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Today is Sunday, October 19

Yesterday dad told me on Skype that he had been run over.
He was wearing his bright red windbreaker and was just 
peacefully walking on the sidewalk on the way home from
the store, when some bimbo backed out from the bank,
assuming that she was important enough so that traffic
would halt and she could bully her way into the traffic.

When she hit dad, he got thrown into traffic, which was
slow enough, so that cars could screech to a stop.

When he woke up, he was flat on the road, and an ambulance
driver asking if he remembered his name. Then a cop asked 
him the same. 

He was bloodied on the head and elbows and knees. They
patched that up and then he got hauled to the hospital in
the next town over, where they xrayed him and sent him home.

He was lucky, again, but sure was shook up. Tomorrow, by 
the time you read this, he will be taking a bus up into the
mountains and hike a bit up there, 
where nobody runs him over.

Have FUN!

Today's International Bonehead Award goes to a Virginia perv made child porn in house where mom ran daycare center Details at Boneheads Today, in 1933 Basketball was introduced to the 1936 Olympic Games by the Berlin Organization Committee. 1969 U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew referred to anti-Vietnam War protesters "an effete corps of impudent snobs."
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Honesty pays, but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people. --- Kin Hubbard (1868 - 1930) Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight? --- Al Boliska
Her husband had passed on and the new widow was so distraught that she sought out a spiritualist who told her that her husband was just fine. She added further that he was eagerly awaiting a reunion with her. "Is there anything he needs ?" the distraught woman asked, between tears. The spiritualist went into a transient state, then replied, "He says he'd love a package of cigarettes." "I'll send a carton immediately." the woman said joyfully. "But did he say where I should send them ?" "No." replied the Seer somberly. "But he didn't ask for matches."
Once there was a golfer whose drive landed on an anthill. Rather than move the ball, he decided to hit it where it lay. He gave a mighty swing. Clouds of dirt and sand and ants exploded from the spot. Everything but the golfball. It sat in the same spot. So he lined up and tried another shot. Clouds of dirt and sand and ants went flying again. The golf ball didn't even wiggle. Two ants survived. One dazed ant said to the other, "Whoa! What are we going to do?" Said the other ant: "I don't know about you, but I'm going to get on the ball."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Justin Patrick Boniewicz, 29, Gainesville, Virginia Virginia perv made child porn in house where mom ran daycare center A Gainesville, Virginia, man is suspected of producing child porn at his home -- which is also where his mother ran a licensed daycare center. Justin Patrick Boniewicz, 29, was arrested Friday and charged with production of child pornography, solicitation of child pornography and using communication systems to facilitate offenses with a minor. Boniewicz was arrested after a special victims unit learned about an ongoing investigation involving a 16-year-old New York girl corresponding with Boniewicz, Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok told “As a result of the search of the home, multiple electronic devices containing evidence of child pornography were seized,” Perok said. The suspect allegedly met his underage victim in a chat room in January and conducted a long distance relationship with her. He allegedly encouraged the girl to perform sex shows for him via Skype, according to the Washington Post. There is no evidence any of the children at the daycare center were victimized, according to CSNBaltimore. At least one client of the daycare center doesn't seem worried by the charges. "He's a good boy and his momma runs a good daycare," the unidentified woman told NBC Washington. A woman at the house who didn't give her name told the station the business is doing well despite the allegations against the owner's son. Boniewicz is being held without bond and a court date for him is pending. Tech Support Pits From: DJ Re: Bills Firefox Fix At 01:05 PM 10/13/2014, you wrote: Dear Webby, A hundred thousand kudos, Dear Webby . . . for passing on the "Firefox fix" from Bill. The previous versions of Firefox (v32, 32.01, 32.02, 32.03) were naught but crapware in my view, giving me a world of grief in past weeks, including hijacking my start page, starting up at an aggravating snail's pace, and refusing to exit gracefully when closed (I had to force a close by running CCleaner before I could launch again). And the update to v33 did not install automatically on my XP, Vista or Win7 laptops. Arrgh! After following Bill's advice and turning off the hardware acceleration option, v32.03 launched briskly on Vista and I activated the v33 update through the Help>>About Firefox window. Upon launching v33 the first time my Advanced SystemCare application notified me that some leftover Firefox v32.03 files needed to be disposed of--a total of 246 files to be exact! Is Mozilla bucking to follow in the bloatware tradition Microsoft is so adept at? (Spoken as a user with her two older laptops configured to dual boot into either Ubuntu Linux or Windows.) Thanks again for the daily Tech Support Pits hints. There are days when I don't find time for the humor, but I never delete a Humor Letter issue without reading the Tech Pits. Your advice is more helpful than you'll ever know. Best . . . dj Dear DJ Glad FF is working OK now. Have FUN! DearWebby
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The happy couple were being interviewed on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. The society reporter asked, "In all that time, did you ever consider a divorce?" "Oh, no, not divorce, we're too old fashioned for that," the husband replied. "Murder occasionally," the wife offered "but never divorce."
Parents can be very upset when their children don't get into the college of their choice. As an admissions counselor for a state university, I took a call from an irate mother who was demanding to know why her daughter had been turned down. Avoiding any mention of the transcript full of D's, I explained that her daughter just wasn't as "competitive" as the admitted class. "Why doesn't she try anther school for a year and then transfer?" I suggested. "Another school!" howled the Mother. "Have you seen her grades?"

Cuddly Critters

Today in 
1781 British General Charles Lord Cornwallis surrendered 
 to U.S. General George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia. 
 It was to be the last major battle of the American 
 Revolutionary War. 
1812 Napoleon Bonaparte's French forces began their retreat 
 out of Russia after a month of chasing the retreating 
 Russian army. 
1914 In the U.S., government owned vehicles were first used 
 to pick up mail in Washington, DC. 
1915 The U.S. recognized General Venustiano Carranza as the 
 president of Mexico. The U.S. imposed embargo to all parts 
 of Mexico except where Carranza was in control. 
1933 Basketball was introduced to the 1936 Olympic Games by 
 the Berlin Organization Committee. 
1943 The Moscow Conference of Foreign Ministers began in 
 Russia during World War II. Delegates from the U.S.S.R., 
 Great Britain, the U.S., and China met to discuss war aims 
 and cooperation between the nations. 
1944 The play "I Remember Mama" opened on Broadway. Marlon 
 Brando made his debut with his appearance. 
1944 The U.S. Navy announced that black women would be allowed 
 into Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES). 
1950 The United Nations forces entered the North Korean 
 capital of Pyongyang. 
1951 U.S. President Truman singed an act officially ending the 
 state of war with Germany. 
1960 The United States imposed an embargo on exports to Cuba 
 covering all commodities except medical supplies and certain 
 food products. 
1969 U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew referred to anti-Vietnam 
 War protesters "an effete corps of impudent snobs." 
1977 The Concorde made its first landing in New York City. 
1989 The U.S. Senate rejected a proposed constitutional amendment 
 that barred the desecration of the American flag. 
1993 Benazir Bhutto was returned to the premiership of Pakistan. 
1998 Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson got his boxing 
 license back after he had lost it for biting Evander Holyfield's 
 ear during a fight. 
2003 In London, magician David Blaine emerged from a clear 
 plastic box that had been suspended by a crane over the banks 
 of the Thames River. He survived only on water for 44 days. 
 Blaine had entered the box on September 5. 
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