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Today's Bonehead Award goes to a 
Florida Woman Fakes Bomb Threat 
In Hopes Of Getting A Ride
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1847 William Clayton invented the odometer.  
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The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid. --- Art Spander ______________________________________________________ A bunch of guys decided one morning that they would go deer hunting. So they all piled into the station wagon with their guns and took off down the road looking for a place to go hunting. After driving awhile they came across an old farm house with a large spread of woods behind it. One of the guys went to the door and asked the farmer if they could hunt in his woods. When asked, the farmer said "Yes, sure, but would you do me a favor? The ol' bull in the corall there beside the house is on his last legs and I know he is sufferin', would you kindly put him down for me? I don' have the heart to." As the hunter walked back to the station wagon, he decided to play a prank on his fellow hunters. So when he got back to the station wagon he pulled out his rifle and said "..I'll teach that old coot for not letting us hunt on his property!" and shot the old bull. After he fired the shot, he heard another shot and another one, and one of the other hunters proclaim, "Yea, we'll show him... I got the cow and the calf, too!" ______________________________________________________ Linda went into the local bookstore and saw this big display with a sign saying "Newly Translated from the Original French: 37 Mating Positions." Noticing the books were already wrapped in plain brown paper, she just had to buy one. Once safely at home, she opened it and found that she had just purchased a very expensive book about chess. ______________________________________________________ Click through for the big picture Phantom F4
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Patricia Lee Bembow, 44, Escambia, Florida
Florida Woman Fakes Bomb Threat In Hopes Of Getting A Ride She's accused of calling in a bomb threat to get a free ride, and she got one -- straight to jail. It's an unusual method Patricia Lee Bembow allegedly used Monday to get picked up from a Raceway gas station in Pensacola, Florida. Bembow called a U.S. Navy recruiting station at around 8:45 a.m. and asked if she had reached "the government," according to the Pensacola News Journal. She had -- the man who answered was First Class Petty Officer Charles Brockett. She then allegedly told him there was a bomb at an undisclosed location, according to NorthEscambia.com. Bembow demanded that someone come pick her up at the gas station or else, "(Expletive) was gonna go down," the Pensacola News Journal reported. Bembow also reportedly gave her real name, according to the police report. Brockett informed his superiors, who contacted the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, according to GulfLive.com. Deputies picked up Bembow at the gas station, but chose to drive her to the Escambia County Jail rather than her preferred destination. The suspect was charged with a felony bomb threat and remains in the Escambia County Jail with bond set at $5,000, WEAR TV reports.
______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Gyppo Re: Thunderbird is OK Dear Webby, Just to second your recommendation of Thunderbird. I switched to it when I changed from XP to Win 7 a while back. I had to contact my ISP to find out which ports to use, as it wasn't one they routinely supported. But apart from that it worked straight out of the box. I like my email fairly 'bare bones' so it suits me fine. Been using it for about a year now without nasty surprises, and it imported all the files from Outlook Express which I wanted to save. Took a long time, because there were lots of them, but it did it with no hang-ups. Like OE it seems to appreciate it if you don't let your inbox get too large. When it prompts you to compress folders just do it, it doesn't take long. Gyppo/John Dear Gyppo "Compressing folders" is just what used to be called "Compact Mailboxes" in Eudora. Windows allocates extra space to each file, in case of editing requiring space. That is great if you are composing a novel, but received email is never going to be edited. The most you'll do is add a flag or label. So Thunderbird, like the Eudora code underneath, stomps the file space allocations down to actually used numbers of bytes. At the same time the files get re-indexed to make searches faster. Currently there are about 30 Million active Thunderbird users, a number that is expected to triple in the near future because of new machines being shipped with W8.1 and / or W10 pre-installed at the factory. Guess who controls those factories in China? If Windows Live Mail does indeed get fixed for W10 and be brought up to be compatible with the International Open Standard, that prediction might change slightly, but probably not by much. Have FUN! DearWebby _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Q: What is the difference between a psychotic and a neurotic? A: A psychotic thinks that 2 plus 2 makes 5. A neurotic KNOWS that 2 plus 2 makes 4 -- but that is just not good enough for her. (or him) ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Baby Food Snack Containers I love the little plastic containers that our son's baby food comes in. They have so many uses. I like to reuse them for his snacks, such as goldfish crackers and sandwich crackers. The lids snaps on securely and they fit easily into my purse. :) By lalala. ______________________________________________________
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_____________________________________________________ Harv had 9 children, and the Emergency room was a regular place to go at least once a month with one of them. Well one day she took one of her sons and there was a long wait for service. They were very busy; when they finally started calling people, the first four people they called had already gotten better and left! _____________________________________________________ The two teenagers were arrested for public lewdness and possession of marijuana when they were found naked, each smoking a joint, sitting on the edge of the fountain in the town square. The arresting officer told them they were entitled to a phone call, since he was unable to reach either parent. Some time later, a man entered the station and the sergeant said, "I suppose you're the kids' lawyer." "Nope," the chap replied. "I'm just here to deliver them a pizza." ____________________________________________________
Brave soldiers and an old plane.

Today in 
1588 King Henry III fled Paris after Henry of Guise 
 triumphantly entered the city. 
1847 William Clayton invented the odometer. 
1870 Manitoba entered the Confederation as a 
 Canadian province. 
1881 Tunisia, in North Africa became a French protectorate. 
1885 In the Battle of Batoche, French Canadians rebelled 
 against the Canadian government. 
1926 The airship Norge became the first vessel to fly over 
 the North Pole. 
1937 Britain's King George VI was crowned at Westminster Abbey. 
1940 The Nazi conquest of France began with the German army 
 crossing Muese River. 
1942 The Soviet Army launched its first major offensive 
 of World War II and took Kharkov in the eastern Ukraine 
 from the German army. 
1943 The Axis forces in North Africa surrendered during 
 World War II. 
1949 The Soviet Union announced an end to the Berlin 
1965 West Germany and Israel exchanged letters establishing 
 diplomatic relations. 
1975 U.S. merchant ship Mayaguez was seized by Cambodian 
 forces in international waters. 
1978 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
 announced that they would no longer exclusively name 
 hurricanes after women. 
1982 South Africa unveiled a plan that would give voting 
 rights to citizens of Asian and mixed-race descent, but 
 not to blacks. 
1984 South African prisoner Nelson Mandela saw his wife 
 for the first time in 22 years. 
1999 Russian President Boris Yeltsin dismissed Prime 
 Minister Yevgeny Primakov and named Interior Minister 
 Sergei Stepashin as his successor. 
2002 Former U.S. President Carter arrived in Cuba for a 
 visit with Fidel Castro. It was the first time a U.S. 
 head of state, in or out of office, had gone to the 
 island since Castro's 1959 revolution. 
2003 In Texas, fifty-nine Democratic lawmakers went into 
 hiding over a dispute with Republican's over a congressional 
 redistricting plan. 
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