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Today is Friday, November 14
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

Thank you, Jim, HMCM!

Have FUN!

Today's Bonehead Award goes to 
Drunk Motorist Hit Pedestrian, 
Kept Driving With Victim 
"Halfway Through The Vehicle's 
Details at Boneheads

Today, in 
1956 The USSR crushed the Hungarian uprising. 
More of what happened on this day in history at History
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We live in a Newtonian world of Einsteinian physics ruled by Frankenstein logic. --- David Russell Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had. --- Michael Crichton (1942 - 2008), ______________________________________________________ >From Nanarina The Real Truths in Life 1. A girl is said to be grown up when she starts wearing a bra. A boy is grown up when he starts removing it. 2. We all love to spend money buying new clothes but we never realize that the best moments in life are enjoyed without clothes. 3. Having a cold drink on hot day with a few friends is nice, but having a hot friend on a cold night after a few drinks - PRICELESS. 4. Breaking News: Condoms don't guarantee safe sex anymore. A friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot dead by the woman's husband. 5. Arguing over a girl's bust size is like choosing between Molson, Heineken, Carlsberg & Budweiser. Men may state their preferences, but will grab whatever is available. 6. I haven't verified this on Urban Legends, but it sounds legit. A recent study found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it. ______________________________________________________ Those of us who worked at the front desk of a convention hotel in Williamsburg, Va., prided ourselves on making the guests feel special. When someone arrived at reception, credit card in hand, we would sneak a peek at it and address him by name. Once during a particularly busy check-in, one of our guests presented a corporate credit card. "Welcome to Williamsburg, Mr. Bell," the desk clerk said. "Oh, please," the man replied, "call me Taco." ______________________________________________________ They were burying Irish Pat today and the Irish Priest was explaining to the congregation that before they could put Pat to rest, someone had to get up and say something nice about Pat, even though Pat was a womanizer, a drunk and a fighter. No one got up. So the priest got up again and said,"Maybe I didn't explain me-self properly. Before we can put Paddy in his grave, one of you MUST get up and say something nice about the man. It's our duty as Irishmen and Catholics." So as the priest sat down again, Little Murphy in the back pew got up, cleared his throat, and with his porkpie hat in his hand said, "His brother was even worse!". ______________________________________________________ Thanks to Jean for this picture: Thanks to Walter, the Stonecarver, for this picture Click through for the pig p;icture Mandarin Fish ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Marcos Ortega, 33, Ocean Township, New Jersey Drunk Motorist Hit Pedestrian, Kept Driving With Victim "Halfway Through The Vehicle's Windshield" After striking a pedestrian with his car, a drunk New Jersey bonehead drove for more than a mile with the critically injured victim lodged in the vehicle’s windshield, investigators allege. Responding to a report Monday of an erratic driver, an Ocean Township Police Department officer spotted an auto “with what appeared to be a person lying on the hood of the vehicle.” A cop initiated a traffic stop around 7 PM and found “a person halfway through the vehicle’s windshield,” according to prosecutors. A subsequent investigation determined that driver Marcos Ortega, 33, struck the victim when he crossed onto the shoulder on Route 9. Cops estimated that Ortega drove “approximately 1.5 miles” with Kenneth Moeller, 61, lodged in the car’s windshield. Moeller was extricated from the vehicle by emergency service workers and transported to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center, where he is listed in critical condition. The drunk Ortega was charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. He was booked into the county jail in lieu of $150,000 bail. Tech Support Pits From: Iana Re: Reminder Dear Webby! I need a reliable reminder service, where I can enter appointments and get email reminders in time to plan my week. What do you recommend? Iana Dear Iana I have used a href=""> for many years. It is free, and you can set it to remind you on four different time intervals, for example, a month, week, 3 days, 1 day in advance, and even tell it at what time of the day to send you the reminder emails. You don't have to set those intervals all the same, but can vary them for each event. It also has a nice calendar where it shows you the booked events in the colors of your choice. I am quite happy with it. Have FUN! DearWebby
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The story is told of a Russian named Ivanovich who visited the Moscow zoo for the first time. To his amazement, he found a little lamb sharing the cage with a big fierce lion. Ivanovich expressed surprise to his guide. The guide smiled and said, "That is peaceful coexistence." When Ivanovich shook his head in a doubtful way, the guide explained, "Of course, we have to put in a fresh lamb every morning."
Daily tip from Save Trash Can Liners Most people have several trash containers throughout their house: kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, office, etc. Most trash that is tossed is dry. If you reserve one trash container for wet trash (kitchen would be a logical one), you can simply empty the others into it on trash day, instead of bagging them all individually. Saves on trash can liners. By Leann D ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ A handsome young man walks into a chemist shop which is owned and run by two old spinster sisters. The man said to the two old women, "Every time I see a woman, I get the urge to hug and kiss her, and to make mad, passionate love. Is there anything you can give me for this?" The two old women whispered to each other for a moment, and then one of them replied, "My sister and I will give you $200 a week and the two-room flat above the shop." ______________________________________________________ A gentleman goes to Africa and asks his tourist guide while walking in the jungle, "Are we safe here? Aren't there cannibals around here?" The tourist guide says, "Yes, it's safe. You can be sure there are no cannibals in Africa." The tourist replied, "But I heard there may still be some cannibals around here." The guide answered, "There are NO cannibals here. I'm sure. We ate the last one yesterday."

20 weird pictures

Today in 
1832 The first streetcar went into operation in New York 
 City, NY. The vehicle was horse-drawn and had room for 
 30 people. 
1851 Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick" was first 
 published in the U.S. 
1881 Charles J. Guiteau's trial began for the assassination 
 of U.S. President Garfield. Guiteau was convicted and 
 hanged the following year. 
1889 New York World reporter Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) 
 began an attempt to surpass the fictitious journey of Jules 
 Verne's Phileas Fogg by traveling around the world in less 
 than 80 days. Bly succeeded by finishing the journey the 
 following January in 72 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes. 
1922 The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) began 
 domestic radio service. 
1935 U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed the 
 Philippine Islands a free commonwealth after its new 
 constitution was approved. The Tydings-McDuffie Act planned 
 for the Phillipines to be completely independent by July 4, 
1940 During World War II, German war planes destroyed most 
 of the English town of Coventry when about 500 Luftwaffe 
 bombers attacked. 
1951 The first telecast of a world lightweight title fight 
 was seen coast to coast. Jimmy Carter beat Art Aragon in 
 Los Angeles. 
1956 The USSR crushed the Hungarian uprising. 
1968 Yale University announced it was going co-educational. 
1969 Apollo 12 blasted off for the moon from Cape Kennedy
1969 During the Vietnam War, Major General Bruno Arthur 
 Hochmuth, commander of the Third Marine Division, became 
 the first general to be killed in Vietnam by enemy fire. 
1972 Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike. 
1973 Britain's Princess Anne married a commoner, Capt. 
 Mark Phillips, in Westminster Abbey. They divorced in 
 1992, and Princess Anne re-married. 
1979 U.S. President Carter froze all Iranian assets in the 
 United States and U.S. banks abroad in response to the 
 taking of 63 American hostages at the U.S. embassy in 
 Tehran, Iran. 
1983 The British government announced that U.S.-made 
 cruise missiles had arrived at the Greenham Common air 
 base amid protests. 
1989 The U.S. Navy ordered an unprecedented 48-hour 
 stand-down in the wake of a recent string of serious 
1991 After 13 years in exile Cambodian Prince Norodom 
 Sihanouk returned to his homeland. 
1994 U.S. experts visited North Korea's main nuclear 
 complex for the first time under an accord that opened 
 such sites to outside inspections. 
1995 The U.S. government instituted a partial shutdown, 
 closing national parks and museums while most government 
 offices operated with skeleton crews.
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