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Today's International Bonehead Award goes to 47 yr old teacher jailed for having sex with 13-Year-Old Relative Details at International Bonehead Awards From the History section at the bottom: Today, in 1947 - The Voice of America began broadcasting to the Soviet Union. "Voice of America" was a series of very strong broadcasting stations all along the Iron Curtain. You could, of course, hear it all over Europe too. A lot of propaganda, which I forgot, but also Great music! Only Radio Luxembourg was stronger and had even newer music. Have FUN! DearWebby
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When you come to a fork in the road, take it. --- Yogi Berra (1925 - )
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A man is struck by a bus on a busy New York City street. He lies on the sidewalk as a crowd of spectators gathers around. "A priest. Somebody get me a priest!" the man gasps. A policeman checks the crowd, but there's no priest, no minister, no man of God of any kind. "A priest, please," the injured man says again. Then out of the crowd steps a wrinkled and wizened Jewish man of advanced years. "Mr. Policeman," says the man, "I'm not a priest. I'm not even a Catholic. But for 50 years now I've lived behind St. Mary's Catholic Church on Third Avenue, and every night I've listened to the Catholic rites. Maybe I can be of some comfort to this man." The policeman agrees and brings the old man over to where the man lies. The old man kneels down on the sidewalk, leans over the injured victim and intones in a solemn voice: "Under the B - 4. Under the I - 19. Under the N - 38. Under the G - 54. Under the O - 72." BINGO!
A park ranger in the Everglades was making his rounds a couple of summers ago when a woman came bolting out of the weeds right in front of his truck. She seemed frantic and he finally got her calm enough to say that her five- year-old son was sitting on the back of an alligator. Now the ranger was frantic. Running in the direction she was pointing he found the lad astride a twelve foot male alligator which was trying to relieve itself of its load by twisting and snapping. As the brave ranger moved in he tried to console the mother by saying, "I think I can grab the boy and move away before the gator moves. Be ready to grab your son. I may have to shoot the gator." To which the lady replies "Good Heavens, no! Don't shoot him. I just wanted you to make him hold still for a minute, so I can take my son's picture on his back."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Christine Mazzarella, 47, Tucson, AZ 47 yr old teacher jailed for having sex with 13-Year-Old Relative Christine Mazzarella, a 47-year-old special education teacher at Lineweaver Elementary School, was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly had sex with a 13 year old relative. According to Tucson Police, an investigation was launched earlier this month when the department's child sex crime unit received a tip alleging that Mazzarella was having a sexual relationship with an underage relative. Investigators say Mazzarella had sex with the boy on numerous occasions in July 2013. There is no indication, however, that she engaged in sexual misconduct at Lineweaver Elementary. Mazzarella was booked into the Pima County Jail and charged with four counts of sexual conduct with a minor. Tech Support Pits From: Angela Re: Is it W7 or FireFox Dear Webby, Is it W7 or FireFox? I used to be able to have two dozen tabs open for later perusal, and there was no problem whatsoever. Then gradually, over the last year, that did become a problem. Firefox slowed down more and more and only a reboot would speed it up to normal. Is W7 sabotaging it? How do I get around that problem? Angela Dear Angela I have no proof that, with each Windows Update, Firefox becomes a bit slower and more fragile. Like you, I found that it APPEARS that way. Naturally, nobody will admit to nothing. Instead of rebooting you can hit CTRL SHIFT ESC to bring up the Task Manager. Click on Processes Usually, by that time Firefox will be at the top. Highlight it, and hit ALT E to end it. Hit ENTER to OK. FireFox will close as if with a light switch. Start it up again. You will get a screen asking you, if you want to restore. On that screen you see all the tabs, that you had open. That gives you a chance to take the checkmarks off duplicates and no longer needed tabs. After weeding it out a bit, hit OK. Firefox will open at normal speed after that. Have FUN! DearWebby
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>Lena One night while I was cat-sitting my daughter's indoor feline, it escaped outside. When it failed to return the following morning, I found the beast clinging to a branch about 30 feet up in a spindly tree. Unable to lure it down, I called the fire department. "We don't do that anymore," the woman dispatcher said. When I persisted, she was polite but firm. "The cat will come down when it gets hungry enough." "How do you know that?" I asked. "Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?" she said. Two hours later the cat was back, looking for breakfast.
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A college student in a philosophy class was taking his first examination. On the paper there was a single line which simply said: "'Is this a question?' - Discuss." After a short time he wrote: "If that is a question, then this is an answer." The student received an "A" on the exam.
As a ski instructor, I sometimes tease my little pupils. Once I told seven year old Luke that if my skis were faster than his, it was because I'd waxed them with butter. The next morning his grandmother came to class with him. She took me aside and said, "We had no butter left for breakfast. Luke had spread it all over his skis, claiming that it was the proper way to wax them. I think you should tell the children that instead of listening to nonsense from idiots, they should only take advice from their teacher."

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Today in 
1817 - The first gaslit streetlights appeared on the streets 
 of Baltimore, MD.
1865 - Columbia, SC, burned. The Confederates were evacuating 
 and the Union Forces were moving in.
1876 - Julius Wolff was credited with being the first to can
1878 - In San Francisco, CA, the first large city telephone 
 exchange opened. It had only 18 phones.
1933 - Blondie Boopadoop married Dagwood Bumstead three years 
 after Chic Young’s popular strip first debuted.
1944 - During World War II, the Battle of Eniwetok Atoll began. 
 U.S. forces won the battle on February 22, 1944.
1947 - The Voice of America began broadcasting to the 
 Soviet Union.
1992 - In Milwaukee, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was 
 sentenced to life in prison. In November of 1994, he was 
 beaten to death in prison.
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