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Good Morning, ,

Today is Thursday, January 1
Happy New Year!
First day for breaking resolutions.
Isn't that what they are for?

Have FUN!

Today's Bonehead Award goes to a
Tattooed Hilbilly in Florida, who admitted that he has
started fires with Molotov cocktails

Details at Boneheads

Today, in 
1622 The Papal Chancery adopted January 1st as the beginning 
 of the New Year (instead of March 25th).
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Wise sayings often fall on barren ground; but a kind word is never thrown away. --- Sir Arthur Helps I have such poor vision I can date anybody. --- Garry Shandling (1949 - ) ______________________________________________________ A famed English explorer was invited to Dartmouth to tell of his adventures in the African jungle. "Can you imagine," he demanded, "people so primitive that they love to eat the embryo of certain birds, and slices from the belly of certain animals? And grind up grass seed, make it into a paste, burn it over a fire, then smear it with a greasy mess they extract from the mammary fluid of certain other animals?" When the students looked startled by such barbarism, the explorer added softly, "What I've been describing, of course, is a breakfast of bacon and eggs and buttered toast." ______________________________________________________ My friend, Monica, is an accomplished harpist who frequently plays for weddings, receptions, parties and other such events. She is also blonde and has an appropriately cherubic face. She was on her way to an engagement at a hotel and stepped into an elevator with her large golden harp. Just before the doors closed, a distinguished gray-haired man stepped on. As the elevator rose, he looked thoughtfully first at her and then her harp and asked, "How far up does this elevator go?" ______________________________________________________ Click through for the big picture Hanging out ______________________________________________________
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Jeffrey Mark Jalinski, 30, Orange County Florida Started Fires With Gas-Filled Bottles A Florida man with very distinctive facial tattoos allegedly told police he had a burning desire to start fires. Now his heated hobby has landed him in hot water. Police in Orange County, Florida, arrested Jeffrey Mark Jalinski, 30, on Dec. 22, after he admitted to using homemade devices to start fires in burn barrels, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Deputies and a SWAT team initially showed up at Jalinski's motor home with a search warrant looking for drugs. Instead, they said, they found three beer bottles believed to contain gasoline and rags stuck in the neck of each bottle. The suspect allegedly told deputies that the bottles were his and confirmed they were filled with gas. He also allegedly confessed to using the bottles to start fires, KIRO TV reports. Jalinski was charged with possession of or discharging a destructive device. He has since bonded out of Orange County Jail, but not before posing for this memorable mug shot, according to ------------ I have seen Hillbillies light their burning barrels that way, if they stunk too much or had too many wasps or horseflies. Usually though, the bottle did not break and required a shot from a shotgun to shatter it and light the barrel. That is, if they were sober enough to actually get the bottle INTO the barrel. ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Noella Re: Move Thunderbird daqta to new laptop Dear Webby Need to find Thunderbird files, not Outlook Express. I've already transferred everything over to Thunderbird. Now I just need to transfer Thunderbird files to my laptop. Noella Dear Noella You need "Moving Thunderbird Data to a New Computer" at Have FUN! DearWebby ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Crust Cover from Metal Pie Plate With the holidays coming and after wasting countless strips of aluminum foil just to cover my pie crusts when baking, I tried cutting up an old aluminum pie pan to place over my pie crusts while baking. It worked! Use craft scissors and cut cleanly so you leave no sharp edges. I would suggest you wear work gloves and possibly use needle nose pliers to bend down and crimp closed the cut ends after cutting the circle out of the bottom just to guarantee no cuts! I intend to reuse these again and again. By Dee [186]
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A real estate salesman had just closed his first deal, only to discover that the piece of land he had sold was completely under water. "That customer's going to come back here pretty mad," he said to his boss. "Should I give him his money back?" "Money back?" roared the boss. "What kind of salesman are you? Get out there and sell him a houseboat." ______________________________________________________ Our young daughter had adopted a stray cat. To my distress, he began to use the back of our new sofa as a scratching post. "Don't worry," my husband reassured me. "I'll have him trained in no time." I watched for several days as my husband patiently "trained" our new pet. Whenever the cat scratched, my husband deposited him outdoors to teach him a lesson. The cat learned quickly. For the next 16 years, whenever he wanted to go outside, he scratched the back of the sofa.

All types of peanut butter

Today in 
0404 The last gladiator competition was held in Rome. 
1622 The Papal Chancery adopted January 1st as the beginning 
 of the New Year (instead of March 25th). 
1772 The first traveler's checks were issued in London. 
1797 Albany became the capital of New York state, 
 replacing New York City. 
1801 The Act of Union of England and Ireland came into force. 
1801 Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi became the first 
 person to discover an asteroid. He named it Ceres. 
1804 Haiti gained its independence. 
1808 The U.S. prohibited import of slaves from Africa. 
1863 U.S. President Lincoln signed the Emancipation 
 Proclamation, which declared that all slaves in the 
 rebel states were free. 
1887 Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India in Delhi. 
1894 The Manchester Ship Canal was officially opened. 
1898 Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island 
 were consolidated into New York City. 
1901 The Commonwealth of Australia was founded. Lord Hopetoun 
 officially assumed the duties as the first Governor-General. 
1909 The first payments of old-age pensions were made in Britain. 
 People over 70 received five shillings a week. 
1913 The post office began parcel post deliveries. 
1924 Frank B. Cooney received a patent for ink paste. 
1934 Alcatraz Island officially became a Federal Prison. 
1936 The "New York Herald Tribune" began microfilming its 
 current issues. 
1945 France was admitted to the United Nations. 
1956 Sudan gained its independence. 
1958 The European Economic Community (EEC) started operations. 
1959 Fidel Castro overthrew the government of Fulgencio 
 Batista, and seized power in Cuba. 
1968 Evel Knievel, stunt performing daredevil, lost control 
 of his motorcycle midway through a jump of 141 feet over 
 the ornamental fountains in front of Caesar’s Palace in 
 Las Vegas. 
1971 Tobacco ads representing $20 million dollars in 
 advertising were banned from TV and radio broadcast. 
1973 Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Norway joined the EEC. 
1975 The magazine "Popular Electronics" announced the 
 invention of a person computer called Altair. MITS, 
 using an Intel microprocessor, developed the computer. 
1981 Greece joined the European Community. 
1984 AT&T was broken up into 22 Bell System companies 
 under terms of an antitrust agreement with the U.S. 
 Federal government. 
1986 Spain and Portugal joined the European Community (EC). 
1987 A pro-democracy rally took place in Beijing's Tiananmen Square (China). 
1990 David Dinkins was sworn in as New York City's first black mayor. 
1993 Czechoslovakia split into two separate states, the 
 Czech Republic and Slovakia. The peaceful division had 
 been engineered in 1992. 
1994 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went into effect. 
1995 Frederick West, an alleged killer of 12 women and girls, 
 was found hanged in his jail cell in Winston Green prison, 
 in Birmingham. West had been under almost continuous watch 
 since his arrest in 1994, but security had reportedly been 
 relaxed in the months preceding the apparent suicide. 
1995 The World Trade Organization came into existence. The 
 group of 125 nations monitors global trade. 
1998 A new anti-smoking law went into effect in California. 
 The law prohibiting people from lighting up in bars. 
1999 The euro became currency for 11 Member States of the 
 European Union. Coins and notes were not available until 
 January 1, 2002. 
1999 In California, a law went into effect that defined 
 "invasion of privacy as trespassing with the intent to 
 capture audio or video images of a celebrity or crime 
 victim engaging in a personal of family activity." 
2001 The "Texas 7," rented space in an RV park in Woodland Park, CO.
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