Why are 4 TB drives slow? 

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Today is Friday, February 6
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Today's Bonehead Award goes to 
Heroin Users Passed Out In Freezing Car With Toddler Inside
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Today, in 
1952 Britain's King George VI died. His daughter, Elizabeth II, 
 succeeded him.  
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Nothing is so admirable in politics as a short memory. --- John Kenneth Galbraith (1908 - 2006) ______________________________________________________ Geography lesson for today: Climax, NC is south of High Point, NC which has a small settlement to its north called Horneytown, NC. Strange but entirely true! So that puts High Point in between Horneytown and Climax. ______________________________________________________ A doctor told Mrs. Stone to give her husband one pill a day and one small sip of whiskey to improve his stamina. A month later, when Mrs. Stone came in for another visit, the doctor asked, "How are we doing with the pill and the whiskey?" Mrs. Stone answered, "Well, he's a little behind with the pills, but he's about six months ahead with the whiskey." ______________________________________________________ Thanks to Roy for this picture: Click through for the big picture
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Christopher McGarr 25, Tiffany Lovejoy 28, Akron, Ohio Heroin Users Passed Out In Freezing Car With Toddler Inside A man and woman in northeast Ohio have been charged with child endangering after police say the pair passed out from drug use with a toddler in a freezing car. The Northeast Ohio Media Group reports police responded to a call from an Akron gas station employee Tuesday who reported a car had been sitting at a gas pump for an hour and a half. Deputies said they found 25-year-old Christopher McGarr in the driver's seat with a needle in his arm. Police say his son's baby sitter, 28-year-old Tiffany Lovejoy, had also passed out from using heroin. Police say McGarr's 3-year-old son was in the back seat without a car seat. McGarr and Lovejoy are charged with felony child endangering. Court documents list no attorneys for them. ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Melody Re: Why are big drives slow? Dear Webby, You mentioned a week vacation while virus scanning a 4 TB drive. Can't you continue working during the can? Melody Dear Melody Yes, you can, if you have lots of patience. Scanning a big drive really slows down the computer, and you tend to stop the scan when your patience runs out, not when the scan is completed. If you have a few smaller dirves, for example the 500 MB drives we use on servers, then you can schedule scans for night time, a different drive every night. That way you won't be inconvenienced during working time, and get complete scans. You could do something similar by partitioning the big drive into virtual drives. That helps with the malware scanning, but regular work is much slower than with separate drives. Have FUN! DearWebby ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Freshening Sheets Between Changes To freshen sheets between changes, I use any brand of room spray that calls itself "Crisp Linen" or "Fresh Linen", even if it's from the dollar stores. I spray it on the fitted sheet and a drop on the pillows. Then I crawl into a bed that always smells like the sheets just came from the line outside. By Melody from East Brunswick, NJ ______________________________________________________ "What do you mean by coming home half drunk?" screamed the angry wife. "It's not my fault. I ran out of money," said Phil.
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One beautiful Sunday morning, a priest announced to his congregation: "My good people, I have here in my hands three sermons... a $100 sermon that lasts five minutes, a $50 sermon that lasts fifteen minutes, a $10 sermon that lasts a full hour, and a coin sermon that lasts till noon. Now, we'll take the collection to see which one you want." _____________________________________________________ The newly-married husband came home from the office to find his young wife in floods of tears. "Darling, what is the matter?" he asks. "Sweetheart," she sobs, "the most terrible thing has happened! I cooked my very first Beef Bourguignon for you, and I got it out the oven to season it, and the phone rang. When I came back from answering the phone an hour later," she sobbed again "I found that the cat had eaten it!" "Don't worry, darling," said her husband. "Don't cry. I'll get you a new cat in the morning..."
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Today in 
1778 The United States gained official recognition from 
 France as the two nations signed the Treaty of Amity and 
 Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance against England.
1899 The U.S. Senate ratified a peace treaty between the 
 U.S. and Spain. 
1900 The Holland Senate ratified the 1899 peace conference 
 decree that created in international arbitration court 
 at The Hague. 
1900 U.S. President McKinley appointed W.H. Taft as 
 commissioner to report on the Philippines. 
1911 The first old-age home for pioneers opened in Prescott. 
1926 The National Football League adopted a rule that made 
 players ineligible for competition until their college class 
1932 Dog sled racing happened for the first time in Olympic 
1952 Britain's King George VI died. His daughter, Elizabeth II, 
 succeeded him. 
1959 The U.S., for the first time, successfully test-fired a 
 Titan intercontinental ballistic missile from Cape Canaveral. 
1971 NASA Astronaut Alan B. Shepard used a six-iron that he 
 had brought inside his spacecraft and swung at three golf 
 balls on the surface of the moon. 
1972 Over 500,000 pieces of irate mail arrived at the mail 
 room of CBS-TV, when word leaked out that an edited-for-TV 
 version of the X-rated movie, "The Demand," would be shown. 
1985 The French mineral water company, Perrier, debuted its 
 first new product in 123 years. The new items were water 
 with a twist of lemon, lime or orange. 
1987 President Ronald Reagan turned 76 years old this day 
 and became the oldest U.S. President in history. 
1998 Washington National Airport was renamed for U.S. President 
 Ronald Reagan with the signing of a bill by U.S. President Clinton. 
1999 King Hussein of Jordan transferred full political power 
 to his oldest son the Crown Prince Abdullah. 
1999 Excerpts of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky's 
 videotaped testimony were shown at President Clinton's 
 impeachment trial. 
1999 Heavy fighting resumed along the common border between 
 Ethiopia and Eritrea. 
2000 Russia's acting President Vladimir Putin announced that 
 Russian forces had captured Grozny, Chechnya. The capital city 
 had been under the control of Chechen rebels. 
2000 In Finland, Foreign Minister Tarja Halonen became the first 
 woman to be elected president. 
2000 U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton formally declared 
 that she was a candidate for a staunch Democrat U.S. Senate seat 
 from the state  of New York. 
2001 Ariel Sharon was elected Israeli prime minister. 
2002 A federal judge ordered John Walker Lindh to be held 
 without bail pending trial. Lindh was known as the 
 "American Taliban."
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