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Today is Monday, March 17.

Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary, bishop and 
apostle to Ireland. He was born in the late 4th century.

Patrick began his first mission to Ireland in 432.

On March 17, 461 A.D., St. Patrick died at Saul, 
Downpatrick, Ireland.

On March 17, 1762, in New York City, the first 
St. Patrick's Day parade took place. The parade was 
held by Irish soldiers serving in the British army.

Today March 17 is a day of international celebration,
even in Ireland. 

Until 1970 drinking alcohol was prohibited in Ireland
in honor of St Patrick's death. Rumpr has it, the people
of Ireland has since then made upfor that.

Today's International Bonehead Award goes to an Iowa Man Busted For Craigslist Sex Barter Offer Details at International Bonehead Awards From the History section at the bottom: Today, in 1992 - White South Africans approved constitutional reforms to give legal equality to blacks. Have FUN! DearWebby
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An Irishman arrived at J.F.K. Airport and wandered around the terminal with tears streaming down his cheeks. An airline employee asked him if he was already homesick. "No," replied the Irishman. "I've lost all me luggage!" "How'd that happen?" "The cork fell out!" said the Irishman
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>From Cookie In a bid to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by federal housing agencies Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) proposed that borrowers be required to make a 5% down payment in order to qualify for a loan. His proposal was rejected 57-42 on a straight party-line vote because, as Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, "Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it." The result was history.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Bernard Marsonek, 57, Tampa, Floriduh Jailed for having sex with dog as neighbors pleaded with him to stop Reported by the Weekly Vice Bernard Marsonek, a 57-year-old Florida man, was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly had sex with his - even as neighbors pleaded with him to stop. According to Tampa police, officers were dispatched to Marsonek's residence Tuesday afternoon after neighbors reported that he was having sex with one of his dogs. When officers arrived on the scene, a group of neighbors who witnessed the event pointed officers in Marsonek's direction. The neighbors told investigators that they shouted at Marsonek to stop, but he ignored them and continued to have sex with the animal. Investigators tried to interview Marsonek at the scene, but he refused to cooperate. A gun and ammunition were found inside his residence. Marsonek is a convicted felon who is prohibited from possessing a firearm. Animal services investigators took custody of eight large pit bulls that were found on the property. Marsonek was booked into jail and charged with two counts of a felon in possession of a firearm, animal cruelty and sexual activity involving animals. He was released on Wednesday after posting $17,500 bond. Tech Support Pits From: Wendy Re: Floppy Light Dear Webby, this may sound like a silly question but here goes: Walked into the computer room yesterday and the little green light on the floppy disk slot was on, while it was on there was this buzzing sound. Then, after a few seconds the light went out, and the buzzing stopped. A few more seconds after that the light came on, the buzzing started once again. All this only happens for a few seconds. So, I took a floppy disk (which I haven't used in years) put it into the drive and all is well, or seems to be. Question? Will it hurt to keep a disk in the drive? And do you have any idea what might be going on? You're always so knowledgeable that I thot you'd be the only one to know the answer. This is not affecting my computer in any other way, I'm just curious. Thanks for all your help, you are a Godsend Cheers, Wendy Dear Wendy I have not used floppy disks in probably more than 15 years. Still got some shoe boxes full of them, but no drive to read them. It sounds like you or a hacker accidentally tried to save something onto the A: drive. As long as it has finished doing that, there should be no more buzzing or light until you or somebody tries to save something onto the A: drive. Do a full scan and make sure there is no hacker accessing your machine, when you are not looking. Don't leave a floppy inthe A: drive. That is the default boot drive. A hostile program cold make a boot disk, and then next time you reboot, it could trash your C: drive. After letting it finish a save to the A: drive, I would check and probably format that floppy, to make 100% sure it does not hold anything hostile. Have FUN! DearWebby
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McQuillan walked into a bar and ordered martini after martini, each time removing the olives and placing them in a jar. When the jar was filled with olives and all the drinks onsumed, the Irishman started to leave. "S'cuse me", said a customer, who was puzzled over what McQuillan had done, "what was that all about?" "Nothin' , said the Irishman, "me wife just sent me out for a jar of olives!"
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An Irishman had been drinking at a pub all night. The bartender finally said that the bar was closing. So, the Irishman stood up to leave fell flat on his face. He tried to stand one more time; same result. He figured he'll crawl outside and get some fresh air and maybe that will sober him up. Once outside, he stood up and fell on his face again. So he decided to crawl the four blocks home. Again, he fell flat on his face. He crawled through the door and into his bedroom. When he reached his bed he tried one more time to stand up. This time he managed to pull himself upright, but he quickly fell right into the bed and is sound asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. He was awakened the next morning to his wife standing over him, shouting, "SO YOU'VE BEEN DRINKING AGAIN!" Putting on an innocent look, and intent on bluffing it out he said, "What makes you say that?" "The pub just called; you left your wheelchair there again."
Murphy came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in a very sexy nightie. "Tie me up," she purred, "and you can do anything you want." So Murphy tied her up and went to the pub.

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Today in 
0461 - Bishop Patrick, St. Patrick, died in Saul, Ireland. 
 Ireland celebrates this day in his honor.
1756 - St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in New York City 
 for the first time. The event took place at the Crown 
 and Thistle Tavern.
1766 - Britain repealed the Stamp Act that had caused 
 resentment in the North American colonies.
1776 - British forces evacuated Boston to Nova Scotia 
 during the Revolutionary War.
1884 - In Otay, California, John Joseph Montgomery made 
 the first manned, controlled, heavier-than-air glider 
 flight in the United States.
1891 - The British steamer Utopia sank off Gibraltar.
1914 - Russia increased the number of active duty military 
 from 460,000 to 1,700,000.
1930 - Al Capone was released from jail.
1944 - During World War II, the U.S. bombed Vienna.
1958 - The Vanguard 1 satellite was launched by the U.S.
1959 - The Dalai Lama (Lhama Dhondrub, Tenzin Gyatso) 
 fled Tibet and went to India.
1962 - Moscow asked the U.S. to pull out of South Vietnam.
1966 - A U.S. submarine found a missing H-bomb in the 
 Mediterranean off of Spain.
1973 - The first American prisoners of war (POWs) were 
 released from the "Hanoi Hilton" in Hanoi, North Vietnam.
1985 - U.S. President Reagan agreed to a joint study 
 with Canada on acid rain.
1989 - A series of solar flares caused a violent magnetic 
 storm that brought power outages over large regions of Canada.
1992 - White South Africans approved constitutional reforms 
 to give legal equality to blacks.
1995 - Gerry Adams became the first leader of Sinn Fein to 
 be received at the White House.
1999 - A panel of medical experts concluded that marijuana 
 had medical benefits for people suffering from cancer 
 and AIDS.
1999 - The International Olympic Committee expelled six 
 of its members in the wake of a bribery scandal.
2009 - The iTunes Music Store reached 800 million 
 applications downloaded. 

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