Is W10 a security risk ? 

Good Morning, ,
Today is Sunday, September 27.

The wind changed to NorthWest and the skies cleared. Now
the moon is super bright and sharp as a steet light. It is
now too bright to see the craters and mountains, just a
very bright button, and appearing smaller than yesterday's
big, slightly fuzzy harvest moon. 
Still pretty out, but a definite fall chill in the air.

Have FUN!
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Today's Bonehead Award goes to a Florida man, who was arrested for assaulting girlfriend when she read ex-boyfriend's obituary Details at Boneheads ______________________________________________________ Today, September 26, in 1825 George Stephenson operated the first steam locomotive that hauled a passenger train. More of what happened on this day in history at History ______________________________________________________ If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. --- Laurence J. Peter (1919 - 1988) "If it's free, it's advice; if you pay for it, it's counseling; if YOU can use either one, it's a miracle." --- Jack Adams ______________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ We apologise for the error in the last edition, in which we stated that 'Mr Fred Nicolme is a Defective in the Police Force'. This was a typographical error. We meant of course that Mr Nicolme is a Detective in the Police Farce. ______________________________________________________ In a small town, farmers of the community had gotten together to discuss some important issues. About midway through the meeting, a wife of one of the farmers stood up and spoke her piece. One of the old farmers stood up and said, "What does she know about anything? I would like to ask her if she even knows how many toes a pig has?" Quick as a flash, the woman replied, "Take off your boots Jake, and count them yourself!" ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ A father and son went fishing one day. After a couple hours out in the boat, the boy suddenly became curious about the world around him. He asked his father, "How does this boat float?" The father thought for a moment, then replied, "I Don't rightly know, son." The boy returned to his contemplation, then turned back to his father, "How do fish breath underwater?" Once again the father replied, "Don't rightly know, son." A little later the boy asked his father, "Why is the sky blue?" Again, the father replied. "Don't rightly know, son." Worried he was going to annoy his father, he says, "Dad, do you mind my asking you all of these questions?" "Of course not son. If you don't ask questions,... you'll never learn anything!" ______________________________________________________
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Thanks to Don for reporting this bonehead! An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Jason Tackett, 38, Bradenton, Floriduh
Florida man arrested for assaulting girlfriend when she read ex-boyfriend's obituary A Florida man was arrested after he assaulted and strangled his live-in girlfriend. He is evidently the most jealous and insecure boyfriend who ever lived. Police say 38-year-old Jason Tackett went crazy because his girlfriend was reading her ex-boyfriend's obituary on her phone. Apparently feeling a little jealous and upset about possibly losing her to a dead ex, Tackett flew into a rage and "began tearing the house apart. He then threw the woman to the floor and held his hands over her mouth and nose, leaving her unable to breathe. Neighbors called police. Tackett was arrested for domestic battery by strangulation. He was released on $10,000 bail and ordered to stay away from the woman.
______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Faye Re: Is W10 a security problem? Dear Webby Is it true that W10 is a huge security and privacy problem? Faye Dear Faye From what I have read, security is not too bad. Considering how China has obtained and sold the bank and tax info and the fingerprints of 50 Million federal employees, by comparison W10 is actually not bad. The word from above is that when you install W10 your should not accept ANY defaults, and select "Customize" whenever you get a chance. The defaults apparently are an open barn door. The same applies to Privacy. Sure, Microsoft collects any and all data from your weight to your bra size and/or inserts, and of course your spending habits. Relax, they don't personally look at your data and discuss them during company committee meetings or coffee breaks. With Billions of victims, that would be totally impossible. They just collect the data and make pretty graphs. The graphs show that female W10 victims average bra size is 32 B and spending habits are 104% of her income. Of course they also list shoe buying preferences. Yeah, so what? Sure they sell that info to anybody and everybody in marketing anywhere in the world. They do not indentify you. While some people get annoyed about browser ads gluing to previous searches, for example if you search for Flax seeds, then all of a sudden the ads are related to flax seeds, even if you already found a distributor and bought a big bag full. That is just your search engine trying to be helpful. Again, there is nobody recording what YOU searched for, as long as you stay off certain topics, that the Feds require notification about. Currently those topics are: Explosives, ISIS, terrorism and Child Porn. However, even with those topics, they just record your enails and browsing. As long as you don't actually DO anything bad, nobody looks at it. Remember the Boston Marathon bombers? The CIA and the FBI DID have all their data, and it helped them to catch their associates, but it took the feds a month to actually read and analyze the recorded data. And those were supposedly high profile evildoers! As long as you don't get caught with anything really evil, nobody will look at your data. Have FUN! DearWebby _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Baseball in the Bible? It all started "In the Big Inning." Eve stole first. Adam stole second. Abraham made a sacrifice. Jacob struck out. The prodigal son made a home run. Everybody played baseball until the fall of the Roam Umpire. ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning Hard Water Spots I was having trouble getting water spots off my windows until my neighbor suggested using alcohol. I used 91% rubbing alcohol from the drugstore that I already had in the house and paper towels. I didn't even have to scrub. The spots came off like magic. By Karen B. [1] ______________________________________________________
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_____________________________________________________ A six-year-old ran up and down the supermarket aisles shouting frantically, "Marian, Marian!" Finally reunited with his mother, he was chided by her, "You shouldn't call me 'Marian.' I'm your mother, you know." "I know," said the child, "but the store is full of mothers." ___________________________________________________

alien song - an oldie
____________________________________________________ Trishia is five feet, three inches tall and pleasingly plump. After she had a minor accident, her sister accompanied her to the emergency room. The triage nurse asked for her height and weight, and she blurted out, "Five-foot-nine, 125 pounds." While the nurse pondered over this information, her sister leaned over to her. "Trishia," she gently chided, "This is not the Internet." ____________________________________________________
Pilots do know how to party!

Today, Sept 26, in
1779 John Adams was elected to negotiate with the British over 
 the American Revolutionary War peace terms. 
1825 George Stephenson operated the first steam locomotive that 
 hauled a passenger train. 
1928 The U.S. announced that it would recognize the Nationalist 
 Chinese Government. 
1938 The League of Nations branded the Japanese as aggressors 
 in China. 
1939 After 19 days of resistance, Warsaw, Poland, surrendered 
 to the Germans after being invaded by the Nazis and the 
 Soviet Union during World War II. 
1940 The Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Axis was set up. The military and 
 economic pact was for 10 years between Germany, Italy and 
1962 The U.S. sold Hawk anti-aircraft missiles to Israel. 
1968 The U.K.'s entry into the European Common Market was 
 barred by France. 
1970 "The Original Amateur Hour" aired for the last time 
 on CBS. It had been on television for 22 years. 
1982 Italian and French soldiers entered the Sabra and 
 Chatilla refugee camps in Beirut. The move was made by 
 the members of a multinational force due to hundreds of 
 Palestinians being massacred by Christian militiamen. 
1989 Columbia Pictures Entertainment agreed to buyout Sony 
 Corporation for $3.4 billion. 
1989 Two men went over the 176-foot-high Niagara Falls in 
 a barrel. Jeffrey Petkovich and Peter Debernardi were the 
 first duo to ever survive the Horshoe Falls. 
1990 The deposed emir of Kuwait addressed the U.N. General 
 Assembly and denounced the "rape, destruction and terror" 
 that Iraq had inflicted upon his country. 
1991 U.S. President George H.W. Bush eliminated all land-
 based tactical nuclear arms and removed all short-range 
 nuclear arms from ships and submarines around the world. 
 Bush then called on the Soviet Union to do the same. 
1995 The U.S. government unveiled the redesigned $100 bill. 
 The bill featured a larger, off-center portrait of 
 Benjamin Franklin. 
2004 North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Su Hon announced 
 that North Korea had turned plutonium from 8,000 spent 
 nuclear fuel rods into nuclear weapons. He also said that 
 the weapons were to serve as a deterrent against increasing 
 U.S. nuclear threats and to prevent nuclear war in northeast 
 Asia. The U.S. State Department noted that the U.S. has 
 repeatedly said that the U.S. has no plans to attack 
 North Korea. 
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