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Today is Friday, September 4.
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

Have FUN!

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______________________________________________________ Today's Bonehead Award goes to a Houston teen, who killed himself while taking a selfie with a gun. Details at Boneheads Today, September 4, 1882 Thomas Edison's Pearl Street electric power station began operations in New York City. It was the first display of a practical electrical lighting system. More of what happened on this day in history at History ______________________________________________________ Ask yourself whether you are happy and you cease to be so. --- John Stuart Mill (1806 - 1873) The ease with which a toddler acquires the ability to say a word increases with its likelihood to make a sailor blush. --- Socratex ______________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ Max dies and leaves Sadie with a total of $20,000 to her name. After everything is done at the funeral home and cemetery, she tells her closest friend that she has no money left. The friend says, "How can that be? You told me you still had $20,000 left just after Max died. How could you be broke?" The widow says, "Well, the funeral cost me $5,000. And of course, I made a donation to the temple, so that was another $5,000. The rest went for the memorial stone." The friend says, "$10,000 for the memorial stone? OyVayismere! How big is it?" "Three carats." ______________________________________________________ Gina was scheduled to fly from North Carolina to Germany, where her husband was stationed in the military. As she checked in at the airport, the ticket agent asked her some standard security questions. "Has anyone given you any packages that you didn't pack yourself?" he asked. Gina told him that her mother-in-law had given her a parcel to take to her son. He looked at Gina very carefully and very slowly and deliberately asked: "Does she like you?" ______________________________________________________ Thanks to Lillemor for this picture by her son Mikel: from Hillsboro Beach this morning ______________________________________________________ TATTOO: Permanent proof of temporary insanity. Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, some wonder what the heck happened. ______________________________________________________
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Reported by Walter, The Stonecarver An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD AND a Darwin Award has been earned by Deleon Alonso Smith, 19, Houston, Texas
Houston teen kills himself while taking a selfie with a gun. A 19-year-old Houston man, a day before starting community college, accidentally killed himself Tuesday while taking selfies with a gun, police said. The gun blast hit Deleon Alonso Smith in the throat, CNN affiliate KPRC reported. Family members were shocked. Investigator's told KPRC that Smith's cousin was in another room at the time the gun went off. The cousin told police they found the gun earlier in the day.
______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Samar Re: Where do you get Eudora? Dear Webby, You and a few other tech people have recommended Eudora, and since you have used it since '93, I figure it must be very stable, unlike the ones I have tried. The big question is where do I get it? Eudora.com seems to have been hijacked by Thunderbird. Thanks Samar Dear Samar Thunderbird is based on the code of Eudora. Deep down inside, the core is still Eudora. You just have to install some of the features as add-ons to make it as full-featured as the oldfashioned Eudora. If you want the much faster traditional Eudora, you can get that at Traditional Eudora You can get the Eudora manual there too. Have FUN! DearWebby _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Boudreaux left the bayou and moved to Arkansas and bought a donkey for $100 from an old farmer. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day. The next day, the farmer drove up and said, "I'm sorry, but I have some bad news... the donkey died last night." "Sacri-Bleu" said Boudreaux, "den gimme my money back." "I can't do that Sir, I went and spent it already." "OK, den. Jus' unload dat donkey." "What are you gonna do with him?" "Hi ham gon-to raffle him off." "You can't raffle a dead donkey, you dumb Cajun!" "Well dats where you wrong.! You wait you an' you learn how smart we Cajuns are!" A month later the farmer ran into the Cajun and asked, "What happened with that dead donkey?" "Hi raffled dat donkey off. Hi sold 1000 tickets at two dollar apiece and made too towsend buck. Dat was enough for a old JonDeere with a bucket, an hi use dat to bury your dead donkey." "Didn't anyone complain?" "Jus dat guy who won. So Hi give him his two dollar back. You got any more donkey?" ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Cleaning an Old Easel Board I check out some of the other email postings. I recently received an easel board from another family member - they had a lot of writing with grease markers on it, and they don't know how long it was on there. So we, my other half and I, tried rubbing alcohol, then nail polish remover, and then hand sanitizer gel. None of them worked. Then we tried Permatex Fast Orange - hand cleaner. This works great with a little extra scrubbing. By wifee [1] ______________________________________________________
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_____________________________________________________ Teacher: Well, there's one good thing I can say about your son. Father: What's that? Teacher: With grades like these, he definitely couldn't be cheating. ___________________________________________________

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____________________________________________________ >From Sue After an overnight flight to meet my father at his latest military assignment, my mother wearily arrived at Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany with my eight siblings and me -- all under age 11. Collecting our many suitcases, the ten of us entered the cramped customs area. A young customs official watched our entourage in disbelief, ''Ma'am,'' he said, "'Do all these children and this luggage belong to you?'' ''Yes, sir,'' my mother said with a sigh, they're all mine.'' The customs agent began his interrogation: ''Ma'am, do you have any weapons, contraband or illegal drugs in your possession?'' ''Sir,'' she calmly answered, ''if I'd had any of those items, I would have used them by now.'' ____________________________________________________
What strength, agility and trust it took for a performance like this! I held my breath through most of it!

Today, Sept 4, in
0476 Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor of the western 
 Roman Empire, was deposed when Odoacer proclaimed himself 
 King of Italy. 
1609 English navigator Henry Hudson began exploring the 
 island of Manhattan. 
1781 Los Angeles, CA, was founded by Spanish settlers. 
 The original name was "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora La Reina 
 de Los Angeles de Porciuncula," which translates as 
 "The Town of the Queen of Angels." 
1825 New York Governor Clinton ceremoniously emptied a barrel 
 of Lake Erie water in the Atlantic Ocean to consummate the 
 "Marriage of the Waters" of the Great Lakes and the Atlantic. 
1882 Thomas Edison's Pearl Street electric power station 
 began operations in New York City. It was the first display 
 of a practical electrical lighting system. 
1885 The Exchange Buffet opened in New York City. It was the 
 first self-service cafeteria in the U.S. 
1886 Geronimo, and the Apache Indians he led, surrendered 
 in Skeleton Canyon in Arizona to Gen. Nelson Miles. 
1888 George Eastman registered the name "Kodak" and patented 
 his roll-film camera. The camera took 100 exposures per roll. 
1894 A strike in New York City by 12,000 tailors took place 
 to protest sweatshops. 
1899 An 8.3 earthquake hit Yakutat Bar, AK. 
1917 The American expeditionary force in France suffered its 
 first fatalities in World War I. 
1921 The first police broadcast was made by radio station 
 WIL in St. Louis, MO. 
1923 The first American dirigible, the "Shenandoah," began 
 its maiden voyage in Lakehurst, NJ. 
1944 During World War II, British troops entered the city of 
 Antwerp, Belgium. 
1948 The Dutch Queen Wilhelmina left her throne for health 
1957 The Arkansas National Guard was ordered by Governor 
 Orval Faubus to keep nine black students from going into 
 Little Rock's Central High School. 
1957 The Ford Motor Company began selling the Edsel. The 
 car was so unpopular that it was taken off the market after
 only two years. 
1967 "Gilligan's Island" aired for the last time on CBS-TV. 
 It ran for 98 shows. 
1967 Michigan Gov. George Romney said during a TV interview 
 that he had undergone "brainwashing" by U.S. officials while 
 visiting Vietnam in 1965. 
1972 Swimmer Mark Spitz captured his seventh Olympic gold medal 
 in the 400-meter medley relay event at Munich, Germany. 
 Spitz was the first Olympian to win seven gold medals. 
1981 The Soviet Union began war games with about 100,000 troops 
 on the Polish border. 
1983 U.S. officials announced that there had been an American 
 plane, used for reconnaissance, in the vicinity of the Korean 
 Air Lines flight that was shot down. 
1986 South African security forces halted a mass funeral for the 
 victims of the riot in Soweto. 
1989 A reconnaissance satellite was released by the Air Force's 
 Titan Three rocket. The Titan Three set over 200 satellites 
 into space between 1964 and 1989. 
1995 The Fourth World Conference on Women was opened in Beijing. 
 There were over 4,750 delegates from 181 countries in attendance. 
1998 In Mexico, bankers stopped approving personal loans and mortgages. 
1998 The International Monetary Fund approved a $257 million loan 
 for the Ukraine. 
1998 Google was incorporated as a privately held company. 
1998 While in Ireland, U.S. President Clinton said the words 
 "I'm sorry" for the first time about his affair with Monica 
 Lewinsky and described his behavior as indefensible. 
1999 The United Nations announced that the residents of East 
 Timor had overwhelmingly voted for independence from Indonesia 
 in a referendum held on August 30. In Dili, pro-Indonesian 
 militias attacked independence supporters, burned buildings, 
 blew up bridges and destroyed telecommunication facilities. 
2003 Keegan Reilly, 22, became the first parapalegic climber 
 to reach the peak of Japan's Mount Fuji. 
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