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Have FUN! DearWebby ______________________________________________________ Today's Bonehead Award goes to a Dad Arrested for cooking 2 year old girl in hot car for 16 hours Details at Boneheads Today in 1876 Lt. Col. Custer and the 210 men of U.S. 7th Cavalry were killed by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians at Little Big Horn in Montana. The event is known as "Custer's Last Stand." More of what happened on this day in history at History ______________________________________________________ Aristotle was famous for knowing everything. He taught that the brain exists merely to cool the blood and is not involved in the process of thinking. This is true only of certain persons. --- Will Cuppy "The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, HE was a genius." --- Sid Caesar Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. --- Mark Twain Sure does not seem to apply for women ! Lady Godiva got the taxes reduced in her county, and some of the best chocolates on this planet are named after her. ______________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ There is a story about a monastery in Europe perched high on a cliff several hundred feet in the air. The only way to reach the monastery was to be suspended in a basket which was pulled to the top by several monks who pulled and tugged with all their strength. Obviously the ride up the steep cliff in that basket was terrifying. One tourist got exceedingly nervous about half-way up as he noticed that the rope by which he was suspended was old and frayed. With a trembling voice he asked the monk who was riding with him in the basket how often they changed the rope. The monk thought for a moment and answered brusquely, "Whenever it breaks." ______________________________________________________ No wonder kids are confused today. Half the adults tell them to find themselves; the other half tell them to get lost. ______________________________________________________ Click through to the big picture Not photoshopped ______________________________________________________
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Wilbert Carter, 31 Baltimore,
Dad Arrested for cooking 2 year old girl in hot car for 16 hours Tragedy in Baltimore, where a 2-year-old girl died yesterday after being left in a hot car. Police say her father, Wilbert Carter, left her in the car sometime Sunday, and WBAL-TV reports that she was inside it for at least 16 hours. Carter, 31, is also reportedly the one who found her the next day around 5pm and ran to call police, who found little Leasia Carter in the locked car. A witness says she saw Wilbert Carter walking down the street, crying. "A lady comes out of the house or walks out the street and they just start screaming." Another witness says Carter was "sitting there like, 'Somebody's dead, somebody's dead,' and we couldn't make out what he was saying, but we know he was saying somebody was dead." He was later arrested on second-degree murder and child abuse charges. Carter told police he had five drinks on Sunday, was drinking into the wee hours of Monday, and couldn't remember what happened, but the Washington Post reports that he said a friend drove his car to the location where the girl was later found. "The father went home at some point in time last night," a police official said yesterday. "This afternoon when he woke up, he discovered that his child wasn't there." Adds a police spokesperson today, "When he woke up around 4pm yesterday afternoon, that's when he began searching for his daughter." He reportedly asked his mother and aunt where she was and they said they saw him come home at 7am and assumed the girl was with his sister, but he found her after a cousin called to alert him to where his car was parked. The child was not breathing when she was found, and she suffered second-degree burns in the 90-degree heat. So far, no protests or looting are planned.
______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Ginger Re: Make W8.1 look like W7 or XP Hi DearWebby, I just bought my husband a new all-in-one touchscreen computer with Windows 8. He will NEVER be able to figure it out. He's still sad they did away with Windows 3.1 !! You talked about a program that would make Windows 8 look like Windows 7 which he uses now. What is it and would it work with the touch screen? Ginger Dear Ginger I agree with your hubby, and that is indeed the most frequent question about W8: "How do I make it look and act like W7 or XP, so that I can get some work done?" Here is how: Make W8 or 8.1 look like Windows 7 or XP Have Fun! DearWebby _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ "I noticed you always carry my photo in your handbag. Why?" a husband asked his wife. "When there is a problem, no matter how impossible, I look at your picture and the problem always disappears," she said. The man smiled. "You see how good I am for you?" he asked. "Yes," she said. "I see your picture and say to myself, 'Is this really a problem, -compared to him?'" ______________________________________________________ Did you hear about the Indian chief who traded in his forty year old wife for two twenty year olds? A couple of weeks later a fellow brave saw him back with his original forty-year old wife. He said, "What happened to your two twenty- year-olds?" The Chief replied, "Hmmph, not wired for 220!" ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Spray Deodorant for Removing Ink Stains Spray deodorant on the stain, then rub with a cloth. It should come off. If it doesn't come off straight away, but instead only fades after you have rubbed it, then spray more deodorant on the stain. :) Source: My brother By marcyyyyyyyyy [1] ______________________________________________________
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_____________________________________________________ Leroy goes to the doctor for a vasectomy. Unlike the usual patients, he shows up in a limo, and he's sitting in the doctor's office in a rented tuxedo with black tie. The doctor says "I've done a lot of these, but I've never seen a limo and tuxedo before. What's the story?" To which Leroy responds "If I'm gonna BE m-potent, I'm gonna LOOK im-potent!" _____________________________________________________ College is that bright interlude of freedom a young man has between subjection to his mother and control by his wife. ____________________________________________________
I want her to paint my rooms!

Today in 
0841 Charles the Bald and Louis the German defeated Lothar 
 at Fontenay. 
1080 At Brixen, a council of bishops declared Pope Gregory 
 to be deposed and Archbishop Guibert as antipope Clement III. 
1580 The Book of Concord was first published. The book is a 
 collection of doctrinal standards of the Lutheran Church. 
1658 Aurangzeb proclaimed himself emperor of the Moghuls in India. 
1767 Mexican Indians rioted as Jesuit priests were ordered home. 
1864 Union troops surrounding Petersburg, VA, began building 
a mine tunnel underneath the Confederate lines. 
1867 Lucien B. Smith patented the first barbed wire. 
1868 The U.S. Congress enacted legislation granting an 
 eight-hour day to workers employed by the Federal government. 
1870 In Spain, Queen Isabella abdicated in favor of Alfonso XII. 
1876 Lt. Col. Custer and the 210 men of U.S. 7th Cavalry 
 were killed by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians at Little Big Horn 
 in Montana. The event is known as "Custer's Last Stand." 
1877 In Philadelphia, PA, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated 
 the telephone for Sir William Thomson (Baron Kelvin) and 
 Emperor Pedro II of Brazil at the Centennial Exhibition. 
1910 The U.S. Congress authorized the use of postal savings
1917 The first American fighting troops landed in France. 
1920 The Greeks took 8,000 Turkish prisoners in Smyrna. 
1921 Samuel Gompers was elected head of the AFL for the 
 40th time. 
1941 Finland declared war on the Soviet Union. 
1946 Ho Chi Minh traveled to France for talks on Vietnamese 
1948 The Soviet Union tightened its blockade of Berlin by 
 intercepting river barges heading for the city. 
1950 North Korea invaded South Korea initiating the 
 Korean War. 
1951 In New York, the first regular commercial color TV 
 transmissions were presented on CBS using the FCC-approved 
 CBS Color System. The public did not own color TV's then. 
1959 The Cuban government seized 2.35 million acres under a 
 new agrarian reform law. 
1962 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the use of unofficial 
 non-denominational prayer in public schools was 
1964 U.S. President Lyndon Johnson ordered 200 naval personnel 
 to Mississippi to assist in finding three missing civil 
 rights workers. 
1970 The U.S. Federal Communications Commission handed down a 
 ruling (35 FR 7732), making it illegal for radio stations to 
 put telephone calls on the air without the permission of the 
 person being called. 
1973 White House Counsel John Dean admitted that U.S. President 
 Nixon took part in the Watergate cover-up. 
1975 Mozambique became independent. Samora Machel was sworn in 
 as president after 477 years of Portuguese rule. 
1981 The U.S. Supreme Court decided that male-only draft 
 registration was constitutional. 
1986 The U.S. Congress approved $100 million in aid to the 
 Contras fighting in Nicaragua. 
1987 Austrian President Kurt Waldheim visited Pope John Paul II 
 at the Vatican. The meeting was controversial due to 
 allegations that Waldheim had hidden his Nazi past. 
1990 The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of an individual, 
 whose wishes are clearly made, to refuse life-sustaining 
 medical treatment. "The right to die" decision was made in the 
 Curzan vs. Missouri case. 
1991 The last Soviet troops left Czechoslovakia 23 years after 
 the Warsaw Pact invasion. 
1991 The Yugoslav republics of Slovenia and Croatia declared 
 their independence from Yugoslavia. 
1993 Kim Campbell took office as Canada's first woman prime 
 minister. She assumed power upon the resignation of Brian Mulroney. 
1997 The Russian space station Mir was hit by an unmanned cargo vessel. 
 Much of the power supply was knocked out and the station's Spektr 
 module was severely damaged. 
1997 U.S. air pollution standards were significantly tightened by 
 U.S. President Clinton. 
1998 The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the line-item veto thereby 
 striking down presidential power to cancel specific items in 
 tax and spending legislation. 
1998 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that those infected with HIV 
 are protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act. 
1999 Germany's parliament approved a national Holocaust 
 memorial to be built in Berlin. 
2000 U.S. and British researchers announced that they had 
 completed a rough draft of a map of the genetic makeup 
 of human beings. The project was 10 years old at the time 
 of the announcement. 
2000 A Florida judge approved a class-action lawsuit to 
 be filed against American Online (AOL) on behalf of hourly 
 subscribers who were forced to view "pop-up" advertisements. 
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