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Today's Bonehead Award goes to an Ingham County, Michigan, Prosecutor, Stuart Dunnings, arrested on charges of paying for prostitutes. He used prostitutes from human trafficking ring that the FBI was investigating. Details at Boneheads ______________________________________________________ Today, March 18, in 1644 200 members of the Peking imperial family/court committed suicide. ______________________________________________________ One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine. --- Sir William Osler (1849 - 1919) What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to. --- Hansell B. Duckett ______________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ Q :What's the difference between the Government and the Mafia? A: One of them is sait to be organized. ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ A man goes to the doctor and says, "Doc, I would like to live very long. What should I do?" "I think that is a wise decision," the doctor replies. "Let's see, do you smoke?" "Oh.. Half a pack a day." "Starting NOW, no more smoking." The man agrees. The doctor then asks, "Do you drink?" "Oh, well Doc, not much, just a bit of wine with my meals, and a beer or two every once in a while." "Starting now, you drink only water. No exceptions." The man is a bit upset, but also agrees. The doctor asks, "How do you eat?" "Oh, well, you know, Doc, normal stuff." "Starting now you are going on a very strict diet. You are going to eat only raw vegetables, with no dressing, and non-fat cottage cheese." The man is now really worried. "Doc, is all this really necessary?" "Do you want to live long?" "Yes." "Well then, it's absolutely necessary. And don't even think of breaking the diet." The man is quite restless, but the doctor continues, "Do you have sex?" "Yeah, once a week or so..., only with my wife!" he adds hurriedly. "As soon as you get out of here you are going to buy twin beds. No more sex for you. None." The man is appalled. "Doc... Are you sure I'm going to live longer this way?" "No, you will probably die sooner, but whatever time you live, I assure you is going to seem like an eternity!" ______________________________________________________ From FB ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Robert White, 22, Salem, Oregon Ingham County, Michigan, Prosecutor, Stuart Dunnings, arrested on charges of paying for prostitutes. He used prostitutes from human trafficking ring that the FBI was investigating. Stuart Dunnings III paid for sex "hundreds of times" between 2010 and 2015, state and county law enforcement officials said Monday as they announced charges against the long-serving Ingham County prosecutor. Dunnings was arrested Monday morning outside. He is facing a total of 15 criminal charges in Ingham, Clinton and Ionia counties, the most serious being a felony charge of prostitution-pandering for allegedly using his position to coerce a woman who came to him for help with a child custody case to have sex with him for money, according to court records. The other charges are misdemeanors for engaging in the services of a prostitute and willful neglect of duty, which stems from his failure to report crimes, according to court records. According to an affidavit from an Ingham County detective, Dunnings solicited prostitutes from websites such as Escort Vault and Backpage, paid for sex as often as three or four times a week and was videotaped by one of the prostitutes. "I’ve known Stuart for a long time," Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said at a news conference Monday. "We've done some campaigning together. This was a huge betrayal of his trust, his oath of office, his service to the people of this county." RELATED: Stuart Dunnings' political future unclear A year-long investigation by the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by the FBI and the Attorney General’s office resulted in the charges. Dunnings faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. He was arraigned in several District Courts on Monday afternoon. During the video arraignment in 54A District Court in Lansing, G. Michael Hocking, Dunnings’ attorney, told Magistrate Laura Millmore the charges might be "somewhat of a political case" full of "titillating-type accusations," but that his client was no threat to the community. He added that Dunnings had been aware of the investigation for weeks and hadn’t fled or harassed witnesses, despite ample opportunity to do so. Dunnings is a Democrat who was elected in 1996. ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Alexis Re: Has Aweber gone bad? Dear Webby It used to be that Aweber was a mass mailing service favored by semi-legit hypnotists and get-rich-quick gurus, but claimed to keep the worst of the scam artists out. Lately I have been getting mails pretending to be from PayPal, with a link to click on, that has an underlying Aweber URL. Obviously that is a definite scam. PayPal never has links to click on and always says to log in first. Does that mean Aweber is now something to filter into the trash? Alexis Dear Alexis Have you EVER received anything truly legitimate fom Aweber and at least partially what it claims to be? Me neither. I think it would be quite safe to use their URL as a trigger for filtering. Have FUN! DearWebby _____________________________________________________ For years one gift I could count on when my kids were young was a bottle or two of "English Leather" after-shave lotion. I thought for a while they liked the smell. Then it dawned on me... the stuff had an aroma just like my wallet. ______________________________________________________ If you can help with the cost of the Humor Letter, please donate what you can! ______________________________________________________ Daily tip from Butter Finger Cookies By Robyn [377 Posts, 754 Comments] These are little stick shaped cookies. There is not an overabundance of sugar in this recipe. Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened 4 Tbsp. confectioners sugar, sifted 1 tsp. vanilla extract 3 tsp. water 2 cups flour 1 cup chopped pecans and/or almonds confectioners sugar Directions: Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. In large bowl cream butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla, and water. Using electric mixer on medium speed, slowly add flour and nuts. Shape small finger length cookies out of this dough. Place them on an un-greased baking sheet. Bake at 300 degrees F for 35 to 40 minutes. Roll in confectioners sugar. Cool on wire rack. Roll them again in confectioners sugar. Servings:3 dozen cookies Prep Time:20 Minutes Cooking Time:40 Minutes By Robyn F. from TN ______________________________________________________
Ophelia Dingbatter's News
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_____________________________________________________ >From Bob After a recent move, I made up a list of companies, agencies, and services that needed to know my new address and phoned each one to ask for the change to be made. Everything went smoothly until I called one of my frequent flier accounts. After I explained to the representative what I wanted to do, the woman told me, "I'm sorry; we can't do that over the phone. You will have to fill out our change-of address form." "How do I get one of those?" I asked. "We'd be happy to provide you with one," she said pleasantly. "May I have your new address so that I can mail it to you?" ___________________________________________________
____________________________________________________ A woman was shopping in a fairly nice dress store. Trying on a dress and liking it, she asked the salesman the price. When he told her she launched into a tirade about prices these days, covering just about everything from housing to auto tires. After ten minutes or so, the salesman had obviously had enough and said, "My dear lady. If the cost of living is so high and obviously so offensive to you, why do you bother?" ____________________________________________________ Judy went to get her hair cut. The hairstylist cut for about thirty minutes, hands her a mirror, and asked, "How do you like it?" Judy replied, "It's nice, but could you make it just a little longer in the back?" ____________________________________________________
Two grannies, one much fun is that?

Today on March 19
1571 Spanish troops occupied Manila. 
1644 200 members of the Peking imperial family/court 
 committed suicide.
1687 French explorer La Salle was murdered by his own men 
 while searching for the mouth of the Mississippi River, 
 in the Gulf of Mexico. 
1702 Upon the death of William III of Orange, Anne Stuart, 
 the sister of Mary, succeeds to the throne of England, 
 Scotland and Ireland. 
1748 The English Naturalization Act passed granting Jews 
 right to colonize in the U.S. 
1831 The first bank robbery in America was reported. The 
 City Bank of New York City lost $245,000 in the robbery. 
1866 The immigrant ship Monarch of the Seas sank in Liverpool 
 killing 738. 
1900 U.S. President McKinley asserted that there was a need 
 for free trade with Puerto Rico. 
1900 Archeologist Arthur John Evans began the excavation of 
 Knossos Palace in Greece. 
1903 The U.S. Senate ratified the Cuban treaty, gaining 
 naval bases in Guantanamo and Bahia Honda. 
1908 The state of Maryland barred Christian Scientists 
 from practicing without medical diplomas. 
1918 The U.S. Congress approved Daylight-Saving Time. 
1918 A German seaplane was shot down for the first time 
 by an American pilot. 
1920 The U.S. Senate rejected the Versailles Treaty for 
 the second time maintaining an isolation policy. 
1931 The state of Nevada legalized gambling. 
1940 The French government of Daladier fell. 
1945 About 800 people were killed as Japanese kamikaze 
 planes attacked the U.S. carrier Franklin off Japan. 
1945 Adolf Hitler issued his "Nero Decree" which ordered 
 the destruction of German facilities that could fall into 
 Allied hands as German forces were retreating. 
1947 Chiang Kai-Shek's government forces took control of 
 Yenan, the former headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party. 
1949 The Soviet People's Council signed the constitution of the 
 German Democratic Republic, and declared that the 
 North Atlantic Treaty was merely a war weapon. 
1954 Viewers saw the first televised prize fight shown in color 
 when Joey Giardello knocked out Willie Tory in round seven at 
 Madison Square Garden in New York City. 
1954 The first rocket-driven sled that ran on rails was tested 
 in Alamogordo, NM. 
1963 In Costa Rica, U.S. President John F. Kennedy and six 
 Latin American presidents pledged to fight Communism. 
1964 Sean Connery began shooting his role in "Goldfinger." 
1965 Indonesia nationalized all foreign oil companies. 
1969 British invaded Anguilla. 
1972 India and Bangladesh signed a friendship treaty. 
1976 Buckingham Palace announced the separation of 
 Princess Margaret and her husband, the Earl of Snowdon, 
 after 16 years of marriage. 
1977 France performed a nuclear test at Muruora Island. 
1981 During a test of the space shuttle Columbia two 
 workers were injured and one was killed. 
1981 The Buffalo Sabres set an NHL record when they 
 scored 9 goals in one period against Toronto. 
1984 A Mobile oil tanker spilled 200,000 gallons into 
 the Columbia River. 
1985 IBM announced that it was planning to stop making the 
 PCjr consumer-oriented computer. 
1987 Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned from the PTL due to 
 a scandal involving Jessica Hahn. 
1988 Two British soldiers were killed by mourners at a 
 funeral in Belfast, North Ireland. The soldiers were shot 
 to death after being dragged from a car and beaten. 
1990 Latvia's political opposition claimed victory in the 
 republic's first free elections in 50 years. 
1994 The largest omelet in history was made with 160,000 
 eggs in Yokohama, Japan. 
1998 The World Health Organization warned of tuberculosis 
 epidemic that could kill 70 million people in next two decades. 
1999 53 people were killed and dozens were injured when a 
 bomb exploded in a market place in southern Russia. 
2001 California officials declared a power alert and ordered the 
 first of two days of rolling blackouts. 
2002 Operation Anaconda, the largest U.S.-led ground offensive 
 since the Gulf War, ended in eastern Afghanistan. During the 
 operation, which began on March 2, it was reported that at 
 least 500 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters were killed. Eleven 
 allied troops were killed during the same operation. 
2003 U.S. President George W. Bush announced that U.S. forces 
 had launched a strike against "targets of military opportunity" 
 in Iraq. The attack, using cruise missiles and precision-guided 
 bombs, were aimed at Iraqi leaders thought to be near Baghdad.
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