In Excel graph, extend last value to the end of the year 

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>From Hermon:
He who asks is a fool for five minutes, 
but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.  
Believe in what you write
It's forgotten tonight, benefits for a week.

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Have FUN! DearWebby ______________________________________________________ Today's Bonehead Award goes to a NM Man, who printed photos of naked children at Walmart Details at Boneheads Today in 1834 Cyrus Hall McCormick received a patent for his reaping machine. More of what happened on this day in history at History ______________________________________________________ I don't mind what language an opera is sung in so long as it is a language I don't understand. --- Sir Edward Appleton (1892 - 1965) Food is an important part of a balanced diet. --- Fran Lebowitz (1950 - ) ______________________________________________________ >From Janice A picture of Grein in Austria with the Donau river at normal levels. You can paste it onto the rainy weather picture: The Donau (Danube) is about as long as the Mississippi, and if a large area upstream has a lot of rain, all towns downstream have to expect high water. It is all quite well controlled with dams and locks. ______________________________________________________ The crumbling, old church building needed re- modeling, so the preacher made an impassioned appeal, looking directly at the richest may in town. At the end of the message, the rich man stood up and announced, "Pastor, I will contribute $1,000." Just then, plaster fell from the ceiling and struck the rich man on the shoulder. He promptly stood again and shouted, "Pastor, I will increase my donation to $5,000." As he sat back down, somebody a few rows behind him lightly tossed a bit of plaster that had fallen there, onto him. The rich guy virtually screamed, "Pastor, I will double my last pledge." As he sat down, somebody tossed an even larger chunk of plaster onto him. He jumped up once more and hollered, "Pastor, I will give $20,000!" This prompted a deacon, who had not seen the pranksters, to shout, "Hit him again, Lord! Hit him again! We'll get a new church yet!" ______________________________________________________ A fifth grader looks sad, so her teacher asks, "What's the problem? I hope it's not homework again." "Well, uh, yes it is," the little girl says. "I accidentally made my homework paper into a paper airplane." "That wasn't a very bright thing to do," says the teacher, "but just this once, I'll let you just unfold the paper and hand it in." "Oh, but that won't work," the girl says, looking even sadder. "You see, the plane was hijacked, and already handed it in." ______________________________________________________
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Reported by Walter, The Stonecarver An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Anthony Leitch, 45, Vero Beach, Floriduh
Man printed photos of naked children at NM Walmart ALAMOGORDO, NM — A 45-year-old man is accused of printing photos of naked underage girls at a self-serve kiosk at Walmart. Anthony Leitch, 45, was arrested after a Walmart employee caught him processing the pornographic images, according to the Alamogordo News. The employee says Leitch entered his name as Tony Smith at the kiosk before inserting an SD card into the machine. He processed seven photos, which accidentally printed at the store’s photo counter. The police report states that four of the seven photos included naked girls between the ages of 8 and 12. The photos were believed to have been taken in the local area. Video surveillance footage helped police track down Leitch, who fled the store after the images printed at the counter. He was arrested at a traffic stop. Leitch admitted only to taking the photos that featured a girl who was clothed. Investigators conducted a search of Leitch’s home and recovered property that will be forensically examined. Leitch is being held at the Otero County Detention Center on a $20,000 bond.
______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Samantha Re: Excel Graph extend last entry to rest of the year Dear Webby I think you answered this once before, when I was too young to be able to take the whole truth. I have agraph with entries for each day. I want to extend the level of the current day to the end of the year instead of the lione dropping to zero, when there is no value there yet. I know you can do it, and I want to do it too. Thanks Samantha Dear Samantha Use the handy dandy IF formula. Lets say the value to be displayed is in the F column, which shows the difference in the E column between the current day and the previous day. Put this formula into the topmost empty cell in E, let's say E175 =IF(E175<>"",E175-E174,E174) Reading it out loud, that would be: IF E175 is not empty, then show E175-E174, ELSE, if it is empty, show E174 Copy/Paste that down the F column to the end of the year. Now you get a line at the hight of the last entry extending to the end of the year, always changing to the level of the last entry. Have FUN! DearWebby _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ If marriage was outlawed, only outlaws would have in-laws. ______________________________________________________ Joe, the Governor's most trusted assistant, died in his sleep one night. The Governor had depended on Joe for advice on every subject, from pending bills to wardrobe decisions. In addition, Joe had been his closest friend. So, it was understandable that the Governor didn't take kindly to the droves of ambitious office seekers who wanted Joe's job. "They don't even have the decency to wait until the man is buried," the Governor muttered. At the funeral, one eager beaver made his way to the Governor's side. "Governor," the man said, "is there a chance that I could take Joe's place?" "Certainly," the governor replied. "But you'd better hurry. I think the undertaker is almost finished." _________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Beer to Attract Slugs Slugs in the garden may be a problem for you. If they are just fill a plastic cup with beer and put it in the ground so that the top of the cup is ground level. The slugs will be attracted and in the morning you will have a cup'o slugs. By Katie M. [6] ______________________________________________________
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_____________________________________________________ >From Australia, where they have the cold season now: It was so cold last night the police stopped 3 youths pushing a mobile home down the street! When questioned by police they claimed to be trying to jump start the furnace! _____________________________________________________ >From Darlene Dear Webby, sorry to bother you with another repeat request. But could you please repeat that Hillbilly Medical Dictionary that you had two or three years ago ? Thanks Darlene Sure, Darlene. here it is: "REDNECK GUIDE TO MEDICAL TERMS " BENIGN--------What you be after you be eight ARTERY--------The study of paintings BACTERIA--------Back door to the cafeteria BARIUM--------What doctors do when patients die CESAREAN SECTION--A neighborhood in Rome CAT-SCAN-------- Searching for kitty CAUTERIZE--------Made eye contact with her COLIC--------A sheep dog COMA--------Punctuation mark D&C--------Where Washington is DILATE--------To live long ENEMA--------Not a friend FESTER--------Quicker than someone else FIBULA--------A small lie GENITAL--------Non-Jewish person G.I. SERIES--------World Series of military baseball HANGNAIL----------What you hang your coat on IMPOTENT--------Distinguished or well-known LABOR PAIN--------Getting hurt at work MEDICAL STAFF--------Doctors' cane MORBID--------A higher offer than I bid NITRATES--------Cheaper than day rates NODE--------I knew it OUTPATIENT--------A person who has fainted PAP SMEAR--------A fatherhood test PELVIS--------Second cousin to Elvis POST OPERATIVE--------A letter carrier RECOVERY ROOM--------Place to do upholstery RECTUM---------Damn near killed him SECRETION--------Hiding something SEIZURE----------Roman emperor TABLET--------A small table TERMINAL ILLNESS--------Getting sick at the airport TUMOR--------More than one URINE--------Opposite of you're out VARICOSE----------Near or close by ____________________________________________________
Amazing tire art! Who knew you could do something like this with old tires!

Today in 
1789 Captain William Bligh of the HMS Bounty arrived in 
 Timor in a small boat. 
1834 Cyrus Hall McCormick received a patent for his 
 reaping machine. 
1834 Isaac Fischer Jr. patented sandpaper. 
1841 The first Canadian parliament opened in Kingston. 
1846 A group of U.S. settlers in Sonoma proclaimed the 
 Republic of California. 
1900 Hawaii became a U.S. territory. 
1907 Women in Norway won the right to vote. 
1917 General John Pershing arrived in Paris during World War I. 
1927 Nicaraguan President Adolfo Diaz signed a treaty with 
 the U.S. allowing American intervention in his country. 
1940 The Nazis opened their concentration camp at Auschwitz 
 in German-occupied Poland. 
1940 German troops entered Paris. As Paris became occupied 
 loud speakers announced the implementation of a curfew being 
 imposed for 8 p.m.
1943 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schoolchildren could 
 not be made to salute the U.S. flag if doing so conflicted 
 with their religious beliefs. 
1944 Sixty U.S. B-29 Superfortresses attacked an iron and steel 
 works factory on Honshu Island. 
1945 Burma was liberated by Britain. 
1949 The state of Vietnam was formed. 
1951 "Univac I" was unveiled. It was a computer designed for the 
 U.S. Census Bureau and billed as the world's first 
 commercial computer. 
1952 The Nautilus was dedicated. It was the first nuclear 
 powered submarine. 
1954 U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an order 
 adding the words "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance. 
1954 Americans took part in the first nation-wide civil 
 defense test against atomic attack. 
1965 A military triumvirate took control in Saigon. 
1967 Mariner 5 was launched from Cape Kennedy, FL. The space 
 probe's flight took it past Venus. 
1982 Argentine forces surrendered to British troops on the 
 Falkland Islands. 
1989 Former U.S. President Reagan received an honorary 
 knighthood from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. 
1990 The U.S. Supreme Court upheld police checkpoints that 
 are used to examine drivers for signs of intoxication. 
1994 The New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup by defeating 
 the Vancouver Canucks. It was the first time the Rangers 
 had won the cup in 54 years. Many Hundreds of professional 
 demonstrators and rioters who had travelled to Vancouver
 to riot no matter who won the cup, were arrested and 
2015  smiled.

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