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Today's International Bonehead Award goes to a Christian radio personality John Balyo admitted guilt in child-sex assault probe Details at Boneheads From the History section at the bottom: Today, in 1998 The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the line-item veto thereby striking down presidential power to cancel specific items in tax and spending legislation.
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Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. --- Gertrude Stein (1874 - 1946)
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>From Cookie Satnav I have a little Satnav, It sits there in my car A Satnav is a driver's friend, it tells you where you are. I have a little Satnav, I've had it most of my life It's better than the normal ones, My Satnav is my wife. It gives me full instructions, Especially how to drive "It's sixty miles an hour", it says, "You're doing sixty five". It tells me when to stop and start, And when to use the brake And tells me that it's never ever, Safe to overtake. It tells me when a light is red, And when it goes to green It seems to know instinctively, Just when to intervene. It lists the vehicles just in front, And all those to the rear And taking this into account, It specifies my gear. I'm sure no other driver, Has so helpful a device For when we leave and lock the car, It still gives its advice. It fills me up with counseling, Each journey's pretty fraught So why don't I exchange it, And get a quieter sort? Ah well, you see, it cleans the house, Makes sure I'm properly fed It washes all my shirts and things, And keeps me warm in bed! Despite all these advantages, And my tendency to scoff, I only wish that now and then, I could turn the bugger off!!
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"You are all part of our team now," said the Human Resources rep during the welcoming briefing. "You get all the usual benefits and you can go to the cafeteria for something to eat, but please don't eat any employees." The cannibals promised they would not. Four weeks later their boss remarked, "You're all working very hard and I'm satisfied with your work. We have noticed a marked increase in the whole company's performance. However, one of our secretaries has disappeared. Do any of you know what happened to her?" The cannibals all shook their heads, "No" After the boss had left, the leader of the cannibals said to the others, "Which one of you idiots ate the secretary?" A hand rose hesitantly. "You fool!" the leader continued. "For four weeks we've been eating managers and no one noticed anything. But NOOOooo, you had to go and eat someone who actually does something."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to John Balyo, Christian radio personality John Balyo admitted guilt in child-sex assault probe Authorities in Michigan say Christian radio personality John Balyo paid to have sexual encounters with minors. Homeland Security agents and officers from the Michigan State Police and Battle Creek Police Department arrested Balyo, 35, Friday at a Christian music festival in Gaylord, Michigan. Balyo is facing charges of first-degree (penetration) criminal sexual conduct, and has admitted guilt in ONE case, according to a press release by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "Baylo paid a defendant, who is the subject of a separate child-exploitation investigation, to arrange sexual encounters with minor victims," investigators said in the press release. The man Balyo allegedly paid to arrange the encounters has been identified by police as Ronald Lee Moser. The 42-year-old was indicted earlier this month in federal court on child exploitation and child pornography charges. "They would meet in hotels in areas around Grand Rapids and Balyo would have sex with the children," a Homeland Security agent told Balyo's $500,000 bail has been revoked after his admission to one count, and more to be expected. Balyo was instantly fired from his radio host job. No comment is available from his wife, whom he married two months ago. Tech Support Pits From: Dana Re: FireFox 30 Forward and backward icons Dear Webby Version 30 of FireFox seems to work reasonably well, but of course the thilly brats had to change the user interface, so that we would notice that they are still on the loose. Now the Forward and Backward icons are gone. Restoring Default and laboriously getting all the prferences and stuff back the way it should be, does not help. However, at some random times those icons do appear! What is the story? Dana Dear Dana What we had wanted was the wastefully huge padding between icons removed. Unfortunately, whoever had put in the extra wide padding seems to have grown up and got a job somewhere. So, since they could not fix the padding, they made the NEXT and PREVIOUS icons "magic". If you open a tab from an email link, then there is no previous page to go to, so they don't show the PREVIOUS icon. The same for the NEXT. If you have not gone to a PREVIOUS page, then there is no NEXT page to return to, so they don't show the NEXT icon. It makes the top bar a bit spastic, but it does work, and now that you know what is going on, you will soon get comfortable with it. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Cleaning a Very Burnt Saucepan Cleaning a Very Burnt Saucepan I took a telephone call and completely forgot my saucepan boiling my Udon noodles. I didn't think anything would shift the burnt-on food. How wrong I was. I soaked the pot for two days with cheap cola (17p for 2 litres in my supermarket) and a dash of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). I was then able to remove all burnt residue with a ball of foil and it came up as shiny as if it was new! By Monique [97] Check out ThriftyFun's Blog
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I recently saw a distraught young lady weeping beside her car. "Do you need some help?" I asked. She replied, "I knew I should have replaced the battery to this remote door un-locker. Now I can't get into my car. Do you think they (pointing to a distant Home Hardware store) would have a battery to fit this?" "Hmmm, I Dunno. Do you have an alarm too?" I asked. "No, just this remote thingy," she answered, handing it and the car keys to me. As I took the key and manually unlocked the door, I replied, "Why don't you drive over there and check about the batteries? Or do you want to ride down there with me?"
The skydiving instructor was going through the question and answer period with his new students when one of them asked the usual question always asked: "If our chute doesn't open; and the reserve doesn't open, how long would we have till we hit the ground?" The jump master looked at him and in perfect deadpan answered: "The whole rest of your life."

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Today in 
0841 Charles the Bald and Louis the German defeated 
 Lothar at Fontenay.
1080 At Brixen, a council of bishops declared Pope Gregory 
 to be deposed and Archbishop Guibert as antipope Clement III.
1580 The Book of Concord was first published. The book is a 
 collection of doctrinal standards of the Lutheran Church.
1658 Aurangzeb proclaimed himself emperor of the Moghuls 
 in India.
1767 Mexican Indians rioted as Jesuit priests were 
 ordered home.
1864 Union troops surrounding Petersburg, VA, began building 
 a mine tunnel underneath the Confederate lines.
1867 Lucien B. Smith patented the first barbed wire.
1868 The U.S. Congress enacted legislation granting an 
 eight-hour day to workers employed by the Federal government.
1870 In Spain, Queen Isabella abdicated in favor of Alfonso XII.
1876 Lt. Col. Custer and the 210 men of U.S. 7th Cavalry were 
 killed by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians at Little Big Horn in 
 Montana. The event is known as "Custer's Last Stand."
1877 In Philadelphia, PA, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated 
 the telephone for Sir William Thomson (Baron Kelvin) and 
 Emperor Pedro II of Brazil at the Centennial Exhibition.
1910 The U.S. Congress authorized the use of postal savings 
1917 The first American fighting troops landed in France.
1920 The Greeks took 8,000 Turkish prisoners in Smyrna.
1941 Finland, after asking germany for help, declared war on 
 the Soviet Union.
1946 Ho Chi Minh traveled to France for talks on Vietnamese 
1948 The Soviet Union tightened its blockade of Berlin by 
 intercepting river barges heading for the city.
1950 North Korea invaded South Korea initiating the Korean War.
1959 The Cuban government seized 2.35 million acres under a 
 new agrarian reform law.
1959 Eamon De Valera became president of Ireland at the age of 76.
1962 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the use of unofficial 
 non-denominational prayer in public schools was unconstitutional.
1964 U.S. President Lyndon Johnson ordered 200 naval personnel 
 to Mississippi to assist in finding three missing civil rights workers.
1970 The U.S. Federal Communications Commission handed down a 
 ruling (35 FR 7732), making it illegal for radio stations to put 
 telephone calls on the air without the permission of the person 
 being called.
1973 White House Counsel John Dean admitted that U.S. President 
 Nixon took part in the Watergate cover-up.
1975 Mozambique became independent. Samora Machel was sworn in 
 as president after 477 years of Portuguese rule.
1981 The U.S. Supreme Court decided that male-only draft 
 registration was constitutional.
1986 The U.S. Congress approved $100 million in aid to the 
 Contras fighting in Nicaragua.
1987 Austrian President Kurt Waldheim visited Pope John Paul II 
 at the Vatican. The meeting was controversial due to 
 allegations that Waldheim had hidden his Nazi past.
1990 The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of an individual, 
 whose wishes are clearly made, to refuse life-sustaining 
 medical treatment. "The right to die" decision was made 
 in the Curzan vs. Missouri case.
1991 The last Soviet troops left Czechoslovakia 23 years 
 after the Warsaw Pact invasion.
1991 The Yugoslav republics of Slovenia and Croatia 
 declared their independence from Yugoslavia.
1993 Kim Campbell took office as Canada's first woman 
 prime minister. She assumed power upon the resignation 
 of Brian Mulroney.
1997 The Russian space station Mir was hit by an unmanned 
 cargo vessel. Much of the power supply was knocked out and 
 the station's Spektr module was severely damaged.
1998 The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the line-item veto thereby 
 striking down presidential power to cancel specific items in 
 tax and spending legislation.
1998 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that those infected with HIV 
 are protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act.
1998 Microsoft's "Windows 98" was released to the public.
1999 Germany's parliament approved a national Holocaust 
 memorial to be built in Berlin.
2000 U.S. and British researchers announced that they had 
 completed a rough draft of a map of the genetic makeup 
 of human beings. The project was 10 years old at the time 
 of the announcement.
2000 A Florida judge approved a class-action lawsuit to be 
 filed against American Online (AOL) on behalf of hourly 
 subscribers who were forced to view "pop-up" advertisements. 
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