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Today's International Bonehead Award goes to an Applebee's Customer Mikie Sawyer Punches 80-year-old Who Complained About Cursing Details at Boneheads Today, in 1957 The Soviet Union launched Sputnik I into orbit around the Earth. Sputnik was the first manmade satellite to enter space. Sputnik I fell out of orbit on January 4, 1958.
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Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain. --- Friedrich von Schiller (1759 - 1805)
Two snooty women were sitting in the living room, waiting for their hostess, who was slightly delayed in another room. The daughter of the family was with the two women, on the theory that she would keep the visitors occupied during the wait. The child was about six years old. She was snub nosed, spotted with splotchy freckles, buck toothed, and bespectacled. She maintained a deep silence and the two ladies peered doubtfully at her. Finally, one of the women muttered to the other, "She's not very p - r - e - t - y, is she?" Whereupon the child piped up, "Maybe not, but I'm quite s - m - a - r - t and I can s - p - e - l - l. By the way, pretty has two t's."
A sad-faced Todd walked into a flower shop early one morning. The clerk was ready to take his order for a funeral piece, based on the look on Todd's face, but soon realized his assumption was wrong as Todd asked for a basket of flowers sent to his wife for their anniversary. "And what day will that be?" the clerk asked. Glumly he replied, "Yesterday."
Click through for the large picture The Pont du Gard Bridge began life as an aqueduct system that transported water to the Roman city of Nemausus and is a testament to the incredible building skills of the Romans. Built more than 2000 years ago, the Pont du Gard descends only 56 feet over 30 miles and was able to deliver around 5 million gallons of water to the city every day. It is a highway bridge nowadays.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Mikie Sawyer, 26, Port Orange, Floriduh Applebee's Customer Mikie Sawyer Punches 80-year-old Who Complained About Cursing A Florida man faces a battery charge after allegedly punching an 80-year-old man who asked him to stop cursing in an Applebee's. Mikie Sawyer, 26, was arrested Sunday night after allegedly attacking Harry Sander, 80, at the Port Orange franchise of the chain restaurant. Sander told police that he heard Sawyer "talking obscenities" at the bar. The victim said he politely asked the suspect "If he could please stop using the ‘F’ word and stop talking so loud about ‘titties and ass,’” according to the police report. Sander then leaned in close to Sawyer and said, “In Germany you don’t speak in such a manner.” Sawyer allegedly responded to Sander by saying, “I don’t care where you are from, whether it be Russia or Dutch,” the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports. Sawyer then told Sander to go back to the other side of the bar, but Sander didn't move. That's when the suspect allegedly punched the octogenarian in the face and pushed him backward so that the victim hit a table and then the floor, according to the newspaper. Witnesses backed up Sander's claim. Sawyer left the restaurant before police arrived but was pulled over a short time later. Although Sawyer told police that Sander actually punched him, the police report noted that the suspect had no bruising on his face. He did have discolored and bruised knuckles and fingers, according to ClickOrlando.com. Sawyer was charged with battery on a person over 65 years of age and disorderly conduct and booked at the Volusia County Branch Jail. He was later released on a $2,500 bond. Tech Support Pits From: Hermon Re: Feed a veteran link Dear Webby, Still reading your letter first thing every morning and spreading the humor. Have a problem voting for the feed a vet site. I get a snip error and on the vote for you I get an internal error message. Have no problem voting for the breast cancer site or the feed the hungry site. any help or should I throw this twenty year old desk top away? Hermon in Ky Dear Hermon Looks like SnipURL dumped the Feed A Veteran link for some silly reason. Maybe they age off links after 15 or 20 years? I have now made a direct link instead. It is still in the same place in the side menu. And for those, who have never seen it, it is here too:
Click a meal
to a homeless vet! It does not cost you anything to click, but will provide a meal to a homeless veteran. The vote link for the Humor Letter works again too. The people at the Ezinefinder seem to have returned from their annual fall holiday and have rebooted their server. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Ready Made Salads In Ziploc Bowls Like many couples with no kids in the house, we don't eat as we should. Here's a way to get a few more veggies in. Take one bag of salad lettuce and divide it into 6 bowls with lids (I use 20 oz Ziploc bowls) add tomatoes, a couple of olives, sliced mushrooms, cucumbers or whatever salad veggies you want. Put them in the refrigerator. Then when you are stalking the refrigerator for something to eat, you will have a few ready made salads that you are more likely to eat first before grabbing that muffin. You only have to add the dressing and maybe a little feta and you're ready to go. They will last 2-3 days. One last thing: use grape or cherry tomatoes, it's more likely to last longer because cut up tomatoes will release more acid and gases that cause the lettuce to wilt. By melmarr from Michigan http://www. thriftyfun.com/

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A guy walked into his friend's office, he found him sitting at his desk, looking very depressed. "Hey, what's up with you?", he asks. "Oh, its my wife," replied the man sadly. "She's hired a new secretary for me." "Well, nothing wrong in that. Is she blonde or brunette or a redhead ?" "Neither. Her grandfather is bald."
Thanks to Cindy for this story: When I lived with my parents a few years ago, I came home from work and found the back door open and our indoor-dog outside; very strange. Turns out my Mom had come home for lunch, let the dog out, forgot about him, left the door open and her book she was reading at the time on the kitchen table: 12 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY."

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Today in 
1535 The first complete English translation of the Bible was 
 printed in Zurich, Switzerland. 
1648 The first volunteer fire department was established in 
 New York by Peter Stuyvesant. 
1777 At Germantown, PA, Patriot forces and British forces 
 both suffer heavy losses in battle. The battle was seen 
 as British victory, which actually served as a moral boost 
 to the Americans. 
1881 Edward Leveaux received a patent for the player piano. 
1909 The first airship race in the U.S. took place in 
 St. Louis, MO.
1915 The Dinosaur National Monument was established. The 
 area covered part of Utah and Colorado. 
1927 The first actual work of carving began on Mount Rushmore. 
1940 Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini met in the Alps at 
 Brenner Pass. Hitler was seeking help from Italy to 
 fight the British. 
1957 The Soviet Union launched Sputnik I into orbit around 
 the Earth. Sputnik was the first manmade satellite to enter 
 space. Sputnik I fell out of orbit on January 4, 1958. 
1987 NFL owners used replacement personnel to play games 
 despite the player's strike. 
1992 The 16-year civil war in Mozambique ended. 
1993 Russian Vice-President Alexander Rutskoi and Chairman 
 Ruslan Khasbulatov surrendered to Boris Yeltsin after a 
 ten-hour tank assault on the Russian White House. The two 
 men had barricaded themselves in after Yeltsin called for 
 general elections and dissolved the legislative body. 
1993 Dozens of Somalis dragged an American soldier through 
 the streets of Mogadishu. A videotape showed Michael Durant 
 being taken prisoner by Somali militants. 
2001 NATO granted the United States open access to their 
 airfields and seaports and agreed to deploy ships and 
 early-warning radar planes in the war on terrorism. 
2001 In Washington, DC, Reagan National Airport re-opened. 
 The airport had been closed since the terrorist attacks 
 on the United States on September 11, 2001. 
2004 SpaceShipOne reached an altitude of 368,000 feet. It 
 was the first privately built, manned rocket ship to fly 
 in space twice within a two week window. The ship won the 
 Ansari X Prize of $10 million dollars for their success.
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