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Today is Saturday, November 29

I find it hilarious that the White House now gets hysterical
about too much Ozone. Not too long ago, they w ere getting 
hysterical about the Freon in your fridge killing the Ozone
and letting Canadians getting a sun tan without flying to 
Hawaii or Florida.

This time the turncoats won't bother with your fridge, they 
want to shut down coal fired power plants and make you turn
off your furnace. 

Again, there is no hard proof that the powerplants are 
competing with volcanoes or wildfires, just a consensus 
of grant recipients. 

Ozone is O3, Oxygen with an extra atom. Free Oxygen is O2,
but when you have very energetic combustion or chaotic plasma 
like in a welding arc or lightning, some of those O2 molecules
get ripped apart and are now desperate for mating. They will
latch onto anything, even an O2 molecule, and turn it into O3.

O3 is what you smell when you enter a welding shop, aside from
the smoke of the electrodes. In concentrated form, and excluding
regular air, it could kill you, but as you can tell from 
Millions of old welders, it may lead to consumption of beer, 
but is otherwise harmless.

O3 sooner or later decays and gives it's extra Oxygen atom to
something else, for example to iron. Yes, it WILL rust your 
chastity belt if you live next door to a coal fired powerplant!

If power plant ozone was really a problem, it could be reduced 
by simply turning down the forced air. However, the powerplants
prefer a bit of measurable Ozone, than to allow incomplete
combustion, which would produce potentially carcinogenic 
compounds. They sure don't want to get yelled at about those!
So they crank the air to ensure total and complete combustion.

Sure, at a few of the older powerplants, some ash is not 
filtered out of the smoke stack. That ash is mostly metals
and minerals, the stuff you pay good money for in your 

As a photographer, I am against coal fired  and all for 
clean nuclear powerplants, and always have been. 

I find it hilarious that the White House has suddenly seen 
the light and is now against coal, annoying the coal miner's 
unions, that helped get Obama into the White House.

Typical California wildfires:

Have FUN!

Today's Bonehead Award goes to a
Pennsylvania woman, who stabbed her boyfriend for starting
to eat the Thanksgiving dinner, wheile she was passed out.
Details at Boneheads

Today, in 
1975 Bill Gates adopted the name Microsoft for the company 
 he and Paul Allen had formed to write the BASIC computer 
 language for the Altair. 
More of what happened on this day in history at History
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In order to do what really matters to you, you have to, first of all, know what really matters to you." --- Dr. Edward Hallowell: ______________________________________________________ A young woman meets her old, retired, parish priest and when he asks her how she is, she bursts out crying. "What's the matter child?" he asks. "Oh, Father," she says, "it's my boyfriend. He won't marry me because I'm Roman Catholic." "There, there child. Here's what you do. Explain to him the faith of the Church, the traditions, the ceremonies and the rites. That'll bring him around." Tearfully, the young woman says she'll try it. About a year later, they meet again, and again she bursts into tears when he asks how she is doing. "Is it your boyfriend, child?" he asks. "Yes, Father." "Did you explain about the Church as I suggested?" "Yes, Father," she says, "but that was the problem. He was so taken by it that he's now studying to be a priest." ______________________________________________________ A young man called his mother and announced excitedly that he had just met the woman of his dreams and wanted to know what he should do next. His mother suggested, "Why don't you send her flowers, and on the card invite her to your place for a home-cooked meal?" He thought this was a great idea and arranged a date for the next weekend. His mother called the day after the big date to see how things had gone. He moaned, "Oh, mom, the evening was a complete disaster." His mother said, "Why, didn't she come over?" And the young man said, "Oh, she came over, but she can't cook either!" ______________________________________________________ Thanks to Dad for this picture: Click through for the big picture EarlyChristmasCacti-11-28-2014 They are crowding him off his breakfast table! ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Jack-Lyn Blake 47 Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Pennsylvania woman, 47, stabbed boyfriend for starting thanksgiving dinner without her Incensed that her boyfriend began eating their Thanksgiving dinner while she was asleep following a day of drinking, a Pennsylvania woman grabbed a knife and stabbed the man after chasing him around the dining room table, cops report. Jack-Lyn Blake, 47, is locked up in the Luzerne County jail on an assortment of criminal charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless endangerment, and making terroristic threats. According to Wilkes-Barre police, officers responded yesterday to Blake’s residence around 6:30 PM after receiving a 911 call about a stabbing. When they arrived at the home, Blake, who was exiting the residence, announced, “I stabbed him.” Further investigation revealed that Blake’s beau, Benjamin Smith, had been stabbed in the chest. Smith, who was pressing a towel to his wound when police arrived, was later treated at a local hospital for the non-life- threatening injury. Smith told officers that he had argued earlier in the day with Blake, who was reportedly intoxicated and had gone upstairs to sleep. While Blake (seen in the above mug shot) snoozed, Smith began Thanksgiving dinner without her. When Blake awoke to discover that the festivities had commenced in her absence, things got bloody. Cops charge that she grabbed a knife and chased Smith around the dinner table. After dodging several stabbing attempts, Smith got knifed by Blake (who also threw the weapon at Smith, striking him in the face). Tech Support Pits From: Fred Re: Fwd.:Be Aware Dear Webby Please read this. It is no joke. Here is the e-mail I was sent: Dear Friends: I know not all of you are women that I am sending this to, but am hoping you will share this with your wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc. Our world seems to be getting crazier by the day. Pipe bombs in mail boxes and sickos in parking lots with perfume. Be careful. I was approached yesterday afternoon around 5:30 PM in the Wal-Mart parking lot by two men asking what kind of perfume I .......... Dear Fred Forget it. That is an ancient hoax. You can read up on it. There is no gas that is so potent that it can knock you out with just the tiny amount that can be put into a stack of scratch cards. Have FUN! DearWebby
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This cowboy was out looking for a job one day. He stopped at a ranchers house to ask the rancher for a job. This rancher looks over the cowboy and thinks to himself, "Waal, he looks ok, 10 gallon hat, denim shirt, denim pants but he's wearing tennis shoes. Guess I'll see what he can do." So the rancher tells the cowboy. "OK, let's see what you can do. Go rope that calf over there and brand it." The cowboy has the calf branded before the little doggie knows what hit him. Well, the rancher is a bit impressed but still not too sure so he gives him another test. "Now break that there bronc", he points to a wild looking stallion in a corral. This cowboy saddles, and rides the bronc, wildest ride you've ever seen. After 5 minutes the bronc is so tired he settles down and the cowboy hand the rancher a tame horse. This rancher is IMPRESSED now. "OK, son you got the job. There's just one question I gotta ask you. You rope and ride real well and you look mostly like a cowboy except for them tennis shoes. Why don't you wear cowboy boots instead of tennis shoes?" The cowboy looks the rancher in the eye and says, "I would wear cowboy boots, but then people would think I was a trucker!"
Daily tip from Removing Eggs from Boiling Water I have a plastic, long-handled pasta scoop with a hole in the bottom of its bowl and serrated edge. After eggs are boiled, use the scoop to remove them from the pot, eliminating risk of burn because of scalding water, or dropped eggs. For those of you who color Easter eggs, it is a "must." Source: No; my own discovery. By Cay from FL [1] Have FUN! DearWebby ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ Boudreaux and Rodrigue are out in one of Louisiana's Cajun country swamps when Rodrigue falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing, and his eyes are rolled back in his head. Boudreaux takes out his cell phone and calls 911 for help. "My friend is dead. He jus' pass out. What can I do?" The operator says in a calm soothing voice, "Just take it easy. I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead." There is a long silence, then the operator hears a shot. Boudreaux's voice comes back on the line. "Okay," he says. "Now what?" ______________________________________________________ A door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman goes to the first house in his new territory. He knocks, a real mean and tough looking lady opens the door, and before she has a chance to say anything, he runs inside and dumps cow patties all over the carpet. He says, "Lady, if this vacuum cleaner don't do wonders cleaning up that horse manure, I'll eat every chunk of it." She turns to him with a smirk and says, "You want ketchup on that?" The Salesman says, "why do you ask?" She says, "We just moved in and we haven't got the electricity turned on yet."

Cascade of flowers

Today in 
1864 The Sand Creek Massacre occurred in Colorado when a 
 militia led by Colonel John Chivington killed at least 400 
 peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians who had surrendered 
 and had been given permission to camp. 
1890 Navy defeated Army by a score of 24-0 in the first 
 Army-Navy football game. The game was played at West Point, NY. 
1892 A patent was issued to Almon Brown Strowger for the 
 rotary dial. 
1929 The first airplane flight over the South Pole was made by 
 U.S. Navy Lt. Comdr. Richard E. Byrd. 
1939 The USSR broke off diplomatic relations with Finland prior 
 to a Soviet attack. 
1945 The monarchy was abolished in Yugoslavia and a republic 
1947 The U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution that called 
 for the division of Palestine between Arabs and Jews. 
1961 The Mercury-Atlas 5 spacecraft was launched by the U.S. 
 with Enos the chimp on board. The craft orbited the earth 
 twice before landing off Puerto Rico. 
1963 A Trans-Canada Airlines DC-8F with 111 passengers and 
 7 crew members crashed in woods north of Montreal 4 minutes 
 after takeoff from Dorval Airport. All aboard were killed. 
 The crash was the worst in Canada's history. 
1974 In Britain, a bill that outlawed the Irish Republican 
 Army became effective. 
1975 Bill Gates adopted the name Microsoft for the company 
 he and Paul Allen had formed to write the BASIC computer 
 language for the Altair. 
1981 Actress Natalie Wood drowned in a boating accident off 
 Santa Catalina Island, CA, at the age 43. 
1982 The U.N. General Assembly voted that the Soviet Union 
 should withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. 
1987 A Korean jetliner disappeared off Burma, with 115 
 people aboard. 
1987 Cuban detainees released 26 hostages they'd been 
 holding for more than a week at the Federal Detention 
 Center in Oakdale, LA. 
1988 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the rights of criminal 
 defendants are not violated when police unintentionally fail 
 to preserve potentially vital evidence. 
1989 In Czechoslovakia, the Communist-run parliament ended the 
 party's 40-year monopoly on power. 
1990 The U.N. Security Council voted to authorize military 
 action if Iraq did not withdraw its troops from Kuwait and 
 release all foreign hostages by January 15, 1991. 
1991 17 people were killed in a 164-vehicle wreck during a 
 dust storm near Coalinga, CA, on Interstate 5. 
1994 Fighter jets attacked the capital of Chechnya and its 
 airport only hours after Russian President Boris Yeltsin 
 demanded the breakaway republic end its civil war. 
1996 A U.N. court sentenced Bosnian Serb army soldier Drazen 
 Erdemovic to 10 years in prison for his role in the 
 massacre of 1,200 Muslims. The sentence was the first 
 international war crimes sentence since World War II. 
1998 Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected legalizing 
 heroin and other narcotics. 
2004 The French government announced plans to build the 
Louvre II in northern France. The 236,808 square foot 
 museum was the planned home for 500-600 works from the 
 Louvre's reserves. 
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