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Today is Friday, January 16
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

Have FUN!

Today's Bonehead Award goes to a
kentucky man, who held woman at gunpoint and
tattooed 'slut' on her back
Details at Boneheads

Today, in 
1979 The Shah of Iran and his family fled Iran for Egypt.  
More of what happened on this day in history at History
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No man ever listened himself out of a job. --- Calvin Coolidge (1872 - 1933) ______________________________________________________ I went out to this restaurant not long ago and met the waitress of my dreams. About halfway through dinner I called the waitress over and said, "Ma'am, this potato is bad." She nodded, picked up the potato, and smacked it. Then she put it back on my plate and said, "Sir, if that potato causes any more trouble, you just let me know." ______________________________________________________ The captain was attempting to rally the GIs on the eve of a big offensive. "Out there," he yelled, "is your enemy. The man who has made your life miserable, who is working to destroy you; the man who has been trying to kill you day after day! He is out there!." Private Johnson jumped to his feet. "The cook ! The cook is working for THEM!" ______________________________________________________ Thanks to Roy for this picture: Click through for the big picture Mount Kilimanjaro
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Michael Aaron Joseph, 30, Shelby County Kentucky Held Woman At Gunpoint, Tattooed 'Slut' On Her Back A Kentucky man remains behind bars after allegedly assaulting a woman by tattooing the word "slut" on her back while holding her at gunpoint. A grand jury indicted Michael Aaron Joseph, 30, last week on a variety of charges including second-degree assault, first-degree wanton endangerment and first-degree unlawful imprisonment. The charges stem from an incident last May, where Joseph allegedly accused the victim of contacting her ex-boyfriend. During an argument, Joseph “repeatedly struck [the victim] in the mouth, face and head area with a pistol,” according to a police report obtained by the Anderson News. When the two arrived home, the suspect allegedly grabbed a .22 caliber pistol and showed the woman it was loaded. Then he held her on the floor while tattooing "slut" on her back, LEX18.com reports. Joseph remains jailed in the Shelby County Detention Center on $15,000 cash bail. ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: MooMoo Re: Uni Blue Dear Webby, You used to have a link to a registry fixer called Blue or Uno Blue or something like that. I used it for years and was quite happy with it. Where do you hide it now? MooMoo Dear MooMoo It's in the tool box at http://webby.com/tools It is just below the LapLink PC-Mover, the one and only program for hassle-free, hands-free migrating to a new machine or new Operating system. Go have lunch while it moves your programs and files from XP to W7 or W8. Because of your sexy name, I'll put the link to UniBlue here too for a while. They have a very nice discount for January, if you use that link. Have FUN! DearWebby ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Cube Potatoes to Speed Cooking Time If you are boiling potatoes to mash, it doesn't take long to dice the raw, peeled potatoes instead of halving or quartering them. It really speeds up boiling time. Having said this, I did read of someone who took it a bit further. They grated their potatoes, and the result was grey wallpaper paste! So half inch cubes is probably the best option. By Verity Pink [20] ______________________________________________________ A local Pastor joined a community Service Club, and the members thought they would have some fun with him. Under his name badge they printed, "Hog Caller" as his occupation. Everyone made a big fanfare as the badge was presented. The Pastor responded by saying, "I usually am called the "Shepherd'... but I am sure you know your people better than I do."
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As the high school teacher was correcting essays written by her students she read, "Diana jumped on his burrow and rode off into the sunset." She wrote at the bottom of the page, "You obviously have problems with similar sounding words. A burrow is a hole in the ground. A burro is an ass. At your age it's time to learn the difference." _____________________________________________________ An elderly Jewish woman decided to have her portrait painted. She told the artist, "Paint me with diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, emerald bracelets, a ruby broach, and a Rolex." "But you are not wearing any of those things." "Oy, don't I know it," she said. "My husband never buys me anything! It's in case I should die before my husband. I'm sure he will remarry right away, and I want his new wife to go crazy looking for the jewelry."
I'm a dog lover and I'm so glad that lost "Arthur" found this race team from Sweden to join on their 430 mile endurance trek through the Amazonian rain forest. Arthur has a brave heart and the four people whom he attached himself to were good people to allow and help him to travel with them. Arthur deserves a medal for bravery and endurance. Dogs are awesome!

Today in 
1547 Ivan the Terrible was crowned Czar of Russia. 
1572 The Duke of Norfolk was tried for treason for 
 complicity in the Ridolfi plot to restore Catholicism in 
 England. He was executed on June 2. 
1809 The British defeated the French at the Battle of 
 Corunna, in the Peninsular War. 
1866 Mr. Everett Barney patented the metal screw, 
 clamp skate. 
1900 The U.S. Senate consented to the Anglo-German treaty 
 of 1899, by which the U.K. renounced rights to the Samoan 
1919 The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which 
 prohibited the sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages, 
 was ratified. It was later repealed by the 21st Amendment. 
1920 Prohibition went into effect in the U.S. 
1925 Leon Trotsky was dismissed as Chairman of the 
 Revolutionary Council of the USSR. 
1970 Colonel Muammar el-Quaddafi became virtual president 
 of Libya. 
1970 Buckminster Fuller, the designer of the geodesic dome, 
 was awarded the Gold Medal of the American Institute of 
1979 The Shah of Iran and his family fled Iran for Egypt. 
1982 Britain and the Vatican resumed full diplomatic 
 relations after a break of over 400 years. 
1985 "Playboy" magazine announced its 30-year tradition of 
 stapling centerfold models in the bellybutton and 
 elsewhere would come to an immediate end. 
1988 Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder was fired as a CBS sports 
 commentator one day after telling a TV station in Washington, 
 DC, that, during the era of slavery, blacks had been bred 
 to produce stronger offspring. 
1998 Researchers announce that an altered gene helped to 
 defend against HIV. 
1991 The White House announced the start of Operation Desert 
 Storm. The operation was designed to drive Iraqi forces 
 out of Kuwait. 
1992 Officials of the government of El Salvador and rebel 
 leaders signed a pact in Mexico City ending 12 years of 
 civil war. At least 75,000 people were killed during 
 the fighting. 
1998 The first woman to enroll at Virginia Military 
 Institute withdrew from the school. 
1998 It was announced that Texas would receive $15.3 
 billion in a tobacco industry settlement. The payouts 
 were planned to take place over 25 years. 
2002 U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that 
 John Walker Lindh would be brought to the United States 
 to face trial. He was charged in U.S. District Court in 
 Alexandria, VA, with conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens, 
 providing support to terrorist organizations, and 
 engaging in prohibited transactions with the Taliban 
 of Afghanistan. 
2002 The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted 
 sanctions against Osama bin Laden, his terror network 
 and the remnants of the Taliban. The sanctions required 
 that all nations impose arms embargoes and freeze 
 their finances. 
2009 The iTunes Music Store reached 500 million 
 applications downloaded.
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