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The voting seems to have been fixed, finally!
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There was no apology, which seems to be tradition with
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They did not add an approximation for the lost 10 days,
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the lost votes, but apparently allowed some wild voting 
for about an hour. 
Don't take the current or tonight's figures as accurate, 
but wait for tomorrow night's numbers. Hopefully by then
their system will work properly.

Have FUN!

Today's International Bonehead Award goes to a fugitive who stole her step-sister's new baby. Details at International Bonehead Awards From the History section at the bottom: Today, in 2006 In Texas, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a companion during a quail hunt. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. --- James Stephens
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A man woke up one morning to find his wife packing her bags. "Where the heck are you going?" demanded the husband. The wife replied, "You know all this free sex I've been giving you all these years? Well I just found out I can get $200 a shot for it out in Las Vegas." With that the husband jumped out of bed and began packing HIS bags, too. "Where do you think you're going?" demanded the wife. "I want to see how you can live in Las Vegas on $400 a year!"
On their way to a justice of the peace to get married, a couple has a fatal car accident. The couple is sitting outside heavens gate waiting on St. Peter to do an intake. While waiting they wonder if they could possibly get married in Heaven. St. Peter finally shows up and they ask him. St. Peter says, "I don't know, this is the first time anyone ever asked. Let me go find out," and he leaves. The couple sits for a couple of months and begin to wonder if they really should get married in Heaven, what with the eternal aspect of it all. "What if it doesn't work out?, " they wonder, "Are we stuck together forever?" St. Peter returns after yet another month, looking somewhat bedraggled. "Yes," he informs the couple, "You can get married in Heaven." "Great," says the couple, "but what if things don't work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?" St. Peter, red-faced, slams his clipboard onto the ground. "What's wrong?" exclaims the frightened couple. "Jeez!" St. Peter exclaims, "It took me three months to find a priest up here! Do you have any idea how long it's going to take for me to find a @#$%& lawyer!?"
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Kristen Smith Jailed for stealing infant from step sister An hour after a woman reported her newborn son missing from a Wisconsin home, police were questioning her step-sister found with a prosthetic pregnancy belly, baby clothes and a stroller, but no baby, according to court documents. It was more than 24 hours after Kayden Powell went missing before authorities discovered the infant, less than a week old, in a plastic storage crate outside an Iowa gas station, miraculously alive and well despite frigid temperatures. Kristen Smith of Denver had pretended to be pregnant, went to Wisconsin and stole her step-sister's baby from his bassinet as his parents slept, court documents say. Then, as police closed in on her, she allegedly abandoned the infant, who was swaddled in blankets. Federal prosecutors in Madison charged Smith with kidnapping Friday afternoon, hours after an Iowa police chief found Kayden. The discovery of the infant shortly after 10 a.m. Friday capped a frantic search that involved police officers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. It began after the boy's mother, Brianna Marshall, called police around 4:30 a.m. Thursday to report her newborn had vanished from Bennett's home, where she and the baby's father, Bruce Powell, had been staying, according to police and the affidavit. Marshall, the mother, said Smith, the step-sister, had left the house a couple of hours earlier to return to Colorado. While police were at the house, Smith called on her cellphone. She told police that Marshall and Bruce Powell were planning to move to Denver on Saturday to live with her and she had Kayden's clothes in her car but didn't have the boy. Police told her to pull over for questioning. An officer met her at a Kum & Go gas station near Interstate 80 in West Branch, Iowa. She was arrested about 5:30 a.m. on an outstanding Texas warrant, but she denied any knowledge of Kayden's whereabouts, the affidavit says. A search of her cellphone revealed emails in which she said she gave birth on Feb. 5, according to the court document. A search of her Facebook page turned up postings in which she claimed she was pregnant. Smith didn't appear pregnant, according to the affidavit. A pregnancy test that was administered while she was in custody came back negative, U.S. Attorney John Vaudreuil said. Meanwhile, dozens of officers began searches for the child at possible stop-offs along Smith's route from Wisconsin to Iowa. West Branch Police Chief Mike Horihan decided to check the area around a BP station about 500 yards from the station where Smith was arrested. He heard a baby's cries and discovered Kayden in a closed storage crate alongside the building. The newborn was responsive and healthy, the chief said. "I had tears in my eyes," BP station manager Jay Patel said, recalling his reaction to the police chief telling him that the infant had been found. "It's good news, but it's sad, too." Temperatures in West Branch, about 180 miles southwest of the Town of Beloit, dipped below zero Thursday night into Friday. They were still in the single digits when the baby was found. "Surprisingly with the weather the way it was, he was surprisingly healthy," Horihan, the Iowa police chief, said. "To be honest with you, that's not what I expected." The baby was taken to an Iowa City hospital, where he was reunited with his parents and released Friday evening. Online court records didn't list a defense attorney for Smith. She faces life in prison if convicted. Police interviewed Smith again after Kayden was discovered, the affidavit said, and she admitted she had taken the baby and left him at the BP station. Smith appears to go by multiple names and has had run-ins with the law in multiple states, authorities said. The Texas warrant stems from a felony indictment charging her with tampering with government documents late last year while she was in jail in Colorado. They don't know why Colorado released her instead of extraditing her to Texas. Somebody might get yelled at over that. Tech Support Pits From: Sandie Re: Dumping restore points Dear Webby, Should I do this suggestion below, a lady I know sent this and said doing this may help clear up some space???? Sandie How to free up disk space by removing old restore points. Click start, all programs, accessories, system tools, clean up. The clean up wizard appears and scans the drive on which windows is installed (usually C ). After it scans click OK then "More options" "Remove restore points". Wizard asks if you want to remove all but the last restore point, if so click OK. Then confirm OK. Sandie Dear Sandie IF and when you are running out of space, then you may want to think about that. Until then, don't worry about it. The restore points are just text and don't amount to beans. If you need space, first go after duplicates of 5MB or bigger movies. Dumping big stuff makes a much bigger difference. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Use Rice to Absorb Excess Moisture in Electronics I washed my cell phone in the washing machine. I got it out, took it all apart, and placed it in a bag of rice. It is working fine now :) By fancy2253 from Cincinnati, Ohio Check out ThriftyFun's Blog
Six retired Floridians were playing poker in the Condo clubhouse, when Meyerwitz loses $500 on a single hand, clutches his chest and drops dead at the table. Showing respect for their fallen comrade, the other five finish playing the hand standing up. Then Finkelstein looks around and asks, "Now, who is going to tell his wife?" They draw straws and Goldberg picks the short one. They tell him to be discreet, be gentle, don't make a bad situation any worse. Goldberg says, "Gentlemen! Discreet? I'm the most discreet mensch you will ever meet. Discretion is my middle name, leave it to me." Then Goldberg goes over to the Meyerwitz apartment and knocks on the door. The wife answers and asks what he wants. Goldberg declares, "Your husband just lost five hundred dollars in a poker game and is afraid to come home." Mrs. Meyerwitz yells, "TELL HIM DEAD HE SHOULD DROP!" And Goldberg says, "Okay, I'll go tell him."
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A school bus full of kindergarten students was taking the children home one day when a fire truck zoomed past. Sitting in the front seat of the fire truck was a Dalmatian. The children began discussing the dog's duties. "They use him to keep crowds back," said one youngster. "No," said another, "he's just for good luck." A third child came to a different conclusion. "They use the dog," she said firmly, "to find the fire hydrant."
Groan Alert! Practice safe eating - always use condiments. Shotgun wedding: A case of wife or death. If electricity comes from electrons... does that mean that morality comes from morons? Marriage is the mourning after the knot before. Banning the bra was a big flop A successful diet is the triumph of mind over platter. A gossip is someone with a great sense of rumor. When you dream in color, it's a pigment of your imagination. Condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion.

Julian Lennon's Lens

Today in 
1752 The Pennsylvania Hospital opened as the very first 
 hospital in America.
1808 Judge Jesse Fell experimented by burning anthracite coal 
 to keep his house warm. He successfully showed how clean the 
 coal burned and how cheaply it could be used as a heating fuel.
1812 The term "gerrymandering" had its beginning when the 
 governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry, signed a 
 redistricting law that favored his party.
1858 A French girl, Bernadette Soubirous, claimed to have 
 seen a vision of the Virgin Mary near Lourdes.
1929 The Lateran Treaty was signed. Italy now recognized 
 the independence and sovereignty of Vatican City.
1936 Pumping began the process to build San Francisco's 
 Treasure Island.
1937 General Motors agreed to recognize the United Automobile 
 Workers Union, which ended the current sit-down strike.
1960 Jack Paar walked off while live on the air on the 
 "Tonight Show" with four minutes left. He did this in 
 response to censors cutting out a joke from the show 
 the night before.
1979 Nine days after the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini 
 returned to Iran (after 15 years in exile) power was 
 seized by his followers.
1982 France nationalized five groups of major industries 
 and 39 banks.
1990 Nelson Mandela was freed after 27 years in captivity.
1990 In Tokyo, Japan, James "Buster" Douglas knocked out 
 Mike Tyson in the tenth round to win the heavyweight 
2000 The space shuttle Endeavor took off. The mission 
 was to gather information for the most detailed map of 
 the earth ever made.
2000 Great Britain suspended self-rule in Northern Ireland 
 after the Irish Republican Army (IRA) failed to begin 
 decommissioning (disarming) by a February deadline.
2002 The six stars on NBC's "Friends" signed a deal for 
 $24 million each for the ninth and final season of 
 the series.
2006 In Texas, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally 
 shot and wounded a companion during a quail hunt.
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