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Today's International Bonehead Award goes to an Italian nurse arrested for killing 38 patients Details at Boneheads Today, in 1955 Mrs. Jules Lederer replaced Ruth Crowley in newspapers using the name Ann Landers.
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Speak the truth, but leave immediately after. --- Slovenian Proverb
A little girl asked her mother for a dollar to give to an old lady in the park. Her mother was touched by the child's kindness and gave her the required sum. "There you are, my dear," said the mother. "But, tell me, isn't the lady able to work any more?" "Oh yes," came the reply. "She sells candy."
Maggie has a particularly outrageous rapport with her son. He argues and fights with her all the time. Finally having had enough, she takes her son to a psychologist. After two sessions, the doctor speaks with the mother. "Madam, your son suffers from an Oedipus Complex." "Oedipus, Schmoedipus," replies Maggie, "It's all the same to me. The important thing is that he loves his mother!"
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Daniela Poggiali,42, Lugo, Italy Italian nurse arrested for killing 38 patients A nurse in Italy is accused of killing 38 patients because she thought they were “annoying.” Daniela Poggiali was arrested Friday on murder charges, Italian newspaper Corriere di Bologna reports. The 42-year-old nurse caught the attention of authorities after the April death of 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni, according to the Independent’s translation of Italian Calderoni was admitted to a hospital in the town of Lugo with a diabetes-related ailment, and died from what officials believe was a fatal injection of potassium chloride. Prosecutors say that their investigation is more difficult because potassium chloride fades from the bloodstream within a couple days, making it hard to detect. Calderoni’s death occurred while Poggiali was on duty, and the resulting investigation found that 37 other patients also died mysteriously on her watch. Authorities now suspect that Poggiali may have killed them all because she thought that they or their families were irritating. Police say the nurse’s cell phone included a photo of her making the thumbs-up sign next to a patient’s corpse, according to the New York Post. She may face additional charges for disrespecting the dead. Tech Support Pits From: Attila Re: Can't download McAfee At 01:05 PM 10/13/2014, you wrote: Dear Webby, Thanks for your help - but I still can't click on any of the McAfee ads. Tried on my Dell desktop on Google- no clickability. Sent it to yahoo-same dell no response as well. Tried it on a Macbook and I-Pad - Still no response. I have no problem clicking on any thing else. Any suggestions? Best wishes as always to you and Ophelia! The two best newsletters anywhere! Attila Dear Attila The links are a disguise to get past many viruses and trojans that block you from getting name brand protection, and they are: http://webby.com/mac that goes to http://www.mcafeestore.com/store/mcafee ... ent/en_US/ pbPage.aff_us_total_protection?affiliateprogramtype=833&utm_source= ond&utm_medium=affiliate&ClickID=cwi7qwafaplaanl4zezlikxqvfnw77vvezki &resid=VDyGQwrR-gIAABaN9ecAAAAU&rests=1413442289328 The Buy Now in there goes to the cart with the $44.99 Total Protection https://www.mcafeestore.com/store?Action=DisplayPage&Locale=en_US &SiteID=mcafeeus&id=QuickBuyCartPage If none of that works, then your infection blocks anything McAfee related. That is actually quite common. The first thing most serious Trojans and viruses do is block all the big name brand anti-virus programs. Try MalwareBytes at http://webby.com/malwarebytes. Their "Cameleon" usually gets through anyway, and quite often manages to clean up. After that you should be able to download McAfee safely. Good Luck! DearWebby
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Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Reuse Disposable Vacuum Bags I have an expensive vacuum cleaner that takes expensive bags. To save on buying new bags for my vacuum, I simply cut the bottom off the bag, empty it, and duct tape the bottom shut. Voila! I have a recycled vacuum cleaner bag. By Dee from Salem, VA http://www.thriftyfun.com/
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Two buddies, Tony and Billy, are getting very drunk at a bar when suddenly Billy throws up all over himself. "Oh, no. Now Jane will kill me!" Tony says, "Don't worry, pal. Just tuck a twenty in your breast pocket, tell Jane that someone threw up on you and gave you twenty dollars for the dry cleaning bill." So they stay for another couple of hours and get even drunker. Eventually, Billy rolls into home and his Jane starts to give him a bad time. "You reek of alcohol and you've puked all over yourself! My God, you're disgusting!" Speaking very carefully so as not to slur, he says: "Nowainaminit,I can e'splain everything! Itsh not what you think. I only had a couple drinks. But this other guy got sick on me... he'd had one too many and he just couldn't hold his liquor. He said he was very sorry an' gave me $20 bucks for the cleaning bill!" Jane looks in the breast pocket and says: "But this is forty bucks." "Oh, yeah... I almos' forgot" says Billy, "he crapped in my pants, too....!!" He never saw the frying pan, but vaguely remembers hearing a gong.
Thanks to Dianne for this story: As the lone female in our household, I find that certain male habits have really begun to get on my nerves. One day, I emerged from my teenage son's bathroom completely exasperated when I bumped into my husband. "What is it with guys that they won't replace the toiler paper!" I raged. "I know." he said, nodding in agreement. "I noticed that too when I was just in there."

Longest Rivers

Today in 
1701 The Collegiate School was founded in Killingworth, CT. 
 The school moved to New Haven in 1745 and changed its name 
 to Yale College. 
1829 In Boston, MA, the first modern hotel in America opened. 
 The Tremont Hotel had 170 rooms that rented for $2 a day 
 and included four meals. 
1859 Abolitionist John Brown led a raid on Harper's Ferry, 
 VA (now located in West Virginia). 
1869 A hotel in Boston became the first in the U.S. to 
 install indoor plumbing. 
1916 Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic 
 in New York City, NY. 
1923 Walt Disney contracted with M.J. Winkler to distribute 
 the Alice Comedies. This event is recognized as the start 
 of the Disney Company. 
1928 Marvin Pipkin received a patent for the frosted electric 
 light bulb. 
1941 The Nazis advanced to within 60 miles of Moscow. 
1941 Romanians entered Odessa, USSR, and began exterminating 
 150,000 Jews. 
1943 Chicago's new subway system was officially opened.
1955 Mrs. Jules Lederer replaced Ruth Crowley in newspapers 
 using the name Ann Landers. 
1962 U.S. President Kennedy was informed that there were 
 missile bases in Cuba, beginning the Cuban missile crisis. 
1964 China detonated its first atomic bomb becoming the 
 world's fifth nuclear power. 
1967 NATO headquarters opened in Brussels. 
1970 Anwar Sadat was elected president of Egypt to succeed 
 Gamal Abdel Nassar. 
1973 Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho were named winners of 
 the Nobel Peace Prize. The Vietnamese official declined 
 the award. 
1982 China announced that it had successfully fired a 
 ballistic missile from a submarine. 
1987 Rescuers freed Jessica McClure from the abandoned well 
 that she had fallen into in Midland, TX. she was trapped 
 for 58 hours. 
1993 The U.N. Security Council approved the deployment of 
 U.S. warships to enforce a blockade on Haiti to increase 
 pressure on the controlling military leaders. 
1995 The "Million Man March" took place in Washington, DC. 
1997 Charles M. Schulz and his wife Jeannie announced that 
 they would give $1 million toward the construction of a 
 D-Day memorial to be placed in Virginia. 
2000 It was announced that Chevron Corp. would be buying 
 Texaco Inc. for $35 billion. The combined company was 
 called Chevron Texaco Corp. and became the 4th largest 
 oil company in the world. 
2002 It was reported that North Korea had told the U.S. 
 that it had a secret nuclear weapons program in violation 
 of an 1994 agreement with the U.S. 
2002 The Arthur Andersen accounting firm was sentenced to 
 five years probation and fined $500,000 for obstructing 
 a federeal investigation of the energy company Enron. 
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