Can you mix IDE and ATA drives ? 

Good Morning,  !
Today is Friday, January 17.
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

Thank you George!

This evening at the end of my 4 km walk the full moon came 
out. I was tempted to walk another round, but had too much 
work left to do, so had to limit that to a bit of staring
at the moon and the stars.

Today's International Bonehead Award goes to Florida woman jailed for trying to run over boyfriend Details at International Bonehead Awards From the History section at the bottom: Today, in 1985 "Playboy" magazine announced its 30-year tradition of stapling centerfold models in the bellybutton and elsewhere would come to an immediate end. Have FUN! DearWebby
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The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, nd to steal bread. --- Anatole France (1844 - 1924) "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." --- Warren Buffett
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>From Evan A young man walked into our insurance office to purchase coverage for his new motorcycle. Only one question confused him. "Do you have a lien holder on the vehicle?" "I've got a kickstand," the prospect replied. "Is that the same thing?"
A businessman had a tiring day on the road. He checked into a hotel and, because he was concerned that the dining room might close soon, left his luggage at the front desk and went immediately to eat. After a leisurely dinner, he reclaimed his luggage and realized that he had forgotten his room number. He went back to the desk and told the clerk on duty, "My name is Henry Davis, could you please tell me what room I am in?" "Goodness Gwacious me! Certaintly, sir" said the clerk. "You in the lobby, sir."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Lisa de Lapi, 28, Royal Palm Beach, Floriduh Jailed for Trying To Run Over Boyfriend reported by Huffington Post Floridian and wanna-be model Lisa de Lapi, 28, was arrested after she allegedly tried to run over her boyfriend with a car on their special day of love Monday, WPBF reported. Palm Beach Deputies say de Lapi, a Royal Palm Beach resident, told them her 27-year-old boyfriend "set her off," so she responded by attempting to mow him down with her red Pontiac. She missed him, but then apparently drove over his bike and crashed into his parked car. Investigators also said de Lapi informed them it was the couple's anniversary and they have been dating for a year and a half. The report did not state why she got enraged at her boyfriend. Maybe he gave her an honest answer about her chances to ever make a buck modeling. Tech Support Pits From: Bob Re: Mix and match IDE and ATA Dear Webby, Dear Webby, Can you mix and match IDE and ATA hard drives? I want to use my old IDE drive as a second (slave) drive with my new DELL machine, which has an ATA drive. Bob Dear Bob Even though the sales people at DELL tell you that you can, you can't. They are lying. The way around that problem is to simply use a USB harddrive enclosure for the old IDE drive. USB harddrive enclosures cost $12 and up on-line. However, check PriceGrabber and see if a nearby store has a good deal. With low cost items the shipping costs can make an on-line purchase more expensive than a local storefront. With most USB harddrive enclosures you get a bunch of tiny screws to attach the drive inside the usually almost too snug enclosure. Don't fret if the little screws don't line up or are a nuisance. Once the lid is closed, the drive is held quite nicely. By the way, even though your old IDE drive measures about 4" x 6", it's called a 3.5" drive, because the platter inside is a 3.5" platter. If you ask for a 4" drive enclosure, they will tell you that you are on the wrong planet. Look for a 3.5 inch USB 2 Hard Drive Enclosure for IDE drives. USB 2 standard is 40 times faster than USB 1. Take your old drive along unless you are confident, that the sales staff know the difference between IDE and ATA, and make sure the socket inside fits your drive. The sockets are quite different and few enclosures have both types of sockets. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Bamboo Rod For Mug Storage Save yourself several cup hooks. Instead of one hook for each cup, use two to hold a slender rod. I used a disassembled bamboo placemat, cost:$1, and it has been used before for similar needs. Slip your cups onto the rod and set it onto the cup hooks. I saved one hook on one side of the cabinet and two on the side with four cups! The cups can still be used with very little effort of carefully lifting an end of the rod off one of the hooks and taking the cup(s) off. My espresso cups are seldom used and take up valuable cabinet space so in hanging them for display they are no longer in the way! By melody_yesterday from Otterville, MO Too complicated for an (again) untamed batchelor. Cup hooks are 25 for a Dollar. Mark the layout on masking tape and stick that under the upper cabinet. The marks have to be the diameter of the cups plus a bit apart. You can of course have more than just one row. Then drill with a small drill bit about 1/2 inch deep through the marks on the masking tape. If you don't like twisting your body for that chore, assign that to a kid, drill through a bottle cork and use that as a spacer, so that they don't drill too deep. After that it is easy to peel off the tape and twist in the cup hooks. The masking tape keeps the drill bit from skating and keeps the hole nice and tidy. There are T-handle hook wrenches available, but you can easily make one by simply cutting a slot into a piece of scrap. That way you can turn the cup hooks in easily, even if you have arthritis. Have FUN! DearWebby Check out ThriftyFun's Blog
Pastor Dave Charlton tells us, "After a worship service at First Baptist Church in Newcastle, Kentucky, a mother with a fidgety seven-year old boy told me how she finally got her son to sit still and be quiet. About halfway through the sermon, she leaned over and whispered, if you don't be quiet, Pastor Charlton is going to lose his place and will have to start his sermon all over again!' It worked."
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A college drama group presented a play in which one character would stand on a trap door and announce, "I descend into hell!" A stagehand below would then pull a rope, the trapdoor would open, and the character would plunge through. The play was well received. When the actor playing the part became ill, another actor who was quite overweight took his place. When the new actor announced, "I descend into hell!" the stagehand pulled the rope, and the actor began his plunge, but became hopelessly stuck. No amount of tugging on the rope could make him descend. One student on the balcony jumped up and yelled: "Hallelujah! Hell is full!"
>From Andrew My wife and I, both graduate students, recently celebrated the arrival of our first child. At my wife's insistence, we had paid our entire medical bill and were now worried about meeting other payments. We were discussing our sad financial situation one evening when our son demanded a diaper change. As my wife leaned over the baby's crib, I heard her mutter, "The only thing in the house that's paid for, and it leaks."

Petal Power

Today, January 17, in
1377 The Papal See was transferred from Avignon in France 
 back to Rome.
1562 French Protestants were recognized under the Edict of 
 St. Germain.
1773 Captain Cook's Resolution became the first ship to 
 cross the Antarctic Circle.
1852 The independence of the Transvaal Boers was 
 recognized by Britain.
1871 Andrew S. Hallidie received a patent for a cable 
 car system.
1893 Hawaii's monarchy was overthrown when a group of 
 businessmen and sugar planters forced Queen Liliuokalani 
 to abdicate.
1900 The U.S. took Wake Island where there was an important 
 cable link between Hawaii and Manila.
1900 Yaqui Indians in Texas proclaimed their independence 
 from Mexico.
1900 Mormon Brigham Roberts was denied a seat in the U.S. 
 House of Representatives for his practicing of polygamy.
1912 English explorer Robert Falcon Scott reached the South 
 Pole. Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten him there by one 
 month. Scott and his party died during the return trip.
1913 All partner interests in 36 Golden Rule Stores were 
 consolidated and incorporated in Utah into one company. 
 The new corporation was the J.C. Penney Company.
1928 The fully automatic film-developing machine was patented 
 by A.M. Josepho.
1934 Ferdinand Porsche submitted a design for a people's car, 
 a "Volkswagen," to the new German Reich government.
1945 Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War II.
1945 Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg disappeared in Hungary 
 while in Soviet custody. Wallenberg was credited with saving 
 tens of thousands of Jews.
1966 A B-52 carrying four H-bombs collided with a refuelling 
 tanker. The bombs were released and eight crewmembers were 
1991 Coalition airstrikes began against Iraq after negotiations 
 failed to get Iraq to retreat from the country of Kuwait.
1994 The Northridge earthquake rocked Los Angeles, CA, 
 registering a 6.7 on the Richter Scale. At least 61 people were 
 killed and about $20 billion in damage was caused.
1995 More than 6,000 people were killed when an earthquake with 
 a magnitude of 7.2 devastated the city of Kobe, Japan.
1997 A court in Ireland granted the first divorce in the Roman 
 Catholic country's history.
1997 Israel gave over 80% of Hebron to Palestinian rule, but 
 held the remainder where several hundred Jewish settlers lived 
 among 20,000 Palestinians.
1998 U.S. President Clinton gave his deposition in the Paula 
 Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against him. He was the first 
 U.S. President to testify as a defendant in a criminal or 
 civil lawsuit.
2002 It was announced that Microsoft had signed a joint 
 venture agreement to produce software with two partners 
 in China. The two partners were Beijin Centergate Technologies 
 (Holding) Co. and the Stone Group.
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