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Today's International Bonehead Award goes to a Walmart robber, who leaves 1 year old niece behind Details at Boneheads Today, in From the History section at the bottom: 1981 The Soviet Union began war games with about 100,000 troops on the Polish border.
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The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty. --- Eugene McCarthy (1916 - 2005) If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed. --- Mark Twain
Two voices - male and female - obviously on a plane. "I think everyone's asleep, lets go" Sound of steps. "This one's empty ... no-ones looking ... you go in first" "It a bit cramped - let me sit down" "Have you got the condom? Quick - put it on" Sniff sniff "Ah perfume - you think of everything" "This is great....." (long sigh) Static on the loud speaker then a new voice. "This is the captain speaking, to those two people in the rear toilet. We know what you're doing and it is expressly forbidden by airline regulations... Now put those cigarettes out and take the condom off the smoke detector!"
A flight attendant was on the red-eye to Manila when a water leak developed in the galley, which eventually soaked the carpet throughout the cabin of the 747. A very sleepy passenger who had become aware of the dampness asked the attendant, "Has it been raining?" Keeping a straight face, the attendant replied, "Yes, but we put the top up." With a sigh of relief, the passenger went back to sleep
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Djuna M. Tansmore, 48, Monessen, Pennsylvania Walmart robber leaves one year old old niece behind A Pennsylvania woman suspected of robbing a Walmart is also accused of leaving her 1-year-old niece behind. Djuna M. Tansmore, 48, was arrested Thursday in Rostraver Township after store surveillance video caught her attempting to exit the store with $86.58 worth of laundry detergent and Miracle Whip in a grocery cart, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. When the store's loss prevention officer approached Tansmore, she tried to undo the safety strap that held her niece to the cart. Rostraver Township Police Chief Greg Resetar told WTAE TV that's when the struggle over the baby in the car seat began. "The straps weren't released and it sort of tipped the cart, and she sort of was trying to shake it, moving around, trying to dislodge the baby from the mechanism," Resetar said. Video obtained by the station appears to show the baby in the seat being yanked back and forth with the cart nearly tipping, then being dragged behind the baby seat. The suspect allegedly fled the scene, leaving the toddler behind, according to Tansmore was arrested a short time later near her home in Monessen, Pennsylvania. She was charged with retail theft, recklessly endangering another person, use/possession of drug paraphernalia and endangering the welfare of children, according to WPXI TV. She was placed in the Westmoreland County Prison in Hempfield Township after failing to post $10,000 bond. She will have a preliminary hearing on Sept. 9. The child eventually was released at the store to the custody of its mother, according to police. Tech Support Pits From: Gyppo Re: Happy with Refurb W7 machine Dear Webby A day or so ago you suggested to someone they bought a Windows 7 machine before they vanished from the stores and they were forced to go Win 8.. I recently bought a refurbished office machine, a Dell 390 workstation and the specs were amazing for something costing just over 100. The transition from my much loved XP Pro has been less painful than I expected. I got a damned fine machine, with the software installed, solid as a rock with a few scratches on the case, for less than some of the questionable copies of the 7 Pro software alone. Gyppo (UK) Good for you, Gyppo! Windows7 has been pretty well fixed by now with one or two big updates per month for the last dozen years, and is finally better than XP. Just be careful about "utilities" like cute clocks, that come bundled with trojans. With ANY Windows7 add-ons and utilities ask yourself, whether you absolutely need them. What you DO need is a good Anti Virus program like McAfee, an Anti-Trojan program like MalwareBytes, a password manager like RoboForm, and a garbage cleaner like CrapCleaner. There are plenty of fake alternatives out there. Be careful! With RoboForm use my link. Otherwise you will fall into a nightmare of ads at C-net, that will tempt to sidetrack you. Real nuisance! My link is straight to the download, no fuss, no sidetracking. As for anything else, you can probably find it already built in, just in typical Windows7 fashion, in a deviously hidden location. A minute of Googling will tell you where it is hidden and how to access it. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Use Permanent Marker to Dye Exposed Clothing Threads I just bought a black sweater and the label's white threads were showing through at the neck line. I have short hair, so it was truly bugging me. I grabbed my permanent black marker and brushed over the exposed threads. They disappeared instantly. So grab your colored markers for all your threads that are exposed. I also did this to my black jeans that had a small bleach spot. By Kathy from Harrisonburg, VA Check out ThriftyFun's Blog
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>From Julie I had given our daughter, who was 15 at the time, a drivers manual. On the way to town one day, I was coaching her as I drove. I told her to be studying her book so as to be ready when it came time to get her driver's permit. "Oh, she said, "I already know everything in the book." "You do?" I returned. "Yep," she said, very smugly. I thought, "OK, I'll give her a hard one." So I asked her, "How many feet does it take to stop the car if you are driving 60 miles an hour and have to slam on the brakes real hard?" "One," she replied. "What?" I asked. "One?!" She repeated her answer and then because of the confused look on my face, she added, "One, Mom. You always told me never to use both feet on the brake, only use my right one."
There was a married couple who were in a terrible accident. The woman's face was burned severely. The doctor told the husband they couldn't graft any skin from her body because she was so skinny. The husband then donated some of his skin...however, the only place suitable to the doctor was from his buttocks. The husband requested that no one be told of this, because after all,... this was a very delicate matter! After the surgery was completed, everyone was astounded at the woman's new beauty. She looked more beautiful than she ever did before! All her friends and relatives just ranted and raved at her youthful beauty! She was alone with her husband one day & she wanted to thank him for what he did. She said, "Dear, I just want to thank you for everything you did for me! There is no way I could ever repay you!!! He replied, "Oh don't worry, Honey, I get thanks enough every time your mother comes over and kisses you on your cheek!!

In the pink

Today in 
0476 Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor of the western 
 Roman Empire, was deposed when Odoacer proclaimed himself 
 King of Italy. 
1609 English navigator Henry Hudson began exploring the 
 island of Manhattan. 
1781 Los Angeles, CA, was founded by Spanish settlers. The 
 original name was "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora La Reina 
 de Los Angeles de Porciuncula," which translates as 
 "The Town of the Queen of Angels." 
1825 New York Governor Clinton ceremoniously emptied a barrel 
 of Lake Erie water in the Atlantic Ocean to consummate the 
 "Marriage of the Waters" of the Great Lakes and the Atlantic. 
1833 Barney Flaherty answered an ad in "The New York Sun" and 
 became the first newsboy/paperboy at the age of 10. 
1882 Thomas Edison's Pearl Street electric power station 
 began operations in New York City. It was the first display 
 of a practical electrical lighting system. 
1885 The Exchange Buffet opened in New York City. It was the 
 first self-service cafeteria in the U.S. 
1886 Geronimo, and the Apache Indians he led, surrendered 
 in Skeleton Canyon in Arizona to Gen. Nelson Miles. 
1888 George Eastman registered the name "Kodak" and patented 
 his roll-film camera. The camera took 100 exposures per roll. 
1894 A strike in New York City by 12,000 tailors took place 
 to protest sweatshops. 
1899 An 8.3 earthquake hit Yakutat Bar, AK. 
1917 The American expeditionary force in France suffered its 
 first fatalities in World War I. 
1923 The first American dirigible, the "Shenandoah," began 
 its maiden voyage in Lakehurst, NJ. 
1944 During World War II, British troops entered the city 
 of Antwerp, Belgium. 
1948 The Dutch Queen Wilhelmina left her throne for health 
1957 The Arkansas National Guard was ordered by Governor 
 Orval Faubus to keep nine black students from going into 
 Little Rock's Central High School. 
1957 The Ford Motor Company began selling the Edsel. The car 
 was so unpopular that it was taken off the market only two years. 
1967 "Gilligan's Island" aired for the last time on CBS-TV. It 
 ran for 98 shows. 
1967 Michigan Gov. George Romney said during a TV interview that 
 he had undergone "brainwashing" by U.S. officials while visiting 
 Vietnam in 1965. 
1972 Swimmer Mark Spitz captured his seventh Olympic gold medal 
 in the 400-meter medley relay event at Munich, Germany. Spitz 
 was the first Olympian to win seven gold medals. 
1981 The Soviet Union began war games with about 100,000 troops 
 on the Polish border. 
1983 U.S. officials announced that there had been an American 
 plane, used for reconnaissance, in the vicinity of the Korean 
 Air Lines flight that was shot down. 
1986 South African security forces halted a mass funeral for 
 the victims of the riot in Soweto. 
1989 A reconnaissance satellite was released by the Air Force's 
 Titan Three rocket. The Titan Three set over 200 satellites 
 into space between 1964 and 1989. 
1995 The Fourth World Conference on Women was opened in Beijing. 
 There were over 4,750 delegates from 181 countries in attendance. 
1998 In Mexico, bankers stopped approving personal loans and 
1998 The International Monetary Fund approved a $257 million loan 
 for the Ukraine. 
1998 While in Ireland, U.S. President Clinton said the words 
 "I'm sorry" for the first time about his affair with Monica 
 Lewinsky and described his behavior as indefensible. 
1999 The United Nations announced that the residents of East 
 Timor had overwhelmingly voted for independence from Indonesia 
 in a referendum held on August 30. In Dili, pro-Indonesian 
 militias attacked independence supporters, burned buildings, 
 blew up bridges and destroyed telecommunication facilities. 
2003 Keegan Reilly, 22, became the first parapalegic climber 
 to reach the peak of Japan's Mount Fuji.

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