean men standing by the door?" Joel nodded. "They're hushers."
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After the college boy delivered the pizza to Rob's's trailer house, Rob asked: "What is the usual tip?" "Well," replied the youth, "this is my first trip here, but the other guys say if I get a quarter out of you, I'll be doing great." "Is that so?" snorted Rob. "Well, just to show them how wrong they are, here's five dollars." "Thanks," replied the youth, "I'll put this in my school fund." "What are you studying?" asked Rob. The lad smiled and said: "Reverse psychology."
One day, Uncle Joe got fired from his construction job. His nephew asked him what happened. "You know what a foreman is?" he asked. "The one who stands around and watches the other men work?" "What's that got to do with it?" he asked. "Well, he just got jealous of me," Uncle Joe explained. "Everyone thought I was the foreman."

» Golden Gate bridge

Today, December 15, in
1654 A meteorological office established in Tuscany began 
 recording daily temperature readings.
1791 In the U.S., the first ten amendments to the Constitution, 
 known as the Bill of Rights, went into effect.
1840 Napoleon Bonaparte's remains were interred in Les 
 Invalides in Paris, having been brought from St. Helena
1854 In Philadelphia, the first street cleaning machine 
1877 Thomas Edison patented the phonograph.
1890 American Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull and 11 other 
 tribe members were killed in Grand River, SD, during an 
 incident with Indian police working for the U.S. government.
1939 "Gone With the Wind," produced by David O. Selznick 
 based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell, premiered at 
 Loew's Grand Theater in Atlanta. The movie starred Vivien 
 Leigh and Clark Gable.
1944 A single-engine plane carrying U.S. Army Major Glenn 
 Miller disappeared in thick fog over the English Channel 
 while en route to Paris.
1944 American forces invaded Mindoro Island in the Philippines.
1961 Former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death 
 in Jerusalem by an Israeli court. He had been tried on charges 
 for organizing the deportation of Jews to concentration camps.
1961 The U.N. General Assembly voted against a Soviet proposal 
 to admit Communist China as a member.
1964 Canada's House of Commons approved a newly designed flag 
 thereby dropping the Canadian "Red Ensign" flag.
1965 Two U.S. manned spacecraft, Gemini 6 and Gemini 7, maneuvered 
 within 10 feet of each other while in orbit around the Earth.
1966 Walter Elias "Walt" Disney died in Los Angeles 
 at the age of 65.
1970 The Soviet probe Venera 7 became the first spacecraft 
 to land softly on the surface of Venus. The probe only 
 survived the extreme heat and pressure for about 23 minutes 
 and transmitted the first data received on Earth from the 
 surface of another planet.
1973 J. Paul Getty III was found in southern Italy after 
 being held captive for five months, during which his right 
 ear was cut off and sent to a newspaper in Rome.
1978 U.S. President Carter announced he would grant diplomatic 
 recognition to Communist China on New Year's Day and sever 
 official relations with Taiwan.
1979 The former shah of Iran, Muhammad Riza Pahlavi, left the 
 United States for Panama. He had gone to the U.S. for medical 
 treatment on October 22, 1979.
1982 Gibraltar's frontier with Spain was opened to pedestrian 
 use after 13 years.
1983 The last 80 U.S. combat soldiers in Grenada withdrew. 
 It was just over seven weeks after the U.S.-led invasion 
 of the Caribbean island.
1989 An uprising in Romania began as demonstrators gathered 
 to prevent the arrest of the Reverend Laszlo Tokes, a 
 dissident clergyman.
1992 IBM announced it would eliminate 25-thousand employees 
 in the coming year.
1992 El Salvador's government and leftist guerrilla leaders 
 formally declared the end of the country's 12-year civil war.
1995 The U.N. Security Council authorized NATO to take over 
 the peacekeeping operations in Bosnia.
1996 Boeing Co. announced plans to pay $13.3 billion to 
 acquire rival aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas Corp.
1999 Syria reopened peace talks with Israel in Washington, DC, 
 with the mediation of U.S. President Clinton.
2000 The Chernobyl atomic power plant in Kiev, Ukraine, 
 was shut down.
2000 New York Senator-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton agreed 
 to accept an $8 million book deal with Simon & Schuster. 
 The book was to be about her eight years in the White House. 
 The advance was the highest ever to be paid to a member 
 of the U.S. Congress.
2001 It was announced that Siena Heights University would 
 begin offering a class called "Animated Philosophy and 
 Religion." The two-credit class would cover how religion 
 and philosophy are part of popular culture and is based 
 on the television series "The Simpsons."
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