Incandescent versus Spiral lightbulbs 

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Today's Bonehead Award goes to a
Georgia woman busted for 
"Kill White Cops" Facebook post
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Today in
1707 England, Wales and Scotland were united to form 
Great Britain. 
More of what happened on this day in history at History
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In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress. --- John Adams (1735 - 1826) That is the greatest fallacy, the wisdom of old men. They do not grow wise. They grow careful. --- Ernest Hemingway (1899 - 1961) ______________________________________________________ In primitive society, when native tribes beat the ground with clubs and yelled and screamed, it was called witchcraft; today, it is called golf. ______________________________________________________ Two Yuppettes were shopping. When they started to discuss their home lives, one said, "Seems like all Alfred and I do anymore is fight. I've been so upset, I've lost 20 pounds." "Why don't you just leave him then?" asked her friend. "Oh! Not yet." the first replied, "I'd like to lose at least another fifteen pounds first." ______________________________________________________ From Dad Click through for the big picture
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Reported by Walter, The Stonecarver An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Deshawn Isabelle, 15, Chicago, Illinois
Georgia woman busted for "Kill White Cops" Facebook post APRIL 29--As rioters rampaged across Baltimore Monday evening, a Georgia woman decided it was the perfect time to go on Facebook and announce that “All Black ppl should rise up and shoot at every white cop in the nation starting NOW,” police allege. After being alerted to the online threat--which appeared on the page of “Tiffany Milan”--investigators tracked the post back to Ebony Dickens, a 33-year-old mother from East Point, an Atlanta suburb. Dickens, pictured at right, was arrested yesterday for making terroristic threats. During a search of her apartment, police seized computers and a handgun, cops reported. “I condone black on white killing,” the Facebook post declared. “I’ve thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I’m either caught by the police or killed by them. Ha!!!! I think I can pull it off. Might kill at least fifteen tomorrow. I’m plotting now.” Apparently aware that the post would draw law enforcement scrutiny, Dickens allegedly wrote, “They reading this shit too right now. Freedom of speech tho.” She added that the post would be deleted, but only after “you can absolutely show me in the 1st amendment where it explicitly says you can’t say ‘kill all cops’...Other than that... NOPE!” The post concluded, “Death to all white cops nationwide.” A judge today set Dickens's bond at $10,000 and ordered her to cease using her social media accounts.
______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Eva Re: Spiral light bulbs Dear Webby, I know the dogooders are hysterical about everybody using the Chinese spiral lightbulbs, and the traditional ones are getting hard to find. I know their claims that the spiral lightbulbs last 25 years are plain lies. What's the real story? Eve Dear Eva Yes, the 25 year claim is a lie. They last just a bit less than standard 4 foot fluorescent tubes. Like fluorescent tubes, they use a bit less electricity than incandescent lights, however, they are rather useless for outdoor or cool areas. Forget about using them in a fridge or freezer or walk-in cooler or cold basement. Spiral lights are also useless on an outdoor motion detector light, unless you are living in the South. And yes, standard incandescent lights can be hard to find unless you go to Home Depot, Home Hardware or Ace Hardware. Walmart won't sell incandescent lightbulbs, because incandescent lightbulbs are made in the USA instead of China. Spiral lights are quite Ok in low light areas. For example for a desk lamp with a reflective hood a 7 Watt spiral bulb is enough, and a 13 spiral Watt bulb just a bit too much. To light your kitchen properly you would need half a dozen 27 Watt spiral bulbs, but to just light the coffee maker corner with a motion detector activated light, a 7 Watt spiral bulb is plenty. If the location is warm and the light requirements are low, then the spiral lamps are OK. Interesting to note is that the cost of incandescent bulbs has risen quite drastically. The cause of that is not because of manufacturing costs, but "in store costs", i.e. shoplifting. Also, the stores could not afford to pay staff for handling a 15 cent lightbulb, even though that is three times what Sylvania charges them. That is why a 15 cent lightbulb now costs $4.29 or more. Have FUN! DearWebby _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ A young boy about five or six years was talking on the telephone. As his dad listened on, the youngster told his grandparents dejectedly, "Mom is in the hospital, so the twins and Roxie and Billy and Sally and Max-the-dog and me and Dad are home all alone." ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Repair Punctures with Hot Glue So many times, a small hole or a puncture ruins a perfectly good cup, mug, bucket, vase, etc. Hot glue from a hot glue gun is the easiest and most perfect way to repair it. Just dab a drop of hot glue over the puncture or hole and wait for it to cool. Voila, it's waterproof! By josem [3] ______________________________________________________
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_____________________________________________________ For his wife's birthday party, George ordered a cake with this inscription: "You are not getting older. You are just getting better." Asked how he wanted the message arranged, he said, "Just put 'You are not getting older' at the top and 'You are just getting better' at the bottom." It wasn't until the maid served the cake that he discovered, that the cake read: "YOU ARE NOT GETTING OLDER AT THE TOP. YOU ARE JUST GETTING BETTER AT THE BOTTOM." _____________________________________________________ A man was telling his neighbor, "I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art and the best I could find." "Really," answered the neighbor. "What kind is it?" "Twelve thirty." ----------- I got one of those too! ____________________________________________________
Beautiful Drone Scenes

Today in 
0408 Theodosius II succeeded to the throne of Constantinople.
1308 King Albert was murdered by his nephew John, because 
 he refused his share of the Habsburg lands. 
1486 Christopher Columbus convinced Queen Isabella to fund 
 an expedition to the West Indies. 
1707 England, Wales and Scotland were united to form Great Britain. 
1805 The state of Virginia passed a law requiring all freed 
 slaves to leave the state, or risk either imprisonment or 
1863 In Virginia, the Battle of Chancellorsville began. 
 General Robert E. Lee's forces began fighting with Union 
 troops under General Joseph Hooker. Confederate General 
 Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded by his own soldiers 
 in this battle. (May 1-4) 
1867 Reconstruction in the South began with black voter registration. 
1877 U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes withdrew all Federal 
 troops from the South, ending Reconstruction. 
1884 The construction of the first American 10-story 
 building began in Chicago, IL. 
1889 Asa Candler published a full-page advertisement in The 
 Atlanta Journal, proclaiming his wholesale and retail drug 
 business as "sole proprietors of Coca-Cola ... Delicious. 
 Refreshing. Exhilarating. Invigorating." Mr. Candler did 
 not actually achieve sole ownership until 1891 at a cost 
 of $2,300. 
1898 The U.S. Navy under Dewey defeated the Spanish fleet 
 at Manila Bay in the Philippines. 
1905 In New York, radium was tested as a cure for cancer. 
1915 A German submarine sank the U.S. ship Gulflight. 
1927 Adolf Hitler held his first Nazi meeting in Berlin. 
1931 The Empire State Building in New York was dedicated 
 and opened. It was 102 stories tall and was the tallest 
 building in the world at the time. 
1934 The Philippine legislature accepted a U.S. proposal 
 for independence. 
1937 U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt signed an act of 
 neutrality, keeping the United States out of World War II. 
1944 The Messerschmitt Me 262, the first combat jet, 
 made its first flight. 
1945 Martin Bormann, private secretary to Adolf Hitler, 
 escaped from the Fuehrerbunker as the Red Army 
 advanced on Berlin. 
1945 Admiral Karl Doenitz succeeded Hitler as leader of 
 the Third Reich. This was one day after Hitler suicided. 
1948 The People's Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) 
 was proclaimed. 
1958 James Van Allen reported that two radiation belts 
 encircled Earth. 
1960 Francis Gary Powers' U-2 spy plane was shot down over 
 the Soviet Union. Powers was taken prisoner. 
1961 Fidel Castro announced there would be no more 
 elections in Cuba. 
1967 Anastasio Somoza Debayle became president of Nicaragua. 
1968 In the second day of battle, U.S. Marines, with the 
 support of naval fire, continue their attack on a North 
 Vietnamese Division at Dai Do. 
1970 Students at Kent State University riot in downtown 
 Kent, OH, in protest of the American invasion of Cambodia. 
1981 The Japanese government announced that it would limit 
 passenger car exports to the United States over the next 
 three years. 
1986 The Tass News Agency reported the Chernobyl nuclear 
 power plant accident. 
1986 Bill Elliott set a stock car speed record with his 
 Ford Thunderbird in Talladega, AL. Elliott reached a 
 speed of 212.229 mph. 
1992 On the third day of the Los Angeles riots resulting 
 from the Rodney King beating trial, King appeared in 
 public to appeal for calm, he asked, "Can we all get along?" 
1998 Arrow Air was fined $5 million for using spare parts 
 that lacked federal approval in the U.S. 
1999 On Mount Everest, a group of U.S. mountain climbers 
 discovered the body of George Mallory. Mallory had died in 
 June of 1924 while trying to become the first person to 
 reach the summit of Everest. At the time of the discovery 
 it was unclear whether or not Mallory had actually 
 reached the summit. 
2001 Chandra Levy was last seen in Washington, DC. Her 
 remains were found in Rock Creek Park on May 22, 2002. 
 California Congressman Gary Condit was questioned in 
 the case due to his relationship with Levy. 
2011 U.S. President Barack Obama announced that U.S. 
 soldiers had killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.
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